Habs Reign Supreme

Habs 2, Bruins 1. Now that’s hockey!

It wasn’t good when Lars Eller pulled Zdeno Chara off-balance and took a seat in the penalty box with just 57 seconds remaining and his team holding on. The goalie was pulled and it was tense. Even tenser than when Lucy drives in the city.

But they held on, they remain king of the castle, and unless these two teams meet in the playoffs, the Bruins and their fans will have to wait until next fall before they lose again to the bleu, blanc et rouge.

I’d like to thank Milan Lucic for helping out on the Canadien’s winning goal. Lucic gave Tomas Plekanec an extra stick to the head while Pleks was on the ice, and with the big lad cooling his heels in the penalty box, Michael Ryder scored his team’s second goal, which ultimately would decide things.

Unfortunately, Alexei Emelin suffered what looks to be a serious injury after he collided with this same Lucic, who was barreling down the wing. Emelin’s a strong dude but Lucic didn’t budge, and the Habs’s big thumper took the worst of it, maybe twisting his knee in the process, and once again we wait for an injury report on a player.

There’s not too many players in the league who will try to stop a rushing Lucic like Emelin did, and most players would have had their ribs rattled by our big Russian. And Lucic didn’t even go down. I wonder if fans at the Bell Centre could feel the building tremble when that collision occurred. Don’t forget, these guys are the same weight (220 or so), although Lucic has two inches on Emelin.

The Lars Eller, Brandon Prust, Alex Galchenyuk line enjoyed a fine night, and Galchenyuk scored again, his second in two nights. But many guys chipped in. I thought Max played great. Carey Price stood his ground and controlled his rebounds. Michael Ryder continued to light the lamp, and P.K. Subban chipped in two assists.

More and more there’s talk of Subban’s growing chances of capturing the coveted Norris Trophy, and all P.K. has to do is continue to do what’s he’s been doing for most of the remaining ten games and it should be his. You would think the professional hockey writers will get it right, and it’s a good thing P.J Stock can’t vote. What a mockery of the Norris that would be.

Stock needs to be fired from his CBC gig. He’s like a little kid. Even his cronies were snickering. Tonight, it was Stock babbling once again about Subban and this nutty embellishment stuff, and it was Elliotte Friedman stepping in and saying hold on, enough’s enough. This is a guy leading all d-men in  scoring, is in the running as the league’s best on the blueline, and it’s time to stop this innuendo horseshit.

He didn’t say it quite like that, but almost. It’s amazing about CBC. Sixty years doing Hockey Night in Canada, yet they’ve hired people such as Mike Milbury and Stock to talk hockey. The corporation took a true credibility hit when they let Stock open his mouth. How’d the guy get the job in the first place?

But aside from Emelin going down, and Stock opening his mouth, it was a fine and successful night. I’m just feeling bad for Bruins fans. I’ll probably think of them when I’m celebrating at the corner pub tonight.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot the enemy 29-27.

Each team enjoyed just one power play each, which is incredibly weird for a Habs-Bruins tilt. I need to get on Google and see if the planets are out of sync.

Michael Ryder has 18 points in 18 games with Montreal, and Subban 32 points in 32 games.

Next up – Tuesday, when the Caps come a callin’. We can deal with that later. Tonight is a night to savor sweet victory. And again, poor Bruins fans!!!!!!





24 thoughts on “Habs Reign Supreme”

  1. Michael Ryder is the trade deadline steal of a deal. Bergevin knows what he is doing and deserves to get full credit for a smart move that really helped the club. David Krejci said the reason the Bruins got so few shots on goal in the third period was because the ice at the Bell Centre was so crappy (I am not making this up). But Jagr was wise enough to point out both teams played on the same ice. As for Emelin there was talk on L’Antichambre that it is possibly only a charley horse (hopefully) and that Jarred Tinordi would fill in while Emellin recovers.

  2. Never knew Eller was that strong to pull Chara (255 lbs) down with one hand/arm so easily but sure Coach Julien would not call it diving or embellishment since his team does not do that sort of stuff because it would be hurting The Game…….

  3. Good one, Martin. Well put. I think maybe the pull was enough to put the big bastard off balance. But it very well could have been sold by Chara. But we got out of it and Eller dodged a Michel Therrien bullet.

  4. There was something weird about this game though. Where was Thornton running people through the boards, or Marchand being a prick before, during, and after every whistle? It just seemed a pretty tame game compared to what we are used to from the Boohooins. And pray tell, what was DD doing out there for a defensive zone draw? Isn’t that why we got Halpern?

  5. They thought it was the Summer of Love maybe, D-John. That’s a great point about DD and Halpern. You’re a perfect example of an astute and knowledgeable hockey guy. I wish I would have mentioned this.

  6. We’ll trudge to work on Monday but tomorrow’s only Sunday, we’ll have a day or so to savor this sweet taste!!!!!The bruins they got beaten by the team the team they hate the most– but that’s allright– pricey was bright & IT”S SATURDAY TONIGHT!! The glasses they will tingle and the throats they might get sore but our Habs put on a show!! Did tou hear Don Cherry tooting Price’s horn? Good comment on a good guy. He even likes P.K. now. MY Russian Train Wreck gonna step into Lucic sometime and gonna be tears on the bruins bench– betcha it’s gonna be a CLEAN HIT too!!

  7. Good summary. I think the Bruins knew they did not have the skill to beat the Habs and played a Devil type road game just trying to keep the score close. That power play in the last minute was a great example of a team “scared” to take any chance at all, looking for a perfect scoring opportunity. It almost seemed they were more concerned with keeping the Habs from scoring an empty netter then trying to score themselves.

  8. Each and every one of the Booins are the masters of embellishment when telling the world how & why they the lost the game!!!

  9. Hey Dennis, Yes and of course all you other commenters Danno, Martin Dishonest John , Jim ,Darth and Mike, this was a came to turn the tides on a Bruin season.The way the Habs controlled the game from the start ,letting it get out of touch just a little in the second period, but holding on for a great win in a game that wasn’t controlled by the refs. Even though that little dickhead Tim Peel was one of the refs , the game was a fast ,hold your interest affair right until the final whistle. You know, I miss games like that ,this is the way hockey should and used to be played, without a referee trying to be the focal point of the game. Carey played awesome, P.K. Played awesome, shit they all played awesome. I agree with Martin though, Chara shouldn’t be that easy to pull down, to bad there weren’t two penalties on that play

  10. Peter, I sure hope the Russian Train Wreck is okay. We need him and his physical thumps. He’s also one of Luci’s favourites.

  11. Hi Jim. It was a great effort, although Eller’s penalty scared the bejeesus out of me. And maybe Chara went down easily, but I’m sure Eller might want to stay away from grabbing sweaters, especially in a game like that. The Habs are just so exciting, and imagine if they would have as lousy as last year, only this time coming off the lockout. We’ve gone from being completely upset with hockey to being thrilled to death with this new-look team. It’s been a great shortened season.

  12. Darth, that’s funny. And like Jim said, it seemed they were looking too hard for the perfect scoring chance and trying to keep Montreal from scoring. What a great night. Eller had me going though.

  13. Mike, they’re masters at being despicable. I’ll bet the excuses are flying today. I like the one the Krejci said, about the ice being bad.

  14. Derry, I’m with you. A good old-fashioned hockey game, with the good guys beating the bad guys. The playoffs are going to be so interesting, but we need our injured guys back.

  15. Fun game to watch last night but my concern is it appeared The Refs were letting more stuff go so fewer penatlies as a prelude to the playoffs where once again The Refs call a bunch of penalties through regular season games & when the playoffs arrive they put the whistle away which drive players-coaches-fans crazy with non calls……

  16. I didn’t have that music in mind watching the end of the game, but the Bruins definitely didn’t seem to know what they were doing especially for the last ten seconds or so. The puck was more like a hot potato. They were panicking knowing that they were being beat by a much classier team.

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