Habs Lose, The Grand Canyon’s Beautiful, And A Raven Is Probably Smirking.

An evil night. An evil, Edgar Allan Poe, raven night. A 6-1 crushing by the Boston Bruins. Why, oh why, did I befriend the raven at the west rim of the Grand Canyon?


I stood outside Bally’s on the Vegas strip when we got back from the Canyon and watched the scores come in on the big neon sign, and I saw it. I saw the score. The sickening whitewashing by those long-time rivals, the evil Bostonians. This after a beautiful come-together and slick game against Ottawa.

Now the Habs have lost three games out of four. Three stinkers, one beauty. What the f………..k?


And then I read that Alex Kovalev was on the third line because he was so ineffective. What the f…………k?


And then I read that Milan Lucic pounded Mike Komisarek. What the f………….k?


Is this going to be one of those years where you don’t know what you’re gonna get from the Habs on most nights? They’re great, they stink. they’re great, they stink?


Nope. I don’t believe it. I believe they’re going to get it together sometime soon and become the powerhouse we all want to know and love. I read ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ years ago, and although it didn’t do me any good then in my personal life, maybe it will now with the team.


But I gotta tell you. I’m pretty concerned about Alex Kovalev.


Game Notes:


Okay, it’s not really game notes.

It’s about the Grand Canyon, which I was at today.


There’s an old part of a cable car structure still there, so I asked somebody about it. 

It used to be a cable car in the 1930, 40’s, and 50’s that workers rode down into the Canyon to mine some sort of rock, and the cable stretched two miles across. This was all fine and dandy until sometime in the 1950’s when a plane decided to fly into the Canyon and it hit the cable and a bunch of people were killed.


How’s that for a grim story to end a grim night?

5 thoughts on “Habs Lose, The Grand Canyon’s Beautiful, And A Raven Is Probably Smirking.”

  1. Alex Kovalev is impossible to figure out. Sometimes the guy looks like hes a top 10 player in the league and other times he looks like hes a third liner at best. Alot of the habs success is on his shoulders, hes the only proven star on the team and if he cant perform on consistent basis then all you habs fans better hope your 21 year old FUTURE star goaltender can act years beyond his age and carry the load. Perhaps Kovalev is trying to make an on ice version of the 1966 classic movie “the good the bad and the ugly”. My bet would be that hes your tipicle russian and picks and chooses what nights he feels like giving it 100%

  2. I better cover my ass on my last comment. I dont think all Russians are guilty of not giving it 100% every game they play, but if there is a knock on them then that would be it.


    i saw that horible game,i hope you did not….BOSTON were quicker faster stronger in all departements,THEY WERE HUNGRY very hungry,i think that coach JULIEN was smarter than CARBONEAU,I was disapointed i would of sent goerge laracque to settle things with lucic,it look like the CANADIENS were just looking at been outdone,anyway they meet again in 8 days,i think CARBONEAU is gonna have plan B. good day


  4. Naw, problem is not Kovy – it’s unrealistic and unfair to expect him to lift the level of the team’s play rather he mirrors our inconsistency and our collective lack of intensity. That’s what superstars do and even though he’s a great player, a star even, he’s no superstar.

  5. A terrible terrible effort, laziness, lack of defense, and bad goaltending.

    This game was a mess the entire way around. But I stuck through it and watch every gut-wrenching minute of it.

    The only positive was… that the game ended.

    I hope Carbo pulls out a whip in practice. And if he doesn’t, I’ll have to do it myself. And that won’t be pretty.

    I hope we all get to see a better effort by them tomorrow night, or I’ll be in tears that this team that was supposed to be so amazing is a complete failure.

    Sounds like the Grand Canyon is a lot of fun! That cable car story is awesome. I have never been, but I’d love to go there. Sounds like you’re having a good time! =)

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