Habs Lose Again

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All it took was for P.K. Subban to swoop across the ice inside the Colorado Avalanche blueline and turn over the puck, and the Montreal Canadiens lose again.

Another loss, this time 3-2. Maybe that’s all that needs to be mentioned.

It doesn’t matter anymore if they play well or not, if they look sharp and remind us a little of the glory days back in October and November.

They still lost, which they do on most nights in this most pathetic of seasons, and if I heard correctly earlier today, they now have to win 17 of their final 24 games.

A season to forget and I’m already working on it. If you’re interested, the Chicago Cubs are the betting favourite to win the 2016 World Series. This means a lot considering they haven’t won it all in 107 years.

If the Canadiens were to go 107 years between Stanley Cups, it would be 84 more years, in the year 2100. So we’ll probably miss it if it happens.

The boys played a decent game, though. They were more alive than they’ve been lately. Much better than in Phoenix on Monday, although that’s not saying a whole lot, I suppose. They skated well, they had their chances, they held the lead twice, and they lost.

They lost after P.K. decided to swoop when less swooping was called for, when he should’ve just got it in deep, and down the ice the enemy came, ready to stuff yet another dagger in the hearts of Habs fans.

Future HOFer Jarome Iginla, after tying the game late in the second, netted the winner with just 2:03 left in the third.

And soon after, with Ben Scrivens pulled and the Canadiens looking for the equalizer, P.K. sat on the bench.

He sat on the bench. What good was that? A key offensive threat paying for his sins while a goal was needed?

Penalize him by making him buy the beer at the golf course in a couple of months. Not when the team is desperate for a goal and he’s one of the guys who might help get it done.

Basically, Michel Therrien would rather punish PK than win the game.

Random Notes:

Andrei Markov and Lars Eller were the two Montreal marksmen.

One of Montreal’s standouts was Lucas Lessio, back from injury and in just his second game with the CH. The Ontario-born fellow was flying, and was involved in several fine chances around the Avs net.

Canadiens outshot the Avs 34-28 and were 0/3 on the power play.

Next up – Friday in Montreal, when the Philadelphia Flyers pay a visit.



25 thoughts on “Habs Lose Again”

  1. This is sadly so painful that even your most ardent favorite bluesman cannot even summon lyrics to such a pathetic song as to explain the hole we are stuck in. I can only defer to sevaral watts of music and copious amounts of whatever alcohol I require to drown our sorrows in to help ease the embarassement and pain that we all feel . May our future hold happier harmonies . Go Habs Go !

  2. Max Pacioretty was in nowhere land on the 3 on 3 that resulted after P.K. lost his edge and gave up the puck. Max didn’t cover his man Iginla and maybe he did it on purpose to make P.K. look bad because he knew he would get the blame. Therrien made matters worse by not only benching P.K. for the dying minutes but then he went on to throw him under the bus during the post-game press conference.

  3. Might not be my place, but as an outsider and everyday reader Danno is thinking exactly the same as me. P.K or Max will probably be gone next year as there seems to be tension between them and M.T. is no help. This is a terrible season for all Canadian teams.

  4. Poser Klutz Subban has got to go…not worth his weight in Zamboni blowby…hope he gets traded to the Maple Leafs.
    I’d love to see him in the white and blue…they deserve each other!…enuff said!

  5. Carey price will win the hart trophy without playing another game. Max will go down as the shittiest captain ever. Gutless. Heartless. Didn’t even speak to the press. Gally was all bloodied up. Now there is passion. Trade max and DOUBLE D. Wow, worse season ever. So negative everywhere. And the funny thing is, do we gave more points than all the other canadian teams? Imagine their reception when they get home?

  6. Well DK the Beat Goes On! Have to disagree Ed, Max to me is not captain material. I’m tired of his staring at his feet & mumble something like we’ve got to show up BS. They need to unload this uninspired so called captain plus MT & his assistants! In my mind even though he’s young but by give it your all night in & out Gally’s my choice, he inspires by his leadership unlike Patches. I know PK makes some bone head mistakes but his great plays far out number those & he is the leading points man on this so called team, at least he & Gally seem to care & have passion, a rare comodity on this team. ๐Ÿ™

  7. Just one more thing, I like you DK am starting to second guess MB & some of his moves. one example he brought in Ramsey to improve the PP we’ve all seen how well that’s gone!

  8. I see the forums are polarized on whether Max is a dumb ass who is so lazy and hell bent on destroying PK or PK is a disaster and give away machine with a destructive or at least polarizing personality…sometimes he is that and so is Max as described but the two of them are the most productive players on a team that is challenged for production and have been for several years now.. So I agree with both in a guarded way however the shocking thing is I didn’t see CP as the piece that made this pile crumble. I still have issues with that. You see CP was with the team last year and in the final 23 games he had a save percentage of .883….now you can check that out and you will find it is correct. Many on here then were hailing MB/MT tandem as geniuses….what has changed ? The team wasn’t and hasn’t been that good for awhile counting that stretch last year. Yes they did have a great start and I was impressed by that for a bit but if posts are saved on this site you will also see I predicted the team was going to fail in the end. You see it is easy…when a team doesn’t engage as in checking they aren’t going to go far in the NHL. They just don’t hit anyone. Yes I know there is an occasional check by Emelin…and Eller, Gallagher do their fair bit but honestly the team has been either coached to be a soft bunch or they have morphed into it. Either way it is a management problem to fix. Now taking that a step further how in hell is management so unfocused as to not see the issues after all they are a seasoned bunch with years of experience. They are turning away from checks….this has to be a concept imposed by the team management…..as in don’t go out of your way to hit just play the puck or something similar that means the same. What a mess of a team they are now. Confidence is low….which makes them worry too much about errors that in itself creates the perfect mindset to make those errors. Sorry for the long post….my fingers are now tired.

  9. That is interesting that Max and PK are leading point getters. Shame on both for not making this work. And now Empty throwing fuel on the fire. He will not win against PK. This reminds me of Tremblay and Roy in 1995. Habs lost that fued. They fired St Patrick and kept the wrong piece. Took many years to recover. Maybe we still havent. All in all the coash and MB are the problem. I, too, was a MB supporter. Now he just mlooks like a mountain man. Maybe he has mental issues?

  10. In my humble opinion, there is NOT a team in the NHL who would not want PK on their team. He may mess up from time to time, but he more than compensates for it. Anyone who wants to check stats can see that he is on the ice for more than half of goals scored this year. As for Max, maybe just too timid for the C job. I read today that the final straw for coach Maclean in Ottawa was a run-in with Karlsson. Coaches are a dime a dozen; superstars are here to stay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yes PK is on the ice for slightly over 52 % of all the goals for and I am not sure how many against but he is a plus player and I think the second highest plus on the team behind Gallagher. Checked he is a + 6 and BG is a + 9. He also plays 28 minutes a game so not sure how that impacts goals per game and he also plays most of the 2 minutes of a power play but you can’t hold that against him for sure. He is on the ice because he is a threat and the best threat on the team to score or set up a scoring chance. Also I agree if it comes to a showdown PK will probably be with the team after MT is gone….can’t imagine anything different but then I can’t imagine MT is still with the team. I never liked him being picked as a coach. Max will be okay I think/hope. There are some issues going on right now because of the stress of the losing streak likely but things will get better. My real concern is MB…look this team of upper management should have known the fragile state of this team and acted. They should have also known the weaknesses once Price is removed from the formula. He, MB, seems to have changed course on toughness and character mid stream. I find it confusing he would do that. The team is being pushed around and there is no one to push back. Don’t forget in all of this the media is playing with everyone’s minds also with their slightly dishonest reporting. Give an example Max is reported to have been available to the media last night and he was told he wasn’t needed to answer reporters questions….they wanted to get to PK because of the juicy stuff. He got dressed and later when the reporters asked for him then he was not available. Things aren’t what they seem in this world anymore. Everything is distorted to sell something called news. Every word is dissected and opinions are put forward. However one thing we know now is our once Glorious Habs will not make the playoffs….and that is sad given the hope we had at the beginning of the season…well 22 games in anyhow. I am not a huge fan of PK Subban but not because of his talent….I personally think there is problems when one player garners so much attention. People are human and they have the same traits as all of us…..jealousy, envy, anger all of these and more. Sometimes a massive ego can wear on people around them…I have been there…just sayin

  12. My worry is if Pacioretty has a problem with Subban.

    I won’t pretend to know what Pacioretty is like in the dressing room, but with the media he appears to be the typical quiet, reserved, do your job well type hockey player. Meanwhile other than possibly Crosby, Subban is the biggest celebrity from hockey. He loves the media attention and knows how to use it, he makes headlines just arriving for practice.

    When it came to contracts, Pacioretty signed a bridge contract and a 5 year contract which included UFA years to what everyone agrees is one of the most team friendly deals. Subban held out for his true value for both of his contracts knowing someone would pay his asking price.

    Therrien likes the safe boring plays and hopes to win games by 1-0 scores. Subban likes to drive the play taking the occasional risk in order to score. What if Pacioretty is on Therrien’s side? We know what happens if a star and coach clash. What happens if two stars clash?

  13. Dennis as you know for 4 years since he was rehired I have been against MT and now hopefully the time has come for him to go. I could go on and on but……………………………………………………………..
    Cheers to when he is done.

  14. Christopher, I hear more and more that Max and PK have a few issues. It’s too bad, but I can understand how PK might not be for everyone. Speaking of Max, what happened? It seems he’s folded the tent.

  15. Well put, Cliff. I just wish they weren’t so secretive. A few more details about Price would’ve been nice. They never explained why they sent down Carr and Andrighetto a while back,been they were hurting for scoring. We’ve never heard an explanation why DD gets so many minutes while he was in a tremendous dry spell. Why they wouldn’t use Tinordi more. Why Therruen didn’t throw Max under the bus too. Etc. What a friggin circus, and it’s every year, one thing or another. Can we just have a year where things seem sort of normal?

  16. Any team would love to have PK for sure, Mona. If I could say just one thing, he does tend to fall down more than most. But he’s a great player, even if he rubs a few teammates the wrong way, and even if he does fall down more than normal.

  17. Hi Mayo. Maybe MB isn’t the genius many of us, including me, thought. Now the rumours are flying that they’re gauging interest in PK. The circus never leaves.

  18. Danno, that’s something I’m going to mention tonight. My failure to talk about Max’s role in the goal. I missed the boat because I was so focused on PK turning the puck over.

  19. That’s a lot of acid Dennis.

    Seriously I have never been a big fan of PK on the team. I felt he would create problems. I don’t really mean he would personally create problems but bring problems to the team if that makes sense. I have experienced a big ego / attention seeker on a team I played for and it did make for loads of issues. Not disputing his skill because you can’t. I also know there is no way one can figure out what is going on with the team inside the room but I have maintained for a long time now that there are issues in there. I still think Max was the right choice for captain because he was voted in by the players and for me that was the point I started thinking there would be issues. We tend to think of these pro athletes as super individuals but in my life I have met some very important people many meetings and after hour functions with high ranking political figures also had the opportunity to work on legal projects with lawyers of stature and have been blown over with their insecurities in some cases. Now I always feel that no matter who you are these emotions and traits exist in any group in a relative way. We all are jealous, envious, greedy and have anger and security issues in a relative way. So I think someone like PK would be a polarizing figure and some would align with him and some wouldn’t. I am not sure if this can be fixed for our once glorious Habs but a change of coaching staff would be a good start. It is scary to think MB wasn’t on top of the team’s woes. I wonder about his skill as a manager and his alleged high ranking support group if they didn’t understand how this thing unraveled. What happened to MB’s tough to play against statements…this team is far from that.

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