Habs On A Mission, Iggy Pops Sheldon, And Pasquale Souray Serves It Up

edmontonIt’ll be several degrees below zero with a chance of snow this weekend in Edmonton, which means for Edmontonians, it might be the nicest weekend of the whole year.

Montreal’s in this self-described ‘City of Champions’ for an extremely important game (and it’s only the fifth of the season) because we’re now watching with baited breath to see how they respond after the Gruesome Groping on Griffith Way Wednesday night. For Habs fans, it’s all about the team playing better, seeing how Carey Price responds, and of course, winning.

For Edmonton fans, it’s all about setting up a posse to round up Calgary’s Jerome Iginla, who tripped and trampled upon Don Cherry’s boyfriend Sheldon Souray Thursday night.

And for Sheldon Souray, it’s all about mushrooms and pepperoni.

6 thoughts on “Habs On A Mission, Iggy Pops Sheldon, And Pasquale Souray Serves It Up”

  1. Ha! I have that video in my favorites! Mmmm what could be better than sharing a pizza and a great bottle of red wine with Shelly? Not much. I don’t think he’ll play tonight, damn. I’ve sent him a huge bowl of Moey’s world famous chicken soup. (Well, according to Mr. Moey). Every little bit helps!

  2. *heart’s a flutter*

    He’s out tonight ’cause he collided with Iggy and the end boards. Ah well… There goes the best looking pylon ever…

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