Habs Lose Properly

Now that’s how you lose. None of this loser point crap you get from losing in overtime or shootouts. No, this was a real loss, a deserved loss. A 3-0 shutout loss to the Sabres. Well done, boys.

Nothing worked for the Canadiens on this Wednesday night in Buffalo. Passes hopped over sticks, shots missed the net, the team was flat, and those times when they had a sniff, Ryan Miller was there to shut the door. Montreal outshot the Sabres 34-31, but this was not a 34-31 game. Rarely were the Canadiens ever a threat, and as I watched it, I pondered what I was going to make for lunch tomorrow, and at one point, I got up and flossed my teeth.

My wife asked me what I could possibly write about after a game like that, and I told her I didn’t know. I’m basically just babbling about nothing.

Eight games to go. If they have to lose without actually tanking, which I hate the thought of, this is the way to do it.

I’m very proud of the boys tonight. They sort of tried, and lost fair and square. But some day, when we least expect it, they will hit the net and the pucks won’t bounce and the passes will find sticks. And when this happens, they’ll go into overtime before losing, thus getting one of those points we don’t want.

I’m sure the players can’t wait for this season to draw to a close. Just be done with it, hope management makes the proper changes, and come back next September with renewed energy and faith. And of course it’s the same for us fans. The fun factor has been ripped out of watching these games. It’s like a wasted two and a half hours. Remember when games at this time of year were crucial and tight and tense and we jumped for joy or swore to high heaven? Not now. It’s a different way of watching, one that doesn’t involved any whooping and hollering.

Next up – Friday, when the Senators visit the Bell Centre. I wonder what will happen. Yawn.

3 thoughts on “Habs Lose Properly”

  1. My dentist encourages me to floss regularly. It’s a good thing and more fun than your last 2.5 hrs……… This IS no fun. My dog doesn’t even like it and he likes pretty much everything……… If you think about it, there really is no such think as TANK. The players do not give a shit about draft picks so they are not going to lose on purpose. Why would they? TANK is just the fans way of saying, you guys really suck and if you suck bad enough we my get a good player in return for this lack of fun you are dishing up………… For a while I was of the mind that this team was not as bad as it appeared and a few good pieces would bring them to respectability. I have adjusted my thinking. This team is 3 lines, 3 good d-men, a GOOD coach of any language preference, and most importantly, a GM away from fun……..

  2. Thank me for this Dennis. We were halfway through this game when I noticed I forgot to turn that light on. Oh well. You can bet I’ll make sure to have it on all next season though.

    This game was a stinker and a half. Did anyone show up?

    I also think Bourque has been infected with Gomez’s disease. The guy is missing the net so much he couldn’t score on a soccer net.

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