Habs Notch Five in Winnipeg

It was a fine night for Winnipeg fans as their team played for the first time in fifteen years.

And it was a fine night for Habs fans, who saw their boys score five times in a 5-1 win. .

A win-win for all concerned. You can’t have it all, Winnipeg fans. We needed the two points.

As dramatic as it was to have the Jets play again, I don’t think it could be any more emotional than when the mother of recently-deceased Rick Rypien came out and dropped the ceremonial puck. You could see she was barely holding it together, but she did, and she was strong and dignified.

Even now, as the game is in the books, my eyes are still red.

Mike Cammalleri intercepted a puck in the first period to open the scoring, and not long after suffered some kind of leg injury, maybe a deep cut, and we wait for an official announcement on the length of time he’ll be out. If it’s only two weeks, as has been reported, then I’m fine with it. It’s a long season, and missing five games or so is never good but not the end of the world.

Jaroslav Spacek was also injured, and if this keeps up, we won’t have any defencemen left. But tonight saw Rafael Diaz and Alexei Emelin play quite well, and Emelin getting his feet wet like this can only be a positive. But our defense situation is a growing concern

Tomas Plekanec, with a goal and two assists, was the game’s first star, and his goal was a thing of beauty. He lost the puck, got it back, and buried it. A great display of second effort.

Yannick Weber did what we need him to do – blast away from the point on the power play, and he lit the lamp on one of these occasions.

Travis Moen looked like Guy Lafleur as he made it 4-1 on a breakaway, and Max Pacioretty, with a beautiful shot, ended any suspense there might have been as the scoreboard now read 5-1.

CBC’s Glenn Healy said something about Max-Pac that made me think. He said he’d rather have one Mike Cammalleri than three Max Paciorettys, and after thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I decided I disagree completely. Max brings size, strength, and talent to the team, and his big shot that bulged the twine reinforced my disagreeing. Cammy’s a great player, but Max is equally important with his own set of skills.

Just a great night in Winnipeg, especially for Habs fans. We saw a historic game, and we saw the Habs not only win but score five times. Unfortunately, we also saw two more injuries but I’m staying positive. For today at least, the glass is half full.

Random Notes:

Next game – Thursday, when Calgary is the opposition for the Canadiens home opener at the Bell Centre.

One final mention of the Emelin spelling and pronounciation. After a nice discussion with Luciena, it is indeed spelled Emelin. But it’s pronounced as if it has a “Y” in front of it. That’s the end of that.

I find it heartwarming to think that the deal for Jets fans was that 13,000 season tickets had to be sold for the team to be viable. The 13,000 tickets were sold in 17 minutes. That’s good old Canadian hockey country folks. Situated in the dead-centre of Canada. Freezing cold in the winter, outdoor rinks on frozen lakes and ponds. Frozen noses, toes, and gonads.

Welcome back Jets to Manitoba. And good job Habs.

18 thoughts on “Habs Notch Five in Winnipeg”

  1. Excellent recap Sweet Daddy Kane. Especially noting Rypien’s Mom. Always enjoy reading your posts. All the best.

  2. Dennis, I’d rather have three Elliott Freidmans than one Don Cherry one Glenn Healy and one Mike Milbury so just ignore these Hab haters. They’re just blowin’ smoke and don’t know what they’re talking about.

    RDS had Carey Price as first star followed by Tomas Plekanec and Mike Cammalleri.

    Travis Moen Hands of Gold should receive honourable mention for his picture-perfect goal.

    It was a really enjoyable game. Too bad we had to spoil the Jets’ party, but like you said, we needed the two points.

  3. glenn healy was a third rate goaltender and is no better as a commentator…….. i agree with danno about elliot freidman……… for once we are on the good end of a brutal ref call at an important time.

  4. Does anyone know what the song was that played during Rick Rypien’s video? I thought it was quite beautiful.

    I thought it would be a loss for us but am I ever glad to be wrong!

    I loved how calm Price is. All those screaming fans and he’s going around all relaxed and laughing. Nice. One thing they mentioned on HNIC that was true is that we are often used for these types of games but that’s because our crowd is like this every night. No kidding.

    Great game and I can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Did I hear Don Cherry when he called Price the best goalie in the world right now? Finally cherry is putting his bias behind him for even a few seconds. Bodes well for this year. Carey’s confidence is already high and he won’t let that comment go to his head. Hopefully we can expect this kind of player for the next 15 years and maybe 5+ stanley cups.

  6. To Mayo:

    About Don Cherry – even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I think he’s desperately trying to regain some credibility after the embarrassing spectacle he put on during HNIC’s Leafs vs Habs broadcast.

    Cherry launched personal attacks towards ex-NHL enforcers and basically said that Max Pacioretty had it coming to him when Chara almost killed him.

    I think his days on CBC are numbered.

  7. Danno I agree. How many foots does this guy haveÉ Ron MacLean is a chicken-shit for not standing up to him.

  8. Yeah, Danno. I don’t feel bad one bit for the boys spoiling the party. This isn’t a love-in out there, it’s a battle to win big. I’m sure Jets fans walked away happy anyway. Price was so great last night, exactly what we want to see, just so confident and solid as a rock. I love it when the Habs win. Makes my day. And the next day.

  9. Hobo, I find Healy a real know-it-all and very obnoxious, and I have from day one. You’re dead on – a third rate goalie and a third rate commentator.

  10. Great game, Darth. The boys came through. Price and Pleks came through. Oh, I guess we’re still waiting for Gomez to come through. I really didn’t pay attention to the song played and I wish I had the game recorded so I could go back and see what it was. All I know is, when his mom came out……..

  11. Danno. how many times can Cherry outrage most of Canada and still keep his job? He’s got nine lives.

  12. Mayo, Ron is afraid. He can’t even put his hand close to Cherry’s on the desk without Cherry embarrassing him in front of a million people. I wonder how many at CBC are afraid of Don.

  13. Take Healy for his single good point. His job is to stand up for the players and remind everyone that it’s them the fans are paying to watch and not a few billionaire owners counting their money. Idiot Milbury thinks it’s the owners who hired incompetent GMs like him that need protecting. The rest of the time when Healy talks is a good time to fetch another beer.

    When Cherry says Price is the best goalie, I expect he means it as an insult to the rest of the team.

  14. Chris, I think I could count the number of times Cherry said something nice about the Habs on one hand. Maybe one finger. Maybe Tim Thomas pissed him off in the off-season and now Price takes his place.

  15. Cherry always liked Price. He was angry when he wasn’t on the list for the Rookie of the Year. Though he stupidly thought Price should have left Montreal because of the “situation” with Halak. (Thankfully Gauthier is not stupid). I think Price was his goalie in that Team Cherry/Team Orr thing.

    But yea, a blind squirrel can find a nut too.

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