Habs Prospects At Your Fingertips

Want to keep track of Habs prospects playing in various cities around the world? Here’s a site that fills you in, surprisingly enough called Habs Prospects!

The guy who finds stuff on the internet that the internet didn’t even know it had, Danno, sent this over this morning, which I discovered after waking up in a San Francisco hotel room with absolutely no hangover.

I don’t understand it. I drank enough beer the night before to deserve a serious blow to the head, but I feel like a million, er, thousand bucks. Maybe Jack Kerouac is watching my back.

3 thoughts on “Habs Prospects At Your Fingertips”

  1. There’s so many different no trade clause versions. My favourite is Scott Gomez’s who can’t be trade to 3 teams. I’d love to know which 3. Obviously the Maple Leafs. But then is it the South Florida teams or Phoenix or Atlanta or Nashville? There are just so many places a hockey player doesn’t want to go.

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