Habs Lose Fourth In A Row

Winless in November. Four straight losses and falling.

All because they’ve stopped scoring. The Canadiens have bulged the twine just seven times in four games. Joe Malone once scored seven in one game.

They do this to us every year. Most of the team decides to go for a coffee break at the same time. Cripes, they’re not cops. Can’t they go at different times?

Imagine if three lines were contributing on the scoresheet. Even two. The team wouldn’t be in this pickle. And the pickle means very shortly finding themselves out of a playoff spot.

But at least the kids showed some fire, especially Brendan Gallagher, and thankfully P.K. had some fine moments. But if I were to list guys who have stopped producing, I might run out of internet space. (And Ian Sirota is right, Gallagher was in the box four times, which isn’t good).

Andrie Markov opened the scoring in the first period, set up by P.K. and Plekanec, but just 28 seconds later Bobby Ryan tied it for Ottawa, and all the good work the Canadiens had put in up until that point began to fade away. And in the second frame, Ottawa scored a pair just 36 seconds apart and the way the Habs artillery has dried up, coming back from a 3-1 deficit was way too much to expect.

Especially when Montreal took two terrible penalties late in the game – Rene Bourque, who had a lousy night in general, for holding a stick at 11:30 of the third, and Michael Bournival for wrapping his stick around someone’s throat at 14:50.

An empty netter in the dying seconds made it 4-1 for Ottawa and as they say, Gaston’s your uncle.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal  – Habs 34, Sens 24.

Next up – Sunday, when the Islanders hit the Bell.

13 thoughts on “Habs Lose Fourth In A Row”

  1. Kind of a lethargic effort in my opinion. Coach’s face seems to hint at “What can I do?” Maybe step aside ’cause they ain’t giving you much inspired play!!!

  2. They were good for awhile Peter, then it all sort of fell apart. Ottawa’s goalie played well too.

  3. Respectfully, Dennis, I disagree–I thought that Gallagher had arguably his worst game of the year–four penalties, ALL in the offensive zone, including one which negated a goal. To me, the distressing thing is that this is yet another loss to Ottawa, a team that does everything Montreal does, only better. Better finish around the net, better coverage in the defensive zone, better physicality, and yes, better goaltending, even when the Senators start their backup goalie. If all of those things don’t concern Habs fans, they ought to. Montreal has now played 17 games, and lost nine of them. After a 5-2 start to the season, which included an impressive western conference road trip, that is not good…………

  4. But at least he was crashing the net and going for it. One of the few players to do so. Did you notice the size difference between the 2 teams that CBC showed? Ottawa has something like 5 or 6 guys over 6’5″ and all the way down the line they’re way bigger than Montreal. What a difference.

  5. Thanks for the h/t, Dennis. Yes, I don’t disagree that Gallagher played with energy, but sometimes, he needs to focus it better. Again, that said, it’s still better than the sleepwalking that much of the team did. I think that the last four games have been very revealing as far as the Habs are concerned. It’s also time to put out an “APB” for Lars Eller–12 straight games without a goal, and only one point in his last five games (I think)……..

  6. Yes, Eller’s been one of too many who aren’t helping at the moment. Too many guys on holidays. Just hate that. It seems like every year.

  7. The few seconds of inattention after the first goal burned the Habs. Then they were caught asleep at the switch again later on when the Sens scored two quick ones midway through the second period.

    You simply cannot allow yourself to lose focus for even a second at the NHL level or the other team will take advantage of it. Last night this happened for only a couple of brief moments but that’s all the Sens needed to score three goals – and then an empty netter of course. Also, Lehner was hot and deserved the first star.

    Basically, we got burned because of our lack of discipline (stupid penalties) and focus combined with an ineffective offense while the Sens took advantage of our mistakes and had great goaltending to deliver them the two points.

    Habs need to work harder and remember: NO EXCUSES.

  8. Size is good, but we need to get it better. I’m beginning to think Parros was a mistake. His season high ice-time was barely 5 minutes and he was under 3 minutes this game. I think Eller double shifting, playing an extra 3 minutes a game and losing familiarity with his line-mates is part of the reason he and the team are slumping. Play the rookies and kids with heart, bring out Parros for the goon teams like the Bruins, Flyers and Leafs.

    And WTF? Gaston’s my uncle!? I’m related to that asshole??

  9. Guys, Gaston reads the comments and is keeping track with an evil grin on his face. Please be careful.

  10. Thanks Dennis, I need to be more careful. I used to have most of the continent separating me from Gaston. Now he could get bored after a liquid lunch, hop on a bus or train, make me pay and be back for liquid dinner.

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