Habs Lose Of Course

dead fish

For the second straight night, the Canadiens fall 5-2 to the powerhouse Columbus Blue Jackets.

Send this team to fight ISIS or something. They’re useless here.

Maybe there’s some fine Syrian refugee hockey players who could fill the gap.

This ends the January part of the schedule, by the way. A month when they won three times in 11 games. Good stuff. It’s almost like December, when they won three times in 14 games.

And if things work out in magical fashion, February could give us three wins in 13 games!

How neat would that be! Three wins in each month. Here’s hoping!

They went 1/6 on the power play, and for the most part, it was a mighty fine mess with guys sort of improvising in halfhearted fashion because there doesn’t seem to be any set plays.

It was fun to see them sometimes run into each other, and in general do not much of anything.

This is the power play they promised us would be good this year, one they’ve been practicing since training camp, and one that looks like five drunks screwing around on rented ice.

Once again a turnover by Andrei Markov cost a goal. Andrei likes to do this every game now if possible, it’s become his signature thing, and I for one look forward to it.

To add to the merriment, Max Pacioretty left the ice after a puck hit him in the face after deflecting off his shoulder. And it was announced that Daniel Carr, one of the few guys who’s contributed lately, is gone for three months with a knee injury.

It’s amazing stuff. Sort of funny, really.

Now they get to sit and reflect until after the All-Star break, when they kick things into motion on February 2 in Philly.

Can’t wait.

I just hope the wives are okay.

Wives, if you need to talk, just call me collect at 604-555-1515. We can chat into the wee hours, when your husbands are tossing and turning about the possibility of being sent to Iraq..

Random Notes:

Devante Smith-Pelly narrowed the gap to 2-1 in the second period, converting a nice feed from Torrey Mitchell, and Alex Galchenyuk on the power play narrowed things to 3-2. Then it collapsed.

Again, wives – 604-555-1515.



17 thoughts on “Habs Lose Of Course”

  1. “one that looks like five drunks screwing around on rented ice…”

    Ah Dennis. Bless you and thank you for making me giggle when I didn’t think I had it in me to do about this team anymore.

  2. Good thing that’s our last game for the month, I’ve nearly used up my monthly quota of blaming Therrien and tanking as the solution.

    Instead lets laugh at Ottawa. The initial owners of the Senators thought they could turn far away cheap farm land into a cultural centre by putting in an arena. At the time it was two cities down the highway, now with amalgamation, it’s at the extreme fringe. Two bankruptcies later, Eugene Melnyk, the current owner finally realizes that being downtown is necessary for the team’s success. But he’ll only move the team to a prime undeveloped downtown area if he’s in charge of developing the entire 53 acres. Other developers want to include an arena in their plans, but Melnyk says he’ll refuse to deal with them. He’d rather leave his low budget loser team in the outskirts than sell or use someone else’s rink.

    So what will happen? Will the city and NCC have the balls to tell Melnyk to fuck off and let the local team squander in shit? Or will they force the residents to bend over and let Melnyk fuck them? Crap, I’m in Ottawa and suspect I’ll be needing lube.

  3. I’ve heard before that Melnyk is hurting financially. So what’s going to happen, Christopher? Lebreton Flats is as good as it gets location wise. That would be more like it rather than that long drive west. But are the chances good or slim? I find it very interesting.

  4. At least ottawa has an excuse. much better than our sorry pathetic ‘players.’ Pleks $6 million contract reminds me so much of Gomez (sorry for bringing this up). I think maybe Geoff has no choice but to fire MB if MB won’t fire MT. I think a hammer will drop over next day or so.

  5. Christopher you hit the nail on the head. Ottawa’s supposedly non-cracking smoking mayor and his lapdog council always side with the corrupt developers who have them all on the take. The concerns of the citizens don’t even enter into the picture.

  6. Bergevin’s job is safe for a couple more years. He was hired in 2012 at which time Forbes put the team value at $575M US, in only 3 years it’s more than doubled to $1175M despite the Canadian dollar dropping at least 25%.

    Therrien’s job is safe at least until summer when there will be more replacement candidates available. And it’s probably too late to make the playoffs now. Here’s a scary graph

  7. I only care about visiting the best blog page there is . I wish us all a better season but so far the only all-star is Dennis as usual . Thank you for always keeping it light-hearted and fun for us .

  8. Dennis very humorous post…almost makes one forget the mess this team is in.

    I did a bit of research on last year’s team because I didn’t think it was that good either…yes I do see the problem with that statement on the surface with the 110 points. That does mask over the very poor 25 games down the stretch they had. CP is a very good tender but really if you look up his stats down the stretch last year he sporting an .883 save percentage in his last 23 games. They were barely above .500 during that time. Was CP over rated…no but the team in front of him was. They weren’t as good as their record implied. Their playoff showing was poor also to be honest. What really bothers me is their feeder team Ice Caps have not made the playoffs in 5 years or so but they keep crowing about the great steals they have carved out in drafting. You can’t move forward if you have no place to draw talent from. This organization is shell of itself when compared to its grand days. MB has shown his real skill ( based on his last photo he would fit in better as a spokesman for an unsuccessful drug rehabilitation program ) I think until the organization drops this French only thing they are destined to be what they are….middle of the pack at best. One disadvantage of being old is the hype and BS doesn’t allow you to have much fun like a younger person. I chuckle when I hear that CP returning will put this team back on a track and make it a serious contender. Anyhow I do hope things get a bit better but man you can see it in their faces on the bench. I know have to avoid MB’S post game remarks…does he ever speak intelligently about anything ?

  9. Christopher, search out an elevator company in your area & buy some Jacks Green Slime. We used that on hydraulic elevators when changing paking it is the best lubricant out there! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  10. I think les Canadiens bought a 45 gallon drum & that explains their light speed slide down the standings!

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