Habs Need To Pick It Up A Couple Of Notches, Like Last Week

It seemed like only last week, hell, it was only last week, when the Canadiens were on fire, fans were smiling, the wins were piling up. The Islanders were no match, either were the Leafs. Carey Price had found his game and was playing with poise and confidence. The big line of Koivu, Kovalev, and Tanguay were collecting about six points a game. Life was good for players and fans.

But just like that, with a snap of the fingers, with two defencemen getting injured during the Leafs game, things now seem like they were before the fire, when mediocrity was the order of the day.

For some reason, things have changed again. They lost a game they should have won, against Ottawa. And tonight in New York, Carey Price handled the puck like it was a foreign object, the big line of Koivu, Kovalev, and Tanguay were a non-issue, Chris Higgins served up some misplaced doozies, there were too many mistakes, and when you put it all together, things are slightly worrisome because the last two games are against Boston and Pittsburgh.

The playoffs are in jeopardy. Montreal needs some good luck for a change. Not having Robert Lang, Francis Bouillon, Mathieu Schneider and Markov during the final push doesn’t bode well. But the team has to adjust and play harder than they’ve played at any other time this year. Mike Komisarek has to make better decisions. (There’s one of those understatements again). Carey Price – who knows what happened?

It was only three days ago they were world beaters.

The Habs have shown us they’re a good team. But now there’s been two very unimpressive displays on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully two’s enough. Maybe we’ll see that fire again on Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Habs Need To Pick It Up A Couple Of Notches, Like Last Week”

  1. I don’t know how they could have adjusted without any practice since losing Markov and Schneider on Saturday. A back to back night? Eh… And Price got back to the old Price in the 3rd but the other guys had no legs. It wasn’t like they were tied or ahead by one with 10 minutes to go and the comeback was just around the corner and then some soft goals happened. But losing those two guys, with all the injuries this year, that’s like the final piece of glue holding it all together gone… The Big Three were playing crazy out of their minds these past weeks, but the other lines have quieted. Any chance or good play became a flub at the blue line or no one able to hit net (instead, hit post or a body).

    If there’s one ray of hope it’s that they can practice together today. No injuries, no flu, just hockey. All they need is 1 point for a clinch.

  2. Well, all they need now is one point in two games, or Florida not to win their remaining games, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get in.

    Anyone remember watching the Mighty Ducks (the movie)? In the first edition, they tied the goalie to the net so he wouldn’t be scared of the puck. We should do the same thing with Price during the games, but only so he doesn’t try to leave the crease to handle the puck.

    I think this year has shown people how important those puck-moving d-men are. It’s no coincidence Pittsburgh has turned their season around once Gonchar came back. Or the fact the Sens are going to miss the playoffs without one.

    But I think we should take last week with a grain of salt. We beat the Islanders, Leafs, Thrashers, Lightning and Blackhawks. Except for Chicago, all non-playoff teams and near the bottom of the league.

  3. I don’t wanna be all negative and stuff but… the loss of Markov is an absolute catastrophe and it can’t be overstated.
    It’s in the same category as Washington losing Ovechkin – anyone think they’d go far in the playoffs without him? I don’t think so. He’s the guy that drives the entire offense AND defense – in that sense he’s even more important than Ovie, for us.

    I personally don’t think we have any chance of winning either of these 2 remaining games, not even to pull a single point out of them. I mean, Boston has a chance to push us out of the playoffs, you think they’re gonna roll over?? Tomorrow’s game will be absolute rape, and we won’t be on the good end of it.

    The possibility remains that Florida will lose it’s remaining 2 games and I don’t discount that we might make the playoffs. But again, without Markov, I really don’t see anything else than a quick 4-5 games 1st round exit, and I’m not sure that’s a lot better than not making the playoffs…

    Sorry about the negativity, but that was the last possible curse that could happen to us in this EVIL centennial. I hate the centennial with every fiber of my body.

  4. Florida doesn’t need to lose both games for the Habs to make it. If Florida gets three out of four points, the Habs are in, no matter what Montreal does. Florida needs to win both games, and the Habs to lose both games to get in (or pass the Rangers, and the Rangers lose both games).

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