Habs Lose A Tough One But It’s Not Over Yet

So close, but yet so far.

Habs fall in the double overtime 2-1 to the Bruins, but it wasn’t without giving it the old college try. Because after a tentative first half of the game, Montreal was every bit as good or better than the home team and easily could have won the game three or four times in overtime.

But they didn’t, gawddammit.

The Canadiens played like a very nervous team for a period and a half. Pucks weren’t finding sticks, players were forced to ice the puck on several occasions after finding themselves in trouble in their end, and they just couldn’t seem to find flow throughout.

Only Mike Cammalleri showed flair, and although he flew around with the greatest of ease, he couldn’t finish any of those sure-fire highlight reel moves.

The score remained tied at zero through two periods, and little by little Montreal began to crawl out of their doldrums. Maybe it was when the rat-like Brad Marchand screwed around in Carey Price’s crease which Tomas Plekanec took exception with, that brought the boys to life. Brad Marchand is the human equivalent to sniffing salt. Or having cymbals crashed near your head. Or fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

This guy reminds me of a rat more than the king of rats, Ken Linesman. And unfair as life is sometimes, the rat scored to put the Bruins on the board in the third period. My teeth still grind at the thought.

But also in this third frame, Mathieu Darche hit the post, David Desharnais skated like Henri Richard, and finally, with 6:04 left, Jeff Halpern tied it and gave fresh hope. Montreal was skating, and into overtime it went.

How nice would it be to win this. Desharnais was skating miles now. Cammalleri was absolutely robbed. Gionta too. Oh so close. Sometimes I envy those who don’t follow hockey. Life must be so relaxing.

Then, like a Mike Tyson punch in the kisser, the game was over. Just like that. The wrong team had found a way. I hate when that happens.

But now we’ve got them right where we want them. Win in front of the Habs faithful at home, then take the new-found momentum back to Boston to break the hearts of the Bruins faithful.

It’s going to be perfect!

Random Notes:

Brian Gionta played a solid game and continues to show leadership on the ice.

Don Cherry picked Scott Gomez to score for the Habs in overtime and there’s definitely a joke in there somewhere but I’m way too tired to come with one right now.

Wiz was injured and left but returned, and hopefully it’s nothing to be concerned about.

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I have to get to bed. Goodnight.

6 thoughts on “Habs Lose A Tough One But It’s Not Over Yet”

  1. don hates habs fans and need i mention the habs. after reading this blog and realizing that habs fans in the know are less than pleased with senior gomez, he picks gomez not once but twice to score the overtime winner. an obvious shot. like a snotty nose brat sticking his tongue out at his superiors he feels it necessary to repeat his single digit IQ joke again just in case smart people didn’t get it the first time…………… if you have any balls scotty score the overtime winner. a cherry who gloats over picking the winning goal scorer is slightly easier to take than the ha ha ha comedian don.

  2. Danno, if not for Thomas this game was in the bag.I’m proud of the team. They worked their way out of comatose and played hard and had huge chances to end it. We can beat the Bruins without question. C’mon Tuesday. And winning Tuesday means winning Wednesday.

  3. Hobo, his Gomez pick was silly. Everyone knows Gomez won’t score again until January of 2012. Maybe March. Maybe 2013.

  4. Dennis, that was a game that kept me on the edge of my seat. What a game. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the tension of a close game is half-dead. Go Habs Go!

  5. What a game is right, Diane. What a heartbreaker for Habs fans. I don’t know if can take the suspense on Tuesday.

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