Habs Look Reasonably Good In Beating The Senators. And Hab Girl Makes Hab Boy Feel Better

A nice little Alex Tanguay move in the shootout Thursday night in Ottawa gave the Canadiens an important 3-2 win.


And it was mostly important because the team looked slightly better than they have lately. There was flow, skating, passing, shots, all the things that hockey is supposed to be, and all the things the Habs haven’t done much of lately.


Granted, the Senators played well and could have won this game. But they didn’t. One word of caution to fans going home after game. Be careful of the sidewalks. They’re usually rolled up after six o’clock in Ottawa. Don’t trip.


I saw lots of good things from the Canadiens. Not great things, but good things. It seemed everyone was ready to play. There were few whistles, few penalties, and good goaltending at either end. I even saw confidence with the puck, which has been missing lately too.


These are good signs. Is tonight’s game a turning point?


If I was a paying customer, I’d feel I got my money’s worth on this night. Which I can’t say the same for most of the previous Habs games.


Now it’s home to prepare for the Boston Bruins on Patrick Roy Night. More than any game so far, this is the one where I want to see the Canadiens simply kill. They were embarrassed 6-1 by Boston last week, something that both players and fans haven’t forgotten, I’m sure. It’ll be a beautiful thing to behold if the Habs return the favour in a big way on Roy night. 


Game Note:


A couple sitting behind the bench wore Canadiens sweaters, and the guy looked really nervous and upset because at the time, the boys were losing 2-1. The lovely young lady touched him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear to obviously make him feel better. That’s love. That’s hockey. Two young Habs fans in love.

5 thoughts on “Habs Look Reasonably Good In Beating The Senators. And Hab Girl Makes Hab Boy Feel Better”

  1. I’ll be talking my wife out that night for a romantic dinner as I have stated before.
    I will not be watching the Roy Retirement as I firmly believe his retirement party is too soon and other players deserve the honour before him.

    But I plan to watch the RDS Canadiens Express game after I come back from dinner.

  2. Im not a habs fan at all but i dont know how you can say theres other players that deserve the honor more? Who are you talking about? Claude Lemieux? John Leclair? Pierre Turgeon? i think you get my point. Roy won 2 cups with them and put up unbelievable stats in his time there. Ya he walked out on the team, but he was shown a lack of respect by a simple minded fool of a coach. Patrick played the game with his heart on his sleeve and to say he doesnt deserve the honor is just a stubborn comment. There is NOBODY who deserves this honor more. Now for the important news, when are the canucks gunna get a little love on this site? give credit where credits due. GO CANUCKS GO!!

  3. I honestly thought the Canadiens played one semi-good period, which was the first.

    I do believe that after the first period they only got somewhere around 5 shots on goal. It was flat out ugly.

    The Ottawa Senators deserved the win more than we did. Although I’m glad that Carey Price saved his team in the shootout and we came out ontop.

    I am absolutely terrified of Saturday night, because those Bruins are going to tear us apart… again.

    Unless the team, of course, actually plays 60 minutes of hockey.

  4. What I really liked about the Sens game was at the end when the team piled up for hugs. It’s been a while since I saw the boys do that.

    Only thing I’m hoping for on Saturday is a) old-fashioned line brawl to properly honour Roy vs the Bruins (shouldn’t be too hard to do considering it’s the Bruins) and b) BGL checks Lucic ever time he seems him. (DO IT!). I don’t know if I can stand a month without Komisaurus…

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