Habs Rebound And Sink Sens

The Canadiens win their second in two nights, and look out Toronto Maple Leafs, we’re coming.

Tonight it was the Ottawa Senators, with absolutely no help from Alex Kovalev, who fall to the Habs, and when you look at Montreal’s five games so far, only one was where they didn’t gain any points. So how can I be less than happy? How can I criticize?

I can’t.

I can, however, mention that PK Subban continues to make me nervous with some of his puck handling and ill-advised decisions, but how can I even be negative about this? He’s a rookie, with a only a few games under his belt last season and just five this year.

But CBC’s Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson were right when they pointed out that PK stayed on the ice for almost all of a power play with fresh and experienced defencemen biting at the bit to get out there. This is a big thing the young fellow needs to straighten out. Can’t have dissention within the ranks.

I know as a smallish yet shifty right winger for the Orillia Byers Bulldozers midgets that this can really piss off teammates.

PK is learning and we must be patient. He needs to be brash and colourful and daring, but until he sorts it all out over a period of time, he’s playing havoc with my nervous system.

The game was a see-saw affair, beginning with Brian Gionta looking like a shrunken Mario Lemieux the way he burst down on a clear cut breakaway and deked Sens goaltender Brian Elliot out of his jockstrap.

The Senators then tied it at one and in the second period scored two goals on just two shots that had visions of the old Carey Price dancing in my head. But our boys didn’t collapse. Jeff Halpern closed the gap, and then Andre Kostitsyn, playing the way we’ve begged and pleaded with him to play, scored a great goal late in the second after being set up by Tomas Plekanec. And in the third, Plekanec took the bull by the horns and scored his own beauty after a lovely Kostitsyn rush.

Good stuff. Plekanec and Kostitsyn getting it done.

Random Notes:

Carey Price got his first win at the Bell Centre in a long, long time. So long, in fact, that eight track cassettes were still around and Don Cherry was normal when he won last. Okay, maybe not that long. But it was last February, which is a long time ago.

Shots on goal? An amazing 40 to 19 for the Habs. How often does this happen? 

Next up – not until next Thursday when the New Jersey Devils pay a visit.

Keep it going, you crazy Habs.

25 thoughts on “Habs Rebound And Sink Sens”

  1. He is, Anvilcloud. And it’s great to see. Now if only Pouliot would pick up his socks. Somehow, though, I don’t see it happening. But good for Kostitsyn. And I haven’t even bothered to look and see how Sergei’s doing in Nashville. I’m guessing not much.

  2. I was begining to wonder after we fell back 3-1 in the middle of the second period but Halpern and Kostitsyn’s goals were just the ticket to bring us into contention. Okay, Halpern’s was a bit of a garbage variety goal but Kotstitsyn’s was a beauty.
    Brother Andrei is now a saint in my books as well as being a dangerous monster — and that’s a good thing.
    It was nice to see Price pull out a win and not have to play spectactularly for a change. A team effort is what resulted in the two points.
    Those are reasons to be CHeerful.

  3. Usually when the Habs outshoot a team 40 to 19 they tend to lose. Thank god they pulled up their socks and fixed this!

  4. That’s 2 references to sinking ships in 2 match reports.

    All fine by me. But given you work for a ferry operator (I think), is there something about seaworthiness playing on your mind.

    You and Danno called it right on using momentum from the Sabres game. Maybe it was a good time to play both teams but a win is a win. Looking forward to watching both games on the espn player whatsit that I’ve subscribed to instead of feeding the children.

    Feel free to use the falling leafs quote. Just make me assistant to the apprentice stick boy’s junior when you’re boss.

  5. Dennis, perhaps BB is right. Maybe you have gone a little overboard with the nautical puns.

    There were some who felt we traded Halak for a kayak and a bag of pucks and feared we were in for some rough waters. But it turns out that Lars Eller has become a dreamboat of and things are not so bad after all.

    They booed Price and wanted to stage a mutiny and to make Pierre Gauthier walk the plank. Many of those disgruntled fans bailed out thinking we were up Sh!ts Creek without a paddle.

    But Price calmly rode the surf and he’s quietly put the wind back in our sails. Now we find ourselves cruising along quite nicely.

    Last night’s win was a team effort that required all hands on deck. Kostitsyn has been a lifesaver lately and has kept the team afloat. And it’s full steam ahead for Plekanec who torpedoed the Sens with the game-winner.

    True, Gill and O’Byrne have made a gaffe or two. Hamrlik and Spacek may have a few barnacles to scrape off their old hulls, but they are still seaworthy. PK’s been sensational since he barged in on the team. And things can only get better once Markov returns to anchor our defense.

    Looking ahead at the remaining games in October; it should be smooth sailing for the Habs as they will be face weaker and/or beatable teams — Devils, Sens, Coyotes, Isles (x2) and the Panthers. And there are no Sharks in our waters until December.

    Captain Gionta landed a big one last night. He’ll be the bright beacon to keep us from running aground — with the leadership skills to keep everyone rowing in the same direction.

    As for the coach; he’s looked stern at times, but he didn’t bow to any pressure. Even when he was accused of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Sure, he’s had moments where he floundered, but with a steady hand at the helm, it looks like Jacques Martin is finally running a tight ship.

  6. I extremely impressed by the way they’re playing right now. They’re defensively sound, only allowing 19 shots the whole game. I’m loving the fact that AK46 is finally breaking out of his 2 year slump, Turtleneck Plekanec is picking up where he started off last year, and we’re seeing Price playing like during his rookie sensation days.
    Good game, sir. Good game.

  7. There is something on my mind about ships, Blue Bayou. I WANT TO RETIRE. And about the assistant to the stick boy – I don’t know. If a guy breaks his stick and needs one fast, are you up to the challenge? It’s not everyone who will be on top of this. It’s crucial that even the assistant stick boy is quick and energetic. What if you’re looking at pretty women in the stands when a stick breaks and aren’t ready? Have you considered this?

  8. Danno – this is just too excellent. Your creatice juices are flowing and I was going to be a smart ass and add to it but you’ve covered it all. Even bow and stern. Really, really good.

  9. You nailed the key things, Phil. Plekanec, Price, Kostitsyn, and low shots on goal. Now I’m wondering if 4 days off is good or bad. And will Auld be in goal soon? (He makes me slightly nervous. He’s never been great but I’m hoping he does a solid job when called upon).

  10. Dennis, when you put it like that it brings home the kind of dedication and focus required for top level professional sport. At my age, I don’t know. Maybe just a hotdog stall or something.

    Has anyone popped round to check on Danno? He must have mixed his meds up again, not to metion his metaphors.

  11. Blue Bayou, it could be those fish sticks I had for dinner. I’m afraid they were past their best before date. Those were followed by numerous cream soda & vodka cocktails. Their consumption may have possessed me with the spirit of the legendary seaman Captain Highliner.

    My wonderful wife says she heard me mumbling in my sleep and could hear me say “Arrgghhh. Have you ever been to sea Billy?”

    Blue Bayou, being from across the pond, you probably don’t know about our Captain Highliner and his adventures. So here is a commercial starring this much-revered Canadian celebrity…

  12. Danno, when I was a poor bachelor, one one of my best meals was fish sticks and Kraft dinner. But they had to be mixed, not eaten individually.

  13. Dennis you continue to amaze me.

    First it was Fromage de Grill. And now KD à la Capitaine Highliner.

    Once again you’ve put the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts to shame.

  14. Danno/Dennis

    A bit late with this reply and no-one may ever read it but I was too busy weeping bitter tears that our once proud naval heritage was reduced to this.

    I take your Captain Highliner and raise you Captain Birdseye


    You call them fish sticks because well they’re sort of stick shaped.

    We call them fish fingers because that’s what fish have on their hands………

  15. Danno, have you seen Blue Bayou’s Captain Birdseye? Fish fingers..?? But Bayou, do you remove the fingernails first? And have you tried your fingers with Kraft Dinner?

  16. Blue Bayou/Dennis, funny I was just singing this in the shower moments ago:

    Rule Britania!
    Britannia rule the waves.
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

    It’s a glorious song, all we have is the theme from Gilligan’s Island. Oh well…

    Did you catch Totenham’s Gareth Bale who scored a hat trick in the second half against Inter Milan? Inter was leading 4-0 after the first half. Bale was like a one-man wrecking ball with good hair. Final Inter 4-3 over Totenham.

    Loved the video. I wonder, does Birdseye also make frozen chicken lips?

    And I’ll have to concede you win hands down Blue Bayou. Your commercial from across the pond had a bigger budget and resulted in a much more polished production. And a great catchy song to boot.

    By the way, I was wondering about the passion Chelsea fans have for their team. Does it have something to do with the CH in Chelsea.

  17. Danno – I can explain the passion of Chelsea fans. They come from an area where Patti Boyd Harrison/Clapton had a clothing store. That’ll bring out the passion in any male.

  18. Dennis you’re right to be concerned about the whereabouts of the nails once they’re removed from fish fingers.

    I don’t know about Canada but here in London there’s been an explosion of nail bars, where ladies can have evermore elaborate false nails applied. You can chalk that up to the recycling lobby. Years ago they just threw ’em away.

    And don’t worry about the fish. They seem to grow these flippery, fin things pretty quickly.

    Danno, I didn’t see that game, mores the pity. Mind you I’d have either died from laughing or been murdered by the beloved one (a Spurs fan) long before half time.

    There’s definitely a “Planet of the Apes” thing going on with young Bale. Might stand in the way of the kind of endorsement work Mr Beckham gets.

    ‘Chelsea’s play is intensely aggravating, by turns appallingly bad and supremely skillful. They always play like this. Chelsea supporters are men of a special cast of mind, and widely cosmopolitan: all they have in common is this need to become emotionally involved with a team who can play as well as any and worse than any. Whoever manages the team, whoever plays in the team, the tradition is the same, is perpetuated.’

    A fellow Chelsea fan pointed me in the direction of these wise words from the novelist and poet B S Johnson, who sadly killed himself at the age of 40 in 1973. They’re in his novel Alberto Angelo written in 1964. I think they say it all. It’s my current project to read his works.

    I like the CH idea. Must have a word with the marketing boys down at the Bridge.

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