Habs Let It Slip Away

Somehow, a team leading 3-1, playing well, looking sharp on the power play, and having a fine night in general, ends up losing 4-3.

Such is life in the world of the Montreal Canadiens. Unpredictable. And a very disappointing end to things in Tampa Bay.

The Canadiens had it well in hand. Mike Cammalleri and David Desharnais were swarming the net, and both scored. Cammalleri continued his new and improved ways which had begun in Ottawa a few days ago, and Desharnais skated miles and was like a fly you can’t squish. The Habs had fallen behind 1-0 early in the tilt, but these two put their team in the lead, and then Erik Cole, with his 15th, widened the gap to 3-1.

It was only normal to assume that with the guys skating with new zest, with Cammy picking it up a notch, and with a 3-1 lead, it would become a nice two-game win streak. But slowly but surely, the walls came crumbling down. It all just kind of slipped away.

A puck trickled in past Price. A long shot tipped by a stick fooled Price. And a puck found its way to Vinny Lecavalier.

It’s a loss that stings, a loss that should’ve been a win, and two points that were there and then they weren’t.

Random Notes:

I still see signs of a team with new life, even in this painful loss. And I see P.K. Subban finding his youth again.

Alexei Emelin had six hits, and at least three of them looked like the kind the other guy feels the next morning.

Carey Price didn’t have one of his sharper games, and a couple of Tampa goals seemed to just squirt through him.

I think it was still 3-2 when the Max Pacioretty failed to bury one at point blank range. It would’ve been the difference.

Saturday in Sunrise to meet the Panthers. It’ll be interesting to see how the Canadiens respond after this bummer.




11 thoughts on “Habs Let It Slip Away”

  1. That second goal by Tampa was the one that changed it all around. It shouldn’t have counted since the NHL forgot it’s own rule last night (intent to blow whistle cancels out a goal) but such is life in the NHL where nothing is consistent.

    The game overall was pretty fun though. I loved how they opened up more and seemed to play with a lot of energy so that was great to see but they have a long ways to go yet. Damphousse said they won’t make the playoffs and I think that’s probably accurate. We have let leads go so many times this season.

    One thing that worries me is that Price hasn’t really stolen any games this year. I don’t blame him for all this trouble (the second goal last night was a bad) but so far this season he hasn’t done that. I won’t give up on him, but I think he and the team as a whole just aren’t there. I also think Price is playing pissed off and it may be taking him out of the game.

    On a different note, watching the Canadians at the WJ is pretty fun to watch.

  2. Darth A.–You are very right about Price not stealing enough games by himself…I do believe he is the best goalie in the world and Montreal’s true superstar. With Montreal’s lack of a gamebreaker upfront he has to stone the other team on some nights….

  3. Darth, I think Price has been splendid on many a night, including in Ottawa a few days ago. I truly believe they’ve lookked much better in these last two games, but only won one. But I’ve told myself I’m going to try and remain optimistic and hope that what I think is starting to happen is really happening. Last night hurt a lot. It could’ve been a beauty.

  4. Darth is right about the Habs not getting a break from the war room in Toronto – not only once, but twice – but what else is new?

    We came within a whisker of tying it up in the dying seconds of the third period but it was too little too late.

    This is what happens when Price does not have an amazing game combined with a few questionable calls. Tampa’s Mathieu Garon was great in nets and he is the main reason the Lightning won last night.

    There are positive signs emerging but the Habs are running out of time.

    If they can play the rest of the season like they did the past two games they might make it to post-season play.

    They are six points out of a playoff spot. But they’re way down in 13th place and it’s a mighty steep mountain to climb now and most teams ahead of them have a game or two in hand…

    Damphouse may be right about the Habs season being all but over. Or maybe not. But they’re going to need to go on a big winning streak soon if they hope to stand a chance.

    All I know is last night’s loss really hurt.

  5. Danno, I hate when guys like Damphousse come out with stuff like that. We haven’t even hit the dog days yet. So much can happen. Other teams can slump, injuries can happen. The main thing for me is I see our team playing with new life and I’m fully confident they’ll be there in the end. I just see a different team now with Martin gone and I’m optimistic.

  6. leaf fan stuck in ottawa, as christopher has recently and cleverly christened you, you are right about darth being right. the hole is deep enough that price can not have a less than spectacular game……. hate to lose the 2 points or 4 depending on how u look at it, but i have to say, i like the look of the team right now……….. damphousse’s shitty comments are not good for a guy who is mentioned as a candidate for a front office job.

  7. The more I think about it the more I believe Damphousse’s comments were designed to make people think the situation is hopeless and to prop himself up as some kind of knight in shining armour who will come to the Habs rescue.

    All in all, I prefer to stay positive even though it isn’t easy after a tough loss like last night’s. And like Dennis and hobo are saying, the team is playing much better. All they really need to do is to start believing in themselves and stop listening to guys like Damphousse and anything can happen.

  8. danno
    i thought about the knight in shinning armour senerio too….. as long as the team plays the way it is now, a positive attitude is the ticket……. so come on vinny, get with the program, it will be good practice for you.

  9. Here’s some numbers to consider:

    The way things are shaping up with the tight race in the Eastern Conference the Habs might only need 88 points to get into the playoffs (like in 2009-10). This means they would need 53 points out of the remaining 44 games which equals to playing .602 hockey.

    Contrary to what the Vincent Damphousses of the world would have us believe, the task at hand is not impossible.

    There’s still plenty of hockey left to be played and many of those games are against teams that are ahead of us.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a rematch between the Habs and Bruins in the first round this year?

    Stay tuned…

  10. What would kill me is if we somehow came back, made the playoffs, beat the Bruins in the first round, and win the Cup. Wouldn’t that make this a hell of a year to remember? They’d have to write a book about it.

    Price is still great, don’t get me wrong but he does need to steal some games for us just like we should hustle our behinds to win a game or two for him when he has an off night.

    I really do like what I am seeing though. They don’t seem to be dead as much and they look like they’ve finally got some energy and spirit. That’s a great sign.

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