Habs Recall Ryan O’Byrne

Montreal has recalled young Ryan O’Byrne from Hamilton. The huge guy wasn’t playing like a huge guy, and had obviously lost any confidence he may have had, especially after scoring on his own net and being booed on a regular basis after that.

Let’s hope O’Byrne decided to adjust his thinking while in the minors, and will now crash and bang with the big club. A guy that size should be teaching the enemy a lesson on a regular basis.

(Or is he part of a big trade plan?)

3 thoughts on “Habs Recall Ryan O’Byrne”

  1. Oh gawd, they’re calling Ryan O’Byrne back to the state of his infamy. Hopefully for him, some chick won’t convince him to hold her purse while she calls the cops.

  2. I hope we hang on to OB… I still have a feeling he’ll turn out alright and with his size, I’d love to see him have a permanent spot on our D.

  3. Dennis,
    He’s trade bait IMO along with Higgins.He’s not tough enough and we need a tough stay at home defenseman to compliment our weak D.

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