Habs Roll Against Rangers

It’s five in a row now for the Montreal Canadiens after taking out the Rangers 4-1 in Manhattan, and it makes my heart soar like a blue-footed booby.

This one’s getting ready to soar.

Definitely a sight for sore eyes to see a big, bruising, and hardworking Habs team that was flying for the most part, and when they weren’t flying, Carey Price was there to shut the door.

What a combination – big, flying, and Price. That’s a playoff formula if there ever was one.

Sixteen games left folks, and then the real wars start. It’s good to see what’s developing.

It seems like a team coming together at the right time, and all it took was a coaching change and four rough and tough guys added after a couple of small ones were subtracted.

How big is this team now? Only five are under six feet – Nesterov, Mitchell, Shaw and Plekanec at 5’11”, and Byron and Gallagher at 5’9″. That makes 17 guys at least six feet tall, and that’s why my heart is soaring like a booby after all the whining I’ve done over the years about too-small Habs teams.

The idea is to make the opposition not enjoy themselves one bit when they play Montreal, and finally it seems the case. There’s nothing worse than seeing a team lined up at the blueline and half of them look like Danny DeVito.

So a big shout-out to the big guys, including the new Norwegian, Andreas Martinsen, who used his 6’3″, 220 lb frame to rattle bones all evening.

Shea Weber would score the game’s lone goal in the first period after a fine faceoff win by new guy Steve Ott, while in the second, Artturi Lehkonen and Andrew Shaw would bulge the twine and make things a healthy 3-0.

In the third, arch-enemy Chris Kreider would narrow it to 3-1, but Jordie Benn’s shot from the blueline found it’s way past Henrik Lundqvist, and it ended as a mighty fine Habs road win and a beauty of a five-game winning streak.

All in all, an impressive showing by the Canadiens who now shift focus to their trip west, beginning with Vancouver on Tuesday.

Six straight would be nice.


7 thoughts on “Habs Roll Against Rangers”

  1. WELCOME BACK MISTER DENNIS KANE!!!!!!!Yes, no parade planning yet; but what a game!!!Crunch, skate, score,Price, Julien, more score, more crunch!!! Our boys are alive. In the confines of our sports world, Dennis is coming alive also! Wonder if his windows were open tonight. Wasn’t embarrased by our guys size and/or physical game tonight. You Ott not poke the bear.

  2. One of the better games of late…i even made it past the first intermission and stayed until the credits rolled…great to see some hustle and bustle from the millionaires on ice.
    Hope they can keep the momentum going for the balance of the season and beyond.

  3. Andreas Martinsen played a very rough and rugged game and got some good chances to score too. He is one of the few Norwegians to make it to the NHL. There are currently only two Norwegians who are active in the league. And it just so happens Martinsen’s fellow countryman Mats Zuccarello was on the ice for the Rangers last night to watch him crash and bang and give Lundqvist a hard time.

  4. That was the best played game I have seen in a long while, what a treat! The speed and tenacity was fun to watch. Can you just imagine what Radulov would have looked like last night. Mmm mmm, finger lickin’ good!

  5. Nice game last night and if only we could play that way all season and into the playoffs who would be unhappy to watch that kind of hockey. It was also to be on the right side of that type of game for a change…thank you CJ. GO HABS GO!

  6. Habs team coming together. But the question now is will it last and endure esp.against these other Canadian teams on their road trip or will the whole thing crumble like a manic pack of cards!?

  7. Maybe somethings going to happen tonight. Lucic gonna see some bigger boys tonight. Ouch!!

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