Habs Notch Four In Final Frame To Win In Factory-Like Fashion

There was a lot of clutching and grabbing tonight. And then her and I decided to watch the hockey game.

And in this game, some very good things came to pass. The Habs took out the Bruins in a 4-1 workmanlike, no-frills-type fashion. The big guns remained quiet except for Benoit Pouliot, who found the middle of an empty net, but the derringers did the big damage. Glen Metropolit, Maxim Lapierre, and Mathieu Darche contributed while Tomas Plekanec and the offensive boys made very little noise.

And Carey Price allowed one stingy little goal and kept the team in it until they found a bit of a scoring touch. In fact, it took Montreal until the third period before the puck started going in, and without Price holding the fort, it may have been too late.

This game, although not quite as interesting as a few games we’ve seen in the past week, one in particular comes to mind, can be certainly looked at as a big-time night for the Canadiens. Day one of the rest of their lives, coming off the Olympic break, with Andrei Kostitsyn and Benoit Pouliot back in the lineup, and the team sitting on a playoff spot bubble.

It’s a win carried out in blue-collar fashion, with guys contributing who are a breath of fresh air when they contribute. The team took only four minor penalties throughout, and we know how penalties have killed them so many times this year. And they outshot the Bruins 32-24, which in my book are perfect shots-on-goal numbers.

It wasn’t a gold medal performance, but we’ll take it, that’s for sure.

Random Notes:

Habs head to sunny California for a game Thursday against San Jose, Saturday against the Kings, and Sunday in Anaheim. These nice weather cities worry me. The team soaks up the sun and has been known to play poorly over the years when there’s sun and sand nearby. They have way too much fun and end up breaking curfew. In fact, Scotty Bowman asked the hotel doorman in Los Angeles in the 1970’s if he’d ask the Canadiens coming in late if they’d sign a stick. The next morning, Scotty had the names of everyone who had staggered in past the witching hour.

7 thoughts on “Habs Notch Four In Final Frame To Win In Factory-Like Fashion”

  1. Hey Dennis, Scotty had a few tricks up his sleeve,I think it was guy Lafleur who said when they came through customs,Scotty would go first and say to the agents that some of his team may be trying to carry something across the border,litle mind games to show that he was in charge.I listened to the game via the web,sounded like a good one.I watched the relays on tsn later on,Mr.Price had a good nite.I hope he continues to play well ,he deserves something a little more then what was going on before.

  2. It wasn’t spectacular, Derry, but they got it done. Price held them in and they came through. And it wasn’t like they got lucky and Boston deserved it, they won by keeping it simple. It would have been nice, though, if the big guns were more dangerous.

  3. Against the Bruins he is. Maybe extra motivation. But overall, he’s 14-12-26 in 58 games and these aren’t big gun numbers.

  4. Dennis, your team kept it simple and effective. Congratulations on the W. I’m always happy for Metro if anyone has to score/assist against us.

    Plus Maxim Lapierre is easy on the eyes, so he is forgiven by me, too.

  5. Thank you, Diane. It was a big game for both teams, and both teams could be either in or out of the playoffs. I sure miss the glory years. And even the fireworks between the B’s and Habs has become quieter. Anyway, thanks a lot, hope you’re well. Geez you’d make a good Habs fan.

  6. You’re always trying to get me on the “dark side.” Thank you for thinking about me! I’m honored.

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