Habs Live To See Another Day!

The original title was going to be “Habs Crush Washington in Game 5” which was the title of the piece I was writing in my new movie/YouTube Masterpiece, but this 2-1 Montreal win was anything but crushing. It was a big squeaker, but it was a win – a gigantic, beautiful, heart-stopping victory that sends the thing back to Montreal for a game six, and as we all know, anything can happen when you grab a little momentum.

I wouldn’t even mind seeing some food poisoning from the Caps’ restaurant. Or more on the drug probe involving Washington players that sends the players into a tizzy. And maybe the little flag boy’s dad will kick the shit out of Alex Ovechkin.  

The boys are back in it, they know they can do it, and Washington must be feeling just a little tight right now. “What if we lose on Monday?” the Caps are thinking. “Shit,” they add in unison.

Montreal jumped out to a 2-0 lead with goals from Mike Cammalleri and Travis Moen, but we’ve seen them grab big leads before so it was never time to feel warm all over. Andrei Markov hit the post soon after the second goal and all throughout the night I kept thinking how nice it would have been if it was 3-0.

But it wasn’t. It became 2-1, the Capitals outshot the Canadiens 38-28, and had chances galore to even it up. But two key things happened to prevent Washington from scoring again – Halak was sensational, and Roman Hamrlik and Marc-Andre Bergeron sat on the bench for most of the third.

Sitting these two was one of the most ingenious moves coach Jacques Martin has thought up in awhile.

Random Notes:

Travis Moen had a nice, hard-working game, as did Maxim Lapierre, and Andrei Kostitsyn chipped in a little more than usual. And Hal Gill has been a beauty throughout and I apologize for every joke myself and several thousand other Habs fans have made about the big guy. I’m only now beginning to appreciate the importance of this sort-of-gentle giant.

My wife, who is Russian, doesn’t like Alex Ovechkin at all and prefers Sidney Crosby instead as the league’s best player. So when I told her about Ovechkin spraying the little flag kid in Montreal she just shook her head in disgust. She feels he’s a bit classless, unlike Crosby. I also think Crosby has more dimensions to his game and has better teeth.

And as a side note, a couple of years ago I wrote the Montreal Canadiens and asked them if I could be a flag kid too but they wrote back and told me it’s only minor hockey kids in Montreal who get this chance. First it’s Sam Pollock destroying my dream of being stick boy, and now it’s the organization doing it again with the flag boy thing.

Heck, I even offered to buy my own equipment.

25 thoughts on “Habs Live To See Another Day!”

  1. Ovechkin sprayed the little kid who carry’s the flag? why would he do that. Those kids are awesome. Always a lump in my throat when Spacek comes out last and fist pounds both of them. Also liked when Koivu come out last year and gave them special attention. Maybe Spacek will be back for game 6? I will bet Varlamov’s nerves will be pretty tense Monday night. Habs may have figured out Caps weaknesses. And to win two games in Washington is pretty evident Habs can compete.

  2. Dennis, keep that “crush” post for Monday, it will come in handy then.

    Watching a ESPN or Versus feed online, the commentator said something like this at the start of the third period. “Is that the way Montreal is going to play the 3rd period? Sitting back and defending the lead? If so they are going to lose. Montreal needs to play aggressively.” Seems everyone knows but Martin.

    Thankfully they were wrong but I was really worried for long stretches at a time. Hell I probably got more of a work-out watching than Hamrlik, Bergeron, Sergei Kostitsyn, Pouliot and Metropolit. When Martin shortens his bench, it gets really short. We’ll need that extra day to recover.

    Is that what happened to Spacek? Official reports say illness. His sniffles should be clear by Monday unless there’s something more.

  3. I had that great photo of Spacek included but I decided to delete it considering he didn’t even play. I just thought it was a classic upside-down photo.

  4. Sorry Dennis, I liked the photo, I’m just looking for a better reason as to why he’s not playing. We made it through today, but we really need him back asap.

  5. I liked the way they played tonoight, they were creative and energetic. Something that would’ve done us good in the Regular Season

  6. Oh no, Christopher. That’s okay. My timing for the photo was just off and I just thought better of it later. Nothing to do with you at all. Spacek apparently has some sort of virus that doesn’t want to go away.

  7. Phil, yes, they played well tonight. The one thing that makes me nervous is when the Caps are allowed to pound away at the puck in the crease. The puck has gone in often in previous games because of this and although they didn’t score this way tonight, they came close. They need to be moved out better. And Phil, are you coming back to Montreal this summer?

  8. I should be coming back, but it really depends on my grades. My sister’s flying me in ’cause I’m broke. If i do well, the ticket will be booked

  9. Attention all millionaires and billionaires. Phil in China needs money. He’ll pay you back later. Help a good Habs fan.

  10. Whew, well we held a lead, encouraging, yet scary counting down the minutes in the 3rd. Hopefully Spacek can go next game, I’m still hoping they call Subban up, is there anyboy that thinks he couldn’t be doing a better job than Hammer or MAB, plus it would give him a taste of NHL
    play-off action. Kudos to Martin for shortening the D in the 3rd.

  11. d – If they could just use Bergeron on the power play only, I’d feel better. And one would think that Subban would help but there must be reasons why he’s not there. I just don’t know any. And Hamrlik’s main problem, in my book, is he’s too slow. I know he has lots of experience and all that, but he’s just too darn slow. His career is winding down. Right now, Gill is impressing.

  12. Hey Dennis,Great game, I was happy wih the way the boys played, Halak did verry well as did most of the defense.I’m happy with vthis. Nice quote Dennis, I’m off to Victoria tommorow and then Vancouver Monday, will watch he game there.

  13. Dennis, the Bulldogs are playing the Manitoba Moose in the first round of the Calder Cup (AHL) playoffs. Their next game is Sunday in Hamilton. The Bulldogs lead the series 3-2.

    PK Subban is key to Hamilton’s success in this series and is the kind of player who loves to play under pressure as reported in this article from the Hamilton Spectator:


    PK played a few games with the Canadiens this season and was spectacular. He is exciting to watch and has razzle-dazzle and spinarama moves that undress the oposing players.

    But I guess the Bulldogs need him for the playoffs. I just wish we could borrow him for the next couple of games…

    Hamilton Bulldog’s website:


  14. i see jm shortened his bench last night. about time, duh. he must be reading this blog……………. for more coaching lessons jm, keep checking in. good move with halak tho.

  15. Hey Dennis, Sorry buddy I forgot to thank you as well,I did recieve the info .I ave looked at the on line catolaugue but havent pcked out anything yet,I’ll wait till I get back to Mackenzie next week.

  16. I liked JM’s coaching yesterday, shortened bench. Hamerlik is slow and up there. Hopefully O’byrne will develop and more than compensate. I don’t understand why MAB plays so much, he’s basically ineffective on the powerplay. Subban would be a good replacement but they likely don’t want to ruffle other Hamilton D by calling him up at such an important time. MAB needs to shoot more. He’s more a liability and he cant keep the puck in the zone. I seen about three pucks get past him. AK47 is slowing and he needs a little wake up call. And we need more goals. everything else is adequate but we need a bunch of goals, i think that comes with confidence. They will breakout hopefully next time. We can’t win many more 2-1 games. What an awesome weekend, thanks Jaro et al.

  17. Derry, no thank you necessary. I’m just glad you got it. I was worried because you move around so much.

  18. Dennis, you should be flag man because you would flatten Ovechkin after he sprayed you or your other flag bearer.

    Would serve him right.

  19. Oh Diane, I would’ve given him a bigger gap in his teeth. And the thing is, he didn’t even acknowledge the kid. If he would’ve patted him on the head and smiled, then it would’ve been playful. But he just carried on. I think he’s a bit of a non-Crosby, if that makes sense.

  20. Dennis, you are right about Ovie being a non-Crosby. Crosby is skill, team and humble. Ovie is a showboating jack arse!

    I’m glad I listened to you and never got involved with the scoundrel.

    So when I met Sidney at the bar, I’ll chat with him 🙂

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