Habs Rev It Up Too Late In Detroit

Regardless of the fact that Montreal finally found their game in the third period and could have possibly tied and even won it in these late stages, I’m saying that this is one of those losses that can be considered almost good in some ways.

Games like this will come up every so often, and a team can only learn from such.

Not only were the Canadiens playing a good team in Detroit on this night, but they also faced down six penalties to one after two periods, which meant lines were out of sync, players other than penalty killers were seeing much less ice time, and play was mostly in Montreal’s end as the team killed penalty after penalty. But this is hockey, which means this kind of thing happens from time to time, and because it’s a long season, good teams learn from this kind of adversity, re-adjust, and come out of it new and improved.

It’s too bad the Canadiens lost but it’s not a game to feel terrible about. At least not in my opinion. Especially after the comeback in the third, when the Habs outshot the Wings 19-3 and looked every bit as good, if not better, than this western conference club in Motown that many say can win Lord Stanley’s mug.

Random Notes:

Even though the Wings were in control for two-thirds of the game because of the penalties, the final shots tally was 38-32 Montreal.

Travis Moen and Benoit Pouliot scored for Montreal.

Next up – Habs visit Toronto and the teams perform in 3D on some networks. Is 3D the future of televised hockey?

4 thoughts on “Habs Rev It Up Too Late In Detroit”

  1. Jimmy Howard, the refs and the clock were all that separated us from the two points – or at least one – that got away. Howard, because he was good and lucky. The refs because they were so lopsided, and the clock because it was so damned accurate.
    Howard – Made many key saves that would normally have gone in. He made a nice glove save on a shot from Gionta late in the third that made the difference.
    Refs – They gave out six penalties to the Habs and only one to the Wings. Seemed like the fix was in to me. Especially that lame call on Plex for slashing.
    Time – The goal Lindstrom got in the first period with only one second left on the clock. God I hate that Joe Louis Arena clock.

    That said, it looks like the Habs could beat the Wings if they encounter them in a Cup final.
    I agree with you Dennis. This is the best game we’ve lost this season.

  2. That last-second goal was a bummer, Danno. But the boys were awesome in the third and showed that contrary to Glenn Healy ect., Montreal doesn’t take a back seat to any supposedly great western team. We could have won last night, and we beat San Jose, Vancouver, and Los Angeles lately. But, the Canadiens MUST clobber the Leafs tonight. Thank god we’ve got Komisarek to help. (If he plays).

  3. The other key moment was a golden opportunity being lost and turning the tide in favour of the Wings.
    It was when Kostitsyn missed an open net which could have tied the game up. But instead the play was swiftly taken advantage of by Pavel Datsyuk who beat Price on a backhand after an end-to-end rush to make it 3-1 Wings.
    I should add that Price continued to play well and kept us in the game. And it was great to see the Habs respond and come out strong after Datyuk’s goal which could have taken the wind out of their sails but didn’t.
    Watching the Leafs being clobbered in 3D would be a great bounce back after this honourable loss.

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