Habs Rebound Nicely

The Canadiens once again showed what they’re made of, rebounding from a sub-par showing in Philadelphia, and winning 4-1 Thursday night against the Jets in front of a happy crowd at the Bell Centre.

And such splendid feel good moments to go along with this important and satisfying win.

Peter Budaj played in front of his dad and brother from Slovakia, (and an uncle I think), and was solid as can be in winning his sixth-straight. It was a nice classy gesture on Michel Therrien’s part to start Budaj, and there’s respect all-round.

If someone from the old days, like Jack Adams or Punch Imlach, had been coaching this game, they might have played Price regardless of Budaj’s family being there. Those men weren’t big on sentiment.

Marc Bergevin made a good choice in Therrien. Remember when all those names were being tossed about? Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Pierre McGuire etc. This year might have been a lot different with someone other than Therrien at the helm.

Michael Ryder had another big night, racking up two goals and two assists, and what can you say about this guy who’s become such a key component. One thing we can say – Marc Bergevin did it again.

Maybe the biggest story for me was the play of Alex Galchenyuk. On this night he freed himself from those invisible ties and not only scored a beauty after eighteen games, but shortly before came up a little dipsy-doodle magic and burst in but was foiled. If he would have scored on this, we’d be enjoying replays of it all week.

Galchenyuk had new life last night, and gave us more glimpses of what to expect in the coming years. He’s going to rise us out of our seats and be the toast of the town. He’s going to be a big star. I believe this. It was great when he came alive tonight.

Lars Eller had two assists and has been good lately. He’s been a presence. Opponents seem to get upset with him, and that’s okay. They get upset with P.K. Subban too. The guy who’s going to win the Norris.

Random Notes:

Winnipeg outshot Montreal 34-24, but the Habs had plenty of quality chances.

Next up (and can’t wait) – The Bruins come to town Saturday. Lock up your daughters.

11 thoughts on “Habs Rebound Nicely”

  1. Maybe it’s a millionaires game/buisiness; but I like hearing when they let the human side show. Budja getting to play in front of his family was special!! The team feels good for him, the team feels good about the coach giving him the start. AND we get a win .Happy day in Ont.!!!! Thanks for your post as the game wasn’t on my screen.

  2. The Habs have had only two multiple-game losing streaks. One in February that lasted three games and one in March that lasted two. All the other losses were followed by a win the following game.

  3. I was able to calculate the above using a sophisticated high-tech device. My game chart and yellow highlighter for wins like Dennis uses.

  4. Peter Hab, Therrien’s will go a long way with the players and they’ll want to play hard for him when he does this. It was an excellent rebound win and is the mark of a good team.

  5. Excellent, Danno. The sophisticated chart device gives a clear understanding of how the year progresses. A lot of yellow, and no fat blocks of white is a beautiful thing.

  6. Dennis, another amazing stat derived from the sophisticated chart is the fact that Peter Budaj lost the first two games he was in nets this season but has gone on to win the next six in a row.

    I love the sophisticated low-tech chart and all of its glorious yellow glow.

  7. Perfect, Danno. I think it’s an excellent chart too. Maybe they use something like this at NHL headquarters in New York. I don’t see why not. It’s clear as a bell.

  8. Chris to the rescue! I was thinking more of a line graph– I’m a linear thinker. Can you brew one up?

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