Habs Lose To The Blue Jackets. My Wife Says They Need A Kick In The Ass.

There were several highlights in Friday’s game between the Canadiens and the Columbus Blue Jackets. which saw the Canadiens lose 4-3 in a shootout. There was a blond behind the net with a low-cut blouse.


Okay, so there weren’t several highlights. Just that one.


And two other things before I turn this computer off and try to think happy thoughts.


First, fans don’t pay to watch the referees, and we don’t subscribe to RDS to watch the referees. Or did the Canadiens deserve those 895 penalties they took?


Okay, they deserved some of them. But one in particular they didn’t, when Columbus took a penalty late in the game, and the minute the puck was dropped to start a Habs power play, Koivu took a penalty for breathing on the other player to kill the power play.


Also, the league should look into what Mike Commodore pulled. This sorry excuse for a borderline NHL’er elbowed Andrei Kostitsyn in the head, this after Kostitsyn has just recently returned after suffering a concussion, and this after all the talk the league is doing about banning head shots. 


As for the game again, the beat goes on. Play flat and lousy, but still grab a point or two. This better not continue or I’m going to start thinking about Mats Sundin all over again.


GAME NOTE: Jaroslav Halak wasn’t good.


NEXT: Habs in Toronto Saturday night. Cripes, what’s that gonna be like?

7 thoughts on “Habs Lose To The Blue Jackets. My Wife Says They Need A Kick In The Ass.”

  1. I agree with your wife.

    Everyone raves we are the greatest team in the league, but I have yet to see it. Four goals the other night in 12 minutes is impressive, but it’s not going to happen in 82 games. If these guys want to make it to the playoffs, they will have to start stepping it up. They certianly weren’t doing it tonight.

    Halak was not terrible. We just keep comparing him to Carey Price, who is amazing.

    And he’ll be amazing tomorrow night when we visit the Leafs.

    For some strange reason, we only have problems with teams below .500.

  2. My highlight was Sergei’s tying goal and Price jumping for joy behind the bench. Halak needs rebound control. Oh man did those fly… Commodore should be suspended. If the league wants to take a stance on headshots, then DO something. I don’t care what his intent was, and in his case it was pretty intentional. Headshot = suspension. Point final. If the guy didn’t intend to headhunt, then he could take a few days without pay to think about it. Half those penalties were refs calling a player for playing hockey. Apparently interference is called when you skate by someone quickly to get to the puck or sneeze on them. I was so bored with this game (watched the 2nd period while at the deli and decided it was the usual Hitchcock Trap) that I spent my time listening to the Bulldogs lose 3-1 on a slushy rink that was coming apart in chunks. Congratulations to Chipchura who was named Bulldogs captain though!

  3. I thought this game was a low point. And I’m increasingly nervous about Halak. And they have to stop taking so many penalties.
    I could go on and on.

  4. Didn’t see the game so I can’t comment directly on it however I am not surprised by our failure to assert ourselves more impressively. We have consistently been backing into wins that we don’t merit and if we continue to play in such a marginal fashion we will eventually fade. To single out one or two players or even a line in any game merely camouflages the nature of the real problems underlying our less than acceptable play – lack of team intensity, absence of consistency, failure to play each and every period to the max. Of course, each of these cats can be furher detailed.

    As for the shootout – what a load of bs! It is only peripherally associated with hockey (equipment, players, shots at a goalie) and to say that a team `wins’ the game is simply not true. The so-called winning team tied the game and won a side-show circus act that gave them a bonus point in the standings. Again, what bs. Such points shouldn’t count in the standings but could perhaps be used for other purposes. Teams that acquire the most bonus points could win a free trip to Disney World, maybe? Extra air miles? A date with the hottie of their choice? Get out of the box free cards? And when they try to bill it as hockey’s most exciting play – LOL, it is nothing more than a boring joke, an insult to the game and the players and the fans.

  5. I am not one bit nervous if Halak was to play 20 games for us this sason.
    C’mon guys! I live in Hamilton and you’ve never seen this guy play!
    Sure he was rusty and you guys would after 12 games as well, and I believe Carey would have had a bad night as well!
    Heck the whole team played crap and we are supposed to be Eastern Conference contenders? Ha!
    I am not sold yet on our team and we better play a gruelling month of November in store for us.
    It ain’t getting any easier from hereon on boys!
    Sergei better step it up in his second season. Lots of hungry Bulldogs just waiting to be called up like Matt D’Agostini, a right handed shooter that we lack offensively besides Robert Lang.
    Other teams are playing hard like the Rangers, Buffalo, and Boston.
    Perhaps we should have forgotten all ablout this Centennial festivities and jersey nights, it’s a distraction for our team I guarantee you!
    Last word…Philly just got better on D with Matt Carle being picked up.
    Bob we need a physical DMan!

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