Habs Lose Another

triple Crown

The Canadiens fired a season-high 45 shots at Kings’ goaltender Jonathan Quick, and not one of the little rubber bastards found the back of the net.

L.A. blanked the boys 3-0 at the Bell Centre, home of the first period Olé Olé song, which used to be sung near the end of things, when the team had the game under control

Now it’s sung near the start of things, when the guys hadn’t even scored a goal yet.

Why can’t a new song be found. What about Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over’? Or Nancy Sinatra’s (and Cher’s) ‘Bang Bang (you shot me down)’, with the lyrics changed to “we shot you down”.

Anything, actually. Anything but the tired old Olé.

Forty-five shots usually means a red light or two, but the Canadiens, now losers of seven of the last nine games, just couldn’t solve a tremendously quick Quick, although, without taking anything away from this fine Kings’ netminder, the Habs haven’t solved many goalies lately.

Eleven goals scored in seven games. Even the Canadian Armed Forces has more firepower.

Random Notes:

Maybe Steven Stamkos or Ryan Johansen will come riding in on a big white horse.

The boys now embark on a big honkin’ eight-game road trip that spans almost three weeks, although interrupted for Christmas in the middle of it.

This seriously difficult stretch against some mighty fine teams begins in Dallas on Saturday and Nashville Monday. I just don’t have the heart to list them all.

Aside from Thursday 45 shots, other big shot nights included 42 against Ottawa last Saturday, along with 40 against Colorado in November and 41 when Detroit visited back in October.

Also in October, Toronto peppered 52 at Carey Price, but the Habs beat the Buds 5-3 anyway.



9 thoughts on “Habs Lose Another”

  1. Jonathan Quick was the key factor in the Kings win.
    Yet another team gives the Priceless Habs a taste of their own medicine.
    December is shaping up to be a brutal month.

  2. It’s a bit more than Quick I worry. This team has had trouble scoring for several seasons now. They can look really good on a given night but really it’s been a long time since our once glorious Habs scored with any numbers consistency. Hopefully MB can manage to get that elusive elite forward they so badly need. First line center I believe most think we need. Recently in my opinion they are shooting from the perimeter mainly and almost no body contact. Players like Wiese for example have stopped checking opposition players.

  3. Hi Cliff. As it stands now, Montreal is third in goals scored, behind Dallas and Boston. Not bad out of 30 teams. And they’ve done it with injuries. Yes, in their last bunch of games it’s dried up, but it does for most teams over a period of time. A season for every team will see highs and lows and Montreal is no different. It’s only December, not a time to wave the towel.

  4. Just came across your site. What a great collection of stories about the greatest sports franchise of all time! Off to Minneapolis ( from my home just outside Milwaukee) on Tuesday to watch our Habs play the Wild!

  5. Thanks Pat. Terrific that you found my site. Yes indeed, the greatest sports franchise of all time. Hope you continue to read, and have a great Christmas.

  6. Glad Pat found your site. As we were talking earlier, don’t start another blog about the meaning of life. You will for sure have less readers and comments. This is the best blog of all. Welcome aboard Pat and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  7. Dennis…I can barely contain my enthusiasm for your blog! Should I post one long post about my life with the Habs and what they have meant and continue to mean? Or should I just feed you and the others with small and manageable tidbits? I will start with this..,I came upon your blog while searching for the Montreal Canadiens hockey school that I attended as a 9 and 10 year old in the early 70’s at McDonald College. I am on a hunt to find copies of the pictures that they took of all kids and players at the end of our sessions. They were taken in landscape mode and measured about 2 or 3 feet when completely opened!

  8. Thanks Pat. Anything you offer up here, big or small, is greatly appreciated. I hope you find your McDonald College pictures, and I’ll keep an eye out too. Thanks again for your nice words. From time to time I feel like packing it in, but then I get a comment like yours and it perks me up. I’ve been doing this blog for more than eight years, with 4250 posts, so I guess it’s natural to get a bit tired sometimes. But I carry on, although I don’t post every day like I used to.

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