Habs Rally But Lose

Montreal can beat a lot of teams. Just not the New York Islanders. And thus ends the lovely eleven-game point streak.

The Canadiens had clawed back from a 3-1 deficit to even the score, and then it all just slipped away like those dew worms we’d try to grab on the front lawn in late evening. The boys gave it the old college try, sort of, but in the end it was 6-3 Islanders, with one being into the empty net. Now it’s on to Raleigh to try and get another long point streak going, and thankfully it’s only one more time this season that the Habs have to face the Islanders (Mar. 21). Once more is plenty, thank you very much.

Montreal’s showing wasn’t pretty by any stretch, and Carey Price was okay but not great, but they did manage two power play goals, which is good. Of course they also gave up two goals with a man short, so I guess it was a good, bad, and ugly kind of thing. But they’re on the road, they’d just beat Boston a couple of nights ago, and I’m proud of them regardless.

I’m also proud of Washington for coming back from down 3-0 to beat the Bruins 4-3 in overtime. It’s always a beautiful evening when one learns the Bruins lost.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Montreal 32, N.Y. 24.

Brian Gionta’s third-period power play goal was the Canadiens 20,000th total regular season marker. Didn’t Wayne Gretzky get that many every year when he was a little kid?

Tomas Plekanec opened the Habs scoring, and PK Subban also tallied on this night. Michael Ryder added three assists and we now sit patiently, tapping our fingers, waiting for Ryder to score his first for his new team. Erik Cole popped one the other night for Dallas, so now it’s really time for Ryder to get it going.

Thursday in Raleigh, Montreal won’t have to worry about facing Cam Ward, who’s on the shelf with a sprained knee ligament.

I really wish we’d hear how Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz are coming along with their concussion problems. Bourque’s now missed six game and Diaz four.

Alex Galchenyuk got his first point in five games when he threw a nice pass over to Plekanec.



6 thoughts on “Habs Rally But Lose”

  1. Any word form the coach of the BooHooins on whether Washington was embellishing tonight? Not that I expect him to but you know he has to justify blowing a three goal lead and losing in OT! What else could it be from?

  2. Price is going through a rough period but he will bounce out of it. In the meantime, Therien might want to consider playing Budaj until Price settles down.

  3. Their concussions must be serious enough since both Bourque and Diaz were placed on injury reserve. I just noticed that Gabriel Dumont was brought up from Hamilton last Friday to keep Weber company in the press box until someone recovers.
    It was early last month when Price gave up 6 goals against the Laffs in disgusting 6-0 loss.

  4. He’ll bounce back, Danno. We’ve seen this before with him, for several years now. He goes through stretches where he’s very ordinary, than he goes through times where he’s the best in the league. We just have to wait it out.

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