Habs Lose. How Low Can They Go?

There’s lot of good games out there. Checkers, cricket, lawn bowling, tiddley winks, pulling out nose hairs.


So why watch hockey?


Because when we watch hockey, we see Sergei Samsonov score and play well,  which he never does. Only tonight. When he plays the Habs. When he ties the score 1-1.


And then his team, the Carolina Hurricanes, win 2-1.


When we watch hockey we see our favourite team take more stupid penalties, make more bad passes, forget how to score, and manage one measly power play goal, something they were good at in past lives.


I think we’re on the verge of several heads rolling. I smell a trade, a shake up.


Maybe they’ll bring Samsonov back.


Hey, has anyone heard the West Indies-Pakistan cricket score?


Game Notes:


Alex Tanguay is on a pace for nearly 40 goals, but it didn’t look like it tonight.

Saku Koivu is on a pace for nearly 30 goals, but it didn’t look like it tonight.

Alex Kovalev is on a pace for nearly 25 goals, but it didn’t look like it tonight.

Georges Laraque is on a pace to score no goals and no assists this year. He didn’t play tonight.

I’m betting Josh Gorges will score before Georges Laraque.





6 thoughts on “Habs Lose. How Low Can They Go?”

  1. Dennis,

    I may not know the score of the west indies vs pakistan cricket game but i noticed you mentioned the sport of pulling out nose hairs and i set the record yesterday with pulling out virtually every nose hair in my left nostril and 3 out of my right nostril. Its amazing what you’ll do when your team loses to the new york islanders.

  2. Sens fans here in Ottawa only wish we had it this bad.Losing 3 out of 4. Can you say 5 in a row?
    But please, feel free to play like crap for one more game and give us Sens fan something to feel good about on Thursday night. Sure feels different sitting in the basement of the Eastern conference. JW.

  3. Sanasono’s goal WAS offside. I yelled at the screen when it was happening, and I told my wife it was offside. But no one seemed to argue about it so that was that. Even the announcers said nothing. But it sure looked offside to me.

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