Habs Plan On Closing The Gap A Little

The Buffalo Sabres are probably enjoying very much their time up in the penthouse with their martinis, caviar, and fancy dinner parties, so it would be absolutely perfect if the Habs could kick their arses Sunday afternoon at the Bell Centre.

Buffalo is way up there, sitting pretty in second place in the east with 54 points. Montreal, although making a grand push in the last little while, still sits in the blue-collar section, punching clocks down in the furness room in seventh place with 45 points. And the Canadiens have played three more games than the Sabres.

But these differences don’t mean a thing because, as we all know, Montreal has only recently started to play well. And when I say recently, I mean when Andrei Markov returned to the lineup along with Tomas Plekanec finding his own penthouse space. 

This is a much-improved Montreal Canadiens squad the Sabres will see in this matinee.

It’s the power of positive thinking hard at work.

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