Habs’ New Scout Knows Orillia

I’m proud to say that the new Habs pro scout for the NHL Western Division has a huge Orillia connection.

Ethan Moreau played for the Junior B Orillia Terriers during the 1990-91 season, has lived in Orillia off and on for quite some time, and his parents Ab and Ester still live there. Moreau attended Orillia’s ODCVI high school, while I went to Park St., one of the other secondary schools in town, before Moreau was born but I don’t want to get into that.

Gordon Lightfoot and John French also went to ODCVI

ODCVI seemed to always have a huge flock of good looking female students, including Lynn Sinclair, who I once made it to second base with.

Is all this exciting or what? And with this new Orillia/Habs connection, can my stick boy job be far behind?

7 thoughts on “Habs’ New Scout Knows Orillia”

  1. hobo was booted out off ODCVI……… My bangs were too long…… Ahhh bangs, my fondest childhood memory

  2. Danno
    ODCVI is long form for “OD” which is a perfect name for a school in a drug infested town like Orillia.

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