Habs Pull It Out!

The Canadiens, with third period goals from Brendan Gallagher and a pair from David Desharnais, erase a 2-1 Jets lead, win the game 4-2, and secure the all-important home ice advantage in the opening round of the playoffs, which apparently starts on Tuesday.

This, along with Rene Bourque scoring in the first, is what I know. It’s all I know.

Because I didn’t see the game.

There’s a reason I didn’t see it, but I can’t discuss it at this time. It’s a secret. A big, honkin, exciting, mind-blowing secret, that I’ll probably tell you about in a few weeks. Then you might forgive me for missing one game in this season.

Random Notes:

Toronto on Saturday. Now that the boys have the winning spirit, I expect a trouncing of the Meat Loafs. How great it would be to kick off the playoffs on a two-game winning streak.

Gotta go. The internet where I am is slower than Hal Gill. And might disappear soon before my very eyes.

Please fill me in on what went down on this Thursday night in Manitoba. I’d very much appreciate it.


12 thoughts on “Habs Pull It Out!”

  1. Hey Dennis, The headline of this column sounds like the title to a porn movie. I missed the first period and then the Habs tied it up in the second only to fall behind once more before the period ended.The third started out slow but the Jets got a couple of penalties and the Habs went ahead for good.Carey Price is back ,he stopped a beakaway and made some awesome saves as well. Loookin forward to Saturdays game.

  2. The Habs showed more drive than we have seen in quite some time. As well, the Jets found out that they were eliminated from post-season contention between the second and third periods, and it showed, as Winnipeg’s players didn’t even show up (for that third period, when the Habs scored the last three goals of the game).

  3. Ian’s right. The Jets really lost steam when they returned in the 3rd with the knowledge they wouldn’t make the playoffs. Even the fans were different. Wonder how the Habs would have faired had this not happened? I’m a little disappointed the Jets didn’t make the eighth spot. Would’ve been nice to have another Canadian team.

    Let me guess…you got called up for stick boy and they flew you to Toronto for your debut Saturday night?

  4. Saturday night …a nice warm up Habs and Leafs

    Than its rock and roll time

    Good chance Leafs and Habs first round

    Oh Ya

    Holy Cow

    My god

    Hot diggity dog

  5. Sorry folks, but I must wholeheartedly disagree with your projections for Saturday. Your boys are going down! Consider Saturday’s game a precursor as to how well the Leafs will handle the Habs. Dennis, full marks for creativity – Meat Loafs?! Never heard that one before. Nice. I definitely agree with all of you about Winnipeg – I would’ve loved to see them in the playoffs. Looking forward to a classic matchup in the playoffs! Good luck to your boys – they’ll need it! Take care, folks.

  6. Thanks Kurt. We’re gonna kill those blue guys. Take no prisoners. We know this. Didier Pitre and the Cleghorn brothers told us. It’ll be torture in Trawna. Massacre of the Meat Loafs! Can’t wait!

  7. Dennis, what’s this about the Cleghorn brothers?

    Would that would be Sprague, Odie and Foghorn?

    We can’t lose with those guys on our side?

  8. You got me, Dennis. How am I supposed to respond to that?! Any chemicals helping with your creativity?! 🙂 I’ll be back on Sunday to gloat. Take care and have a great one!

  9. I am a little worried about the make me laughs. They handled us in the regular season. But the playoffs are a different story. The leafs are not a post season team. They had a good year but their lackof goal tending, defense and offense will show. They cannot play the same knuckle dragging style as the regular season. The habs just have to utilize their speed. The habs always go that one step further in the post season but that’s because of the lord stanley aura. The leaves are 15 cups away from getting that aura and it shows every year. Good to see the laffs in the playoffs in the 2000’s though, finally.

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