Habs Hold Open Door For Sabres

For much of Tuesday night’s game with the Buffalo Sabres, the Canadiens sparkled, even going up 2-0 and looking like masters of the universe. Maybe it could be three or four or five nothing, I thought!  After all, a rarely-used goalie, just called up from the American Hockey League, was between the pipes for the visitors.

But somehow the door opened ever so slightly, as we’ve seen before, and sudddenly and without warning, the game was tied at two.

Hope springs eternal though as the siren sounded and it was still deadlocked, and it remained tied through five minutes of overtime. But it should have been over long before and it wasn’t, and althought the hope is eternal, the confidence was taking a beating.  Surely we would solve this inexperienced goalie Jhonas Enroth in the shootout, especially with Carey Price on our side.

For the beginning of the shootout, the Canadiens once again sparkled as David Desharnais and Tomas Plekanec bulged the twine, and visions of two points (abeit the hard way) danced in my graveyard-weary head. But again, suddenly and without warning, Sabres skaters began to fool Carey Price, and before we knew it, this game that was mostly in the bag for the home team became a 3-2 win for the visitors, a team who found a way to grab two points while we found a way to collect a measly, yet possibly huge, one point.

Random Notes:

Montreal had goals from Max Pacioretty and Benoit Pouliot. Pouliot’s goal came from a beautiful setup from Desharnais, who is quickly becoming one of the team’s most reliable and exciting players. If only there was a machine that could stretch him another three inches or so, or even a pill. Hey, if Viagra grows one part, why not a pill that grows the whole body? 

Carey Price made some incredible eye-popping saves in regulation but was very ordinary in the shootout.

Next up – Now the western swing begins with the team in Edmonton on Thursday before the big Heritage encounter in Calgary on Sunday. After that it’s a visit to Vancouver for a game that I’m working on being at and expect to be at.

16 thoughts on “Habs Hold Open Door For Sabres”

  1. Tied for first but we really don’t deserve to be there. We played pretty bad against Buffalo tonight. Strong opening period but horrendous 2 and 3 period. Not playoff hockey Jacques!!!!! What happened to Price. He served it to them on a platter in the SO. God, but the kids looked good in the first period. We can skate with anyone. Moen needs a rest. He is invisible for most of game.

  2. the shoot out is a prime example of a team that struggles to score on a consistent basis. They do not know how to bury their shots. They can get 40 to 50 shots a game and they still only get 2 goals.

    It is so good to see Boston getting beat. I turned to the Tor/Bos game for the last three minutes and cheered loudly as Toronto scored the 4th goal. My wife come in from the kitchen and said “I’ve never ever heard you cheer so loudly for a Leaf goal. Boston cannot compete with other teams when they are not mugging them like they did to Montreal last week.

    Boston has let in 20 goals in the last 4 games.

    Note: Montreal has won only one game in their last 5 and in that time have passed Wasington and tied Boston. Whoa how sis that happen????

    Is it me????? Everyime Kostitsyn touches the puck something goes wrong. He either fans on the shot (eapecially one timers) or he doesn’t take the pass very well or he falls or runs into one of his players or takes a feelble shot or gives up the puck on soft plays???? Time for a trade. Kostitsyn for a 22nd round draft pick??????

    Gomez is a whiz coming over his own blue line with speed, through center ice and over the opposition blue line. but as soon as he crosses that line he doesn’t seem to know what to do to set up people. He can never make a pass for a good scoring chance. How many 2 on 1’s has he tried to make a pass and hit the defencemen’s stick.

    I know what to do. Instead of eating his salary and sending him to the minors (like some have suggeated), trade him to a team and say we’ll pay 4 millon of his salary and pick up a player in excahnge…….

  3. Frank, it makes me angry seeing the same thing about Gomez. He is lightning over his own blue line then disappears, as does the opportunity. He is pathetic. I hate his skating stride. I think he is trying to look good instead of knowing what to do to create an opportunity. Will be good to have Cammy back.

  4. Frank, I’ve been saying that about Gomez. He’s a beauty as he brings the puck up ice, then nothing happens after that. And I love your idea of eating some of his salary. I just want him gone, and Kostitsyn – wow. Such blunders. These two need to leave as they’re not helping at all. Kostitsyn is suppose to be a sniper. Imagine. And Gomez plays so soft it kills me. He waves his stick at pucks and stays away from the heavy going. This isn’t my kind of player at all. I didn’t know Boston had allowed 20 goals in 4 games. Great, but what’s going on? I’m looking forward to the Habs western swing and I’ll be at the Vancouver game if all goes well. Can’t wait.

  5. Mayo, Price sure wasn’t anything to write home about in the shootout. Weird. And poor Moen. He gets stuck with Gomez and Kostitsyn.

  6. Saw Kotitsyn play last night and I have to say he tries to be too fancy with the puck. In the process, he loses it and you have a prime scoring opportunity for the other team. I don’t blame Carey for the shootout. It should have never gotten to that. If you blame him then you might as well be blaming him for getting us to the shootout. He made big saves to get us to OT and in OT he kept us in it. This team has developed a tendecy to give up after getting the lead, just like against the Islanders. This is annoying and they need to work on their motivation issues. Our D also needs some help. How in the world do you end up playing so poorly? Really, if our division wasn’t doing so poorly we surely wouldn’t be making the playoffs right now. And while that point gave us a bit more insurance, if we continue losing like this we can forget about the post season. We are lucky that Washington and Boston have lost recently so we are in fifth because we can’t seem to improve our standing by our own effort.

    Two losses, two shootout loses and shutout in the last five games. It seems to me like we can only win when Carey stands on his head. Disgusting. When the Habs stop riding their goalie, they will become a team worthy and capable of winning the Cup.

  7. right. I should give Moen the benefit seeing he has to play with those two. AK47 was dangerous last night. He almost took off his own players head with a highstick (and Buffalo got the penalty!) and he almost broke his own next into the boards. I give him credit for being one tough guy. And he hits. He may be hampered playing with Gomez and Moen as well. Maybe JM should put him with Pleks and Paccioretty for a game or two. AK isn’t soft like Gomer but sure hope he explodes, which he likely won’t.

    Dennis, my friend and I usually go to the Shark Club for a drink before the game so you are welcome to join us.

  8. We let it slip away but it’s understandable given how many players are sidelined with injuries especially our defence.

    Still, because of the precious point we gained, (and the favour the Leafs did for us by beating Boston) we now find ourselves with the same amount of points as the division-leading Bruins — which have one game in hand.

    And I thought the new kid, Brendon Nash, did a admirable job replacing Spacek.

    Too bad the call-up goalie for Buffalo had a horseshoe up his butt.

    It all comes down to goaltending doesn’t it?

    Good thing we usually come out on top in that department.

  9. DK, I will be at the Bell Centre March 26th. Washington’s in town. I hope for a good result. My old supervisor has some good connections. The seats come with parking at the Bell & a quick ride up the elevator to a hospitality suite. Can’t wait! Hope your trip to Vancouver is also a good one.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  10. Excellent, Mike. Danno said it was deafoning when he was there so you’re in for a treat. I’ll be in enemy territory in Vancouver but that’s fine. Lots of Habs fans go to these western games.

  11. Danno, you’re absolutely right. Doing the job they’re doing with so many injuries is remarkable. I really am believing the coaching staff is underrated.

  12. Just watched it and it seemed at two up they let the energy go out of the game. Even then the Sabres didn’t seem ovely dangerous. The Habs were also good and physical early on and that seemed to help them to dominate. A leson that you’ve got to keep a tempo in the game.

    But the young players are all doing well. There’s always that dip that can catch inexperienced players out when things are going well. PK had it to some extent there before Christmas. Lets hope they can all keep some form together.

    As I’m on quote of the day referring to one lot of Royals I’ll continue in the same vein.

    It will not have passed your notice that young Prince William is set to bring the Missus over at the end of June. It’s obvious to me that she’s already wearing the trousers in that relationship. After all the wedding’s on the 29th April. I bet he was desperate to get teh Canadian visit started straightaway so as to get to Quebec in time to see Lord Stanley brought back to his traditional home.

    Instead they’ll be in Sicily or somewhere ’til it all calms down, they’ve towed away all the burnt out wrecks and everyone’s had time to wash the beer and champagne out of their hair.

    Oh yes there was no way she was starting married life as a hockey widow.

    Oh and no booking the room next door and listening with a glass to the wall or sneaking a look through the keyhole you lot. They’ve been living together for ages so they’re past the all night shenanigans stage long ago…..

  13. Habby, it’s true. Without Price doing his job we’d be in big trouble. Goaltending is so important and it wins Cups. I think we have a pretty good team considering the injuries, and I like to see Brad Richards in uniform but that’s not going to happen. Anyway, I’m proud of them for what they’re doing but it’s time to rid themselves of this mini-slump.

  14. Dennis, I’m thinking about booking at the sandman but likely will go with something closer tom the Yale as I like the music there. But will be at the sharkclub beforehand decked out in my habs gear. I think the result will be better than the 7-1 disaster last year.

  15. Mayo, we love the Yale and have been a few times. (To those who aren’t aware, the Yale is one of Vancouver’s oldest and best blues bars). Maybe we can see you there too!.

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