Habs Lose While Cammy Goes

The Canadiens lose again, this time to the Boston Bruins by a score of 2-1, and added to all that’s gone on recently in this three-ring circus, Mike Cammalleri was sent packing to the Calgary Flames for tough and talented northern Albertan, Rene Bourque.

Cammalleri had done absolutely nothing in the first two periods, and he can try again in Calgary to sort things out. Imagine, after all that went on with the guy in the past 24 hours, you’d think he would come out flying. But it was just another soft night for the $6 million dollar man, another night when he didn’t help his struggling team. Maybe he knew the jig was up.

It didn’t take long for Pierre Gauthier to show his distaste for Cammalleri’s “we play like losers” comments, and this overpaid and underachieving forward was sent back to the hotel as his former teammates scraped and scrapped and gave it a fine shot as they carried on. He didn’t help tonight, or the other night, and on many nights before, and he’ll never get a chance to help again.

Close the chapter on Mike Cammalleri and open a new one on the guy coming in – Bourque, who was a major force in last season’s outdoor Heritage Classic, scoring the winning goal and looking dangerous throughout, and I remember thinking at that time that Bourque might look mighty fine in a Habs uniform.

Boston had taken the lead in the opening minute when the puck came out unexpectantly with Price out of position, and of course it had to be that way. That’s the way things have gone, so why be surprised by a weird puck carom? And why be surprised when another Bruins’ goal went off the stick of a Hab – Josh Gorges in this case.

But we certainly could be surprised that Montreal actually scored a power play goal. Yes, it’s true, by Yannick Weber, and the team had chances to tie it as they pressed while Cammalleri possibly raided the hotel mini-bar blocks away.

And as the soap opera continued, the boys weren’t able to get it done, another loss is on the books, and when I pull out my fabulous team-tracking page with the yellow lines, I count ’em up and see that Montreal has won 6 of their last 21 games.

Random Notes:

The team just learned a good lesson. Call your teammates out, take a shot at the coach, act selfishly and play uneffectively, and your days are numbered in Montreal. The Cammy thing has been the only good piece of news we’ve had lately.

Bourque, a left winger, is 6’2, 213 pounds, which is a nice size. So we just got bigger, which is what I’ve been yearning for. He has 13 goals so far this year, but managed 27 in each of his last two seasons, which is very respectable.

Canadiens also sent along goalie Karri Ramo, now playing in the KHL, plus a 5th round pick, and received, along with Bourque, prospect Patrick Holland, a six foot right winger who spent the past three years with Carey Price’s old alma mater, the Tri-City Americans of the WHL. Montreal also landed a 2nd round draft pick in the deal.

31 thoughts on “Habs Lose While Cammy Goes”

  1. Excellant trade by the Habs…they needed a bit of a shakeup..

    Really nice power forward size at 213lbs….need this to compete with the big boys like Bruins,Canucks and Blues…

    Wish my Leafs had got him….

  2. Leaf Fan, I’ve been hoping we’d trade a smurf for a tough power forward who can score, and we now have one to go with Cole and Pacioretty.

  3. Bourque doesn’t speak French. Least as far as I know.

    I’m really in shock with what happened tonight. Cammy needed to go, but this was such a crappy way to do it. At least let the guy finish the game but to be told to get out during the game? Ouch.

    PK really acted like a fool tonight. That was just embarassing.

    I knew we’d lose but at least it wasn’t a blow-out. Price should learn to stop leaving his net. That goal was a killer.

    I can’t get over this season. What a fiasco.

  4. Darth, I was under the impression he’s fluent in French but I changed it because I’m not sure. And pulling a guy in mid-stream isn’t completely rare. If he’s officially a Flame at some point in the game, there’s no way he should be playing for the Habs. It’s just the way it is.

  5. You may have been right Dennis. Don’t go by me. My head is still spinning from what happened tonight. Looks like the fire sale has begun, so I wonder who is next. It’d be nice it was Gomez, but I think we have a better chance of becoming the new owners of the Habs tomorrow.

  6. looks like good trade,

    First game for Bourque January 15 against Rangers. $3,333,333 / yr much better than $6M.

  7. Darth, everywhere I look I’m reading that he doesn’t speak French, even with that name and a Metis parent. I’m just glad you corrected me before it got left on too long. It’s too bad he doesn’t. Would’ve been a bonus.

  8. Well, if you left it on too long Dennis we’d have to trade you to Boston. 🙂

    I saw something online that says he was in French Immersion for a few years so who knows what to think. If I’m wrong, trade me to Chicago.

    I’m really down about this. Cammy did love it here but I think JM killed a lot of his enthusiasm. I know a lot is coming out now about him being a bit of a selfish jerk, but it’s a bummer anyways.

    I bought his action figure a few months ago and it’s not even opened yet and now he’s gone. I also have PK’s which is unopened as well. So maybe he’s next to go?

  9. Darth, I just saw this comment via Twitter. “I might be in trouble… I don’t speak French, even if I have the most French name on that team.” Bourque on playing for #Habs

  10. Ok, so I’m safe. See you in Boston Dennis. 😉

    Here’s another rumor: a player (unknown) has requested a trade from the Habs. This was announced on Twitter so take it with a grain of salt.

  11. Funny how all these sports blogs are saying cammy has offensive prowess. 8 goals? Sure wolda been nice to see this so-called prowess. Says he’s a playoff performer. I would prefer someone who performed now instead of april. Hekinda mademe sick with his smug look during interviews and on the ice. But, in his defense, he had a hell of a shot. However, Bourque has scored more or as much as Cam-fidence the past two years. He’s bigger, stronger and will actually stand in front of the net. I won’t miss 13 too much. If someone requested a trade, i would placemy bet on Campolli, Weber or Budaj.

  12. The NHL initially rejected the trade when first notified. They needed to be convinced that Bourque wasn’t already a Canadien. Then Shanahan and his boss Chiarelli made a conference call to Calgary to apologize for all the suspensions.

  13. We too a 30-35 goal scorer, put him in a stuffy defence first system that stifles creative offensive play, and then get surprised that he has trouble scoring?

    It seems like I’m the only one who thinks Cammy should have been kept, instead of traded.

    I wrote this on my blog:

    “Cammy was their best forward, especially playoff time. Two years ago, he led the league in playoff goals, despite not making it to the finals. Last year, he led the league in points after the first round. The problem wasn’t Cammalleri wasn’t scoring, it’s that no one else was.”

    Here’s the thing. Bourque will get 20-25 goals a season for the Habs, maybe less if they don’t change their system. Cammy will get 30-35 goals, and maybe 80 points in Calgary. Then everyone will be complaining: why do we trade guys who can score?

  14. Aaawwwww….I don’t think he saw this one coming. From the video clip he looked a little shocked and sincerely looked like he loved Montreal. Kinda breaks my heart. 🙁

  15. I feel bad for you guys. I was once a Canadiens fan, remember the Pocket Rocket? This whole thing speaks about character. To get traded after asking your teammates to man up is bad enough then one of the up and coming stars turtles like his sister in front of the whole bench. Sacrificing your pride for a 2 minute power play? Vancouver east. Trade Lars Eller before he gets that bug.

  16. Lars Eller will be ok. I’m not worried about him. Everything I’ve heard about him is positive and he seems to be a very well-grounded guy.

    Cammy on the other hand wasn’t very well-liked in the room and on the radio today a few reporters said that his leaving would make them really happy. Sad to find that out about him.

    PK? Yeah that was really bad. I felt embarassed about that. Boston brings out the worst in him. He always acts up there and he ends up looking really foolish. I hope in time he matures and gets out of that habit.

  17. When is subban gonna man up.The hit was a little high but you gotta love the way he riles the bruins up. This can be an asset as long as nobody gets beat up badly. Watching him being dragged along by Ference of allpeople was too much. It was a pretty good game.

    Cammy getting traded was icing. Now we have an additional $2.7M to re-sign price. We’ll need a lot more money to re-sign Subban, emelin and diaz. How about White and AK? Trading Cammyis way more significant down the road than it is now.

  18. Jeff, if you think you’re giving us a shot by bringing up PK, forget it. We know he needs to change things about his game. We’re not crazy about some of the stuff he pulls. But we are completely happy that we have him and we love the excitement and skill he brings when he’s on his game. We’ve got higher than high hopes for PK. And if he pisses Bruins fans off, it’s just an extra bonus.

  19. Mayo, I’m more than happy to welcome a big power forward to our lineup. I also like his mean streak. The face of the Habvs needs some serious changing and it’s a good start.

  20. Dennis,

    It seems to boil down to two camps.

    “We’re well rid of the Squid”


    “I’m skrikey over Mikey ”

    (to skrike is a northern English term for shedding tears in an emotional response to something but that falls short of uncontrolled sobbing)

    I’m a bit of both at the moment. I live in a fantasy world where teamates all love each other dearly and everyone is happy.

    That’s clearly never the case, but the chemistry isn’t there this year. They seem to be caught in a cycle of injuries creating pressure and the pressure revealing the faultlines.

    Some players like Cole, Eller and DD seem to be up for it most nights. Others not so much.

    No team has a perfect dressing room but getting the mix right is such a difficult job. Somewhere the balance has been lost and the changing of coaches doesn’t seem to have improved matters.

    If players are looking over their shoulders now wondering about being traded, that can’t help can it?

    It feels like a downward spiral even though the performances are not shockingly bad.

    It’s like those films where the submarine just keeps floating down and down, hitting an outcrop here, or resting briefly on a ledge there, before carrying on down.

    All you can do is admire the quality of those wollen roll neck jumpers, wonder what the smell must be like with all that fear and hope the craft doesn’t spring a fatal leak.

    I haven’t really kept track of the Penguins but they did seem to be coping well with injuries in the first part of the season in stark contrast to the Habs. But now are on a big losing run. It happens I suppose.

    And has there been any quality research into fall off in sports performance and fatherhood? Both Peks and Cammy recently experienced the arrival of a saucepan lid. I’ve noticed over the years that it does seem to affect some more than others. But I’ve no impirical evidence to back that up.

  21. Hi Tom. Cammy was their best forward a couple of years ago during the playoffs. He was dangerous as can be. And you may be right that he could find his game again in Calgary. He might not, though, and who knows, Bourque may blossom in Montreal. Who knows? We don’t know, we can only guess about both of them. What I do know is Cammy played a disinterested and soft game this year, all for six million bucks, and I hated what I was seeing. There were too many small guys playing small games, and if we have a chance to change it up a little, then I say go for it. And when a guy tells the press how lousy they are instead of doing it behind closed doors, it’s like he was looking for a move. I’m completely happy with this trade. We just got bigger and meaner, and we wait now to see if he can score for us. Because as it stood, not many could score, including Cammalleri. Would you have sat pat? Or would you try to change things by getting rid of a grossly-overpaid underachiever who whined to the media?

  22. Marjo, it doesn’t break my heart. He was going through the motions, and I think he knew what he was doing when he mouthed off to Gagnon. It was time to go and time to make our team bigger and tougher.

  23. Darth, I’m completely happy about what has transpired but I need more. There’s another highly-paid player that needs to go away. And yes, PK needs to change. Whether he’s able to or not, who knows. I think he’s really immature and needs to have his ass kicked, whether it’s by his own teammate or somebody else.

  24. I would have gotten rid of many underachievers, but Cammy wouldn’t have been one of them. Gomez, Gionta, Kostitsyn (who really should have been traded three years ago), Pleks, Darche, and Campolli would have been the first ones I would have looked at sending away way before Cammy. He said the team has a losing mentality, and they do.

    Also, from I’ve heard from Bourque is that he’s a streaky scorer, and disappears for stretches of games at a time. And as for being meaner, he has 48 hits this season. That ties him for eighth on Montreal with Mike Blunden. That means we’re getting bigger, not tougher.

  25. Blue Bayou, I’m so fine with this move I feel like drinking beer. Hmmm. Anyway, we need more trades now. Change the look of the team. Wash away all past management blunders. And I think it’s okay if players are looking over their shoulder. Maybe they’ll try harder. I don’t know about the Cammy fatherhood thing, but I wonder about the Cammy and business matters thing. I wonder what’s more important to him. Building his business or helping his team.

  26. Our last hope does rest with Markov coming back and solving the PP and chemistry thing. He shoulda been our captain from day 1. If he doesn’t save us, we are doomed this year. 7 points isn’t insurmountable as somewould have us believe. I don’t give a crap about analysts or their opinions. 3 straight wins would put us back in the thick of things. I am not giving up.

    I figure Cammy was a cancer in the dressing room and i’ll bet there aremore happy faces there now than yesterday.

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