Habs Lose Game And The Wiz

The gruesome facts are these:

Montreal, sitting 9th in the league with 69 points, lost 4-1 to Edmonton, at team nestled in 30th place with 44 points, and now play two better teams next in Calgary and Vancouver.

The team has now lost 5 of their last 6 games.

The Wiz went down in the first period after taking a puck in the face, leaving Roman Hamrlik and four others who barely shave – PK Subban, Yannick Weber, Alexandre Picard, and Brendan Nash in just his second game.

Sidelined now for Montreal include five defencemen who would look good on any team – Andrei Markov, Josh Gorges, Hal Gill, Jaroslav Spacek, and now the Wiz, although if Wiz only has a 25 stitch gash or missing teeth he could be back for Sunday’s Heritage Classic in Calgary.

Mike Cammalleri is also in street clothes but may be back soon, like Sunday.

Thanks a lot, whatever airline it was that lost Paul Mara’s equipment and didn’t help, by any stretch, the already paper thin defence.

Boston won on this night.

Habs’ skaters were too quiet. Score a few goals and help the boys who are trying to prevent them. A team with Bobby Orr, Doug Harvey, and Nick Lidstrom on defence wouldn’t win if forwards don’t score. 

I’m concerned this could be one of those not-so-great western swings.

How’s that for a feel-good game report?

5 thoughts on “Habs Lose Game And The Wiz”

  1. Pretty ugly Dennis. Kinda worried about being in Vancouver but luckily nucks are hurting and losing too so will be interesting. Benoit has been fighting a lot which is very good for him. He is fighting for a new contract and hopefully will be rewarded. Too bad gomez doesn’t have his spunk or courage but he played half-assed better tonight. Price mediocre late. Maybe this start should have been Auld. Too many injuries.

  2. Pretty ugly, Mayo. I agree that maybe Auld might have played this game. Don’t want him in Calgary and Vancouver so why not this one? The bottom line, like you say, is too many injuries. It’s ridiculous how many injuries. Keeping fingers crossed about Wiz.

  3. I hope they brought up Nash for some potential scoring. His defensive play was terrible. We’ll can’t blame him for the lack of scoring, as you wrote, that’s the forwards’ fault. Given that Gill is out, I think this would have been a perfect time to bring up Alex Henry.

  4. Christopher, I saw a few days ago on Twitter that Robert Rice, who follows closely Habs guys in the minors, said that Alex Henry lacks a lot to play in the bigs. But I sure like his size.

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