Habs Lose To New Jersey. Excuse Me While I Call The Dalai Lama

If I could phone the Dalai Lama, this is what I would ask him. “Dalai Lama,” I would ask, “How can I take Montreal losing a game, any game, with a grain of salt?”

And he would probably answer; “Take a deep breath,” my son, “think of the universe, the moon and stars, love and flowers, and then when you’ve thought of them, suck it up.”

For more than fifty years I’ve taken Canadiens’ losses hard. But only privately, never noticed by others. It weighs on me, I can’t explain it, except that I know for sure that I’ve always loved this team and I’d rather not that they lose, to say the least.

You can appreciate that, right?

And the other night, when the Habs lost to the lowly Atlanta Thrashers, I was in a lousy mood.

Deep down, I felt something. I felt that if they blew this game to a team they shouldn’t lose to, it’s opening up a whole can of worms. Because the next night, they have to face the red-hot and always difficult New Jersey Devils.

So it’s beyond my control now. I need a wise man like the Dalai Lama, to not only cope with the Habs inexcusable loss to the Atlanta Thrashers, but now to cope with what I thought could happen and did. A lousy 5-2 loss to those Devils from New Jersey.

And the boys head into the All-Star break on a two-game losing streak. My worst fears are realized.

Game Notes:

Saku Koivu played, and so did Carey Price.  I had fish and fresh veggies and dip for supper.

16 thoughts on “Habs Lose To New Jersey. Excuse Me While I Call The Dalai Lama”

  1. Pater noster qui es in caelis sanctificateur nomen tuuam … Dennis, we don’t need a Dalai Lama we need a Pope, an infallible Pope with attitude.

  2. I paid good money last night to watch the habs play like (expletive deleted), and I ate half of a (expletive deleted) new jersey hot dog for supper, so if you guys need the Dalai Lama, I guess I’m pretty much hopeless. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – to top it all off, I actually live in this state (Motto: We have way too much money and way too little brains). I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a Devils game at the Prudential Center, but if you have, did you notice that it has the feel of a high class hotel lobby severely lacking in the attribute that classifies a building as a hockey arena? What’s missing of course, is fans making actual noise. Sorry about that – maybe I’ll start my own blog.

  3. Did it have onions on it?
    And I think probably too rinks are quiet down there. If you want noise, make the trip to Montreal. But don’t see the the Devils. They’re too boring. They’re masters at putting quiet in a building.

  4. dave in jersey: start a blog and keep the attitude and maybe I’ll resurrect der Habinator just for you. It sounds like you two would make a decent tag team. Hehe, `course, I stay here.

  5. Thank God, my parents still live in Montreal, so I come up at least once or twice a year and try to catch as many games there as possible. After being by games in many sports venues across the country(including Giant Stadium and Lambeau Field), I still haven’t found anything that comes close to Le Centre Bell.

  6. Best in the NHL, as rated by The Hockey News, The Best of Everything issue – I think it came out sometime in 2002. They have a whole article about them, including an interview with the chef about the exact thought process that goes into the hot dogs. Sorry I can’t give my own opinion, I’m an orthodox Jew, and I only eat kosher.

  7. Being an orthodox Jew probably explains your high standards for hot dogs. Kosher dogs are simply the very best … when they can be had. No crappola in them! I can no longer tolerate the other junk and so these days I don’t chow down very often on a hot dog.

  8. Is there a connection between what goes into the hotdogs and the way Mtl played in these last two games? I have to think having Price back on the bench messed with Jaro’s head which tells us something especially when you think a lot of the young call-ups continued to play well even though they could see the injured vets starting to return.

  9. What was the NHL doing scheduling back to back games for the Habs in Atlanta and New Jersey? Even the most positive hockey fan would have to admit that they couldn’t have gotten into their hotel earlier than 2:30 in the morning, although they didn’t deserve any better after the way they played in Atlanta in the first game. The NHL has got to stop this ridiculous scheduling, having almost almost a full week off at one point in the season, and two games such as these at a different point.

  10. You’re absolutely right. And Montreal’s had two times where it was almost a week off, so now the All-Star thing makes it three times. And I don’t even like the All-Star game and the rest of it. Never have.
    I had pizza tonight for supper.

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