Habs Kind And Wonderful Hosts To Visiting Oilers

Normally one would think that a 3-1 lead going into the third period against a young cellar-dwelling team should be just fine.

Normally. But nobody said the Montreal Canadiens were normal.

It began so well, too. Scott Gomez scored one of his rare goals, which actually went in off an Edmonton skate, but a goal is a goal. Especially when it comes from Gomez, who maybe should consider playing senior hockey soon for the Truro Bearcats or Powell River Regals instead of the league that houses the world’s best players.

Maybe he could go back to Alaska and take dancing lessons from Bristol Palin.

But his goal was a power play play goal, as was Darche’s in the second period, and I sat with a smug and silly smile on my face as Roman Hamrlik made it 3-1 in the second period. At this point I started thinking about the boys racking up the score. C’mon Gomez, get a couple more. Eller – your turn etc. etc.

Then, to make a short story even shorter, the Oilers scored two in the third to tie it, and after Mike Cammalleri screwed around with the puck and lost it after a poor Subban pass, Edmonton skated away with a 4-1 overtime win.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to take up cricket. Or do some serious beer drinking.

“Luciena, have you seen any ‘Kane’s Really F&*&^%$ Strong Beer’ around here?”

Montreal should have put the hammer down when it was 3-1, but instead gave it away with kindness and generosity.

And really, I don’t feel like going on a rant about some of our underachievers, but Gomez continues to be entirely ineffective and whatever happened to the Mike Cammalleri who was so good in last year’s playoffs? This isn’t the same guy out there. Does Cammalleri have a twin brother who’s a lousy hockey player who is filling in while the real Cammy nurses a sore groin or something? The guy, even though he has some points, is almost as bad as Gomez right now.

This was quite a pitiful display when it could have been a powerful display. And that’s eight games now where it continues to be “win one, lose one.”

Random Notes:

Habs travel to New Jersey for a Thursday night tilt.

“Luciena, did you find that beer yet?”

13 thoughts on “Habs Kind And Wonderful Hosts To Visiting Oilers”

  1. Hey Dennis,Yup that game can soon be forgotten. I figured the boys would be on the right side of that score for sure. I am suprised I was wrong.Carey Price could not be faulted (do you think a growth will soon reappear on his upper lip?)at all.That second goal he had Josh Georges laying on top of him.I hope their next outing goes a little better.

  2. Canadiens were up three to one when I went to spend some time with my son. I was hoping for a six to one or seven to two final.Surprisingly I wasn’t really surprised by the final score. It was Karma for comments made about the Leafs blowing a third period lead and losing in overtime the other night. “At least we are not the Leafs”. Well truth is we can be when the team stops playing as well as it can. Makes me wonder if I’ve been wrong about JM all this time and where the team would be without his system because when they stop playing it they tend to stink up the joint. On a positive not MaxPac seems to have found his confidence down on the farm as he scored two more tonight.

  3. Canadiens can fly it seems. A nice fast team who can keep up with the Oilers, in the first and second period but they ran out of gas. JM needs to sit Gill in games like these as he is too lumbering. Sit Cammy too for a game or too and Gomez as well even though he potted one. Subban is the only honest one who accepts his share of responsibility; cammy and Gomer neer to do so as well. Starting to dislike Gomez immensely. Waste of money and will hurt us for a couple of more years. What a joke that was.

  4. Dennis, I’m sick of this game. I saw it played too many times last year. Get a lead, try to sit on it, watch it evaporate, scramble madly, walk away with your tail between your legs and then mea culpa. It’s like watching a bad movie over and over again.

    Not sure what kind of mental block the Habs are failing to overcome time and again with this nonsense but the game is 60 minutes long, not 20 or 30. For some reason the Caps, Pens & Flyers don’t have trouble understanding this, but it’s a lesson the Habs refuse to learn.

    Oh, and Jacques is benching Subban tonight and Weber is in versus NJ. Yeah, cause that’ll learn him for sure.

  5. Dennis, if Martin is going to bench Subban, then why hasn’t he done the same to Gomez? At least Subban has contributed consistantly throughout the season. The same cannot be said of Gomez.

    I don’t get it.

  6. Danno, you’re right, he should be benched. Here’s my theory about Gomez – He really wanted the captaincy and is in major sulk because he didn’t get it. And the same for Cammalleri.

  7. Tyg, this old fall-apart story is a sad and inexcusable one. They should have put the hammer down when it was 3-1 but instead they played worse. This is a prime reason why TV and radio people don’t consider them heavyweights.

  8. Mayo – Gomez is ineffective and now Cammalleri is too. How come they’re not getting booed the way Price was? They deserve it. Underachieving millionaires.

  9. Don, I guess I wasn’t really surprised either. Not when most of our big scorers can’t keep their eyes open. And yes, JM has made magic keeping this team up in the standings considering most of the “big stars” and just “big bums” so far this season. PK’s being sat tonight and Danno raises a good point – If they can sit PK, how come they don’t sit Gomez?

  10. Dennis, IF Gomez and Cammerelli are in a funk because they are pouting and jealous over Gionta getting the Captaincy, then all the more reason for them to be benched.
    If PK is taking his medicine then so should they.
    But that’s not likely to happen.
    Because Jacques Martin doesn’t know Jack Schitt!

  11. Cammalleri hasn’t been as exciting or dangerous as he was last year, but he hasn’t been that bad either. He’s 3rd in team scoring, just 1 point behind Kostitsyn and is critical to the power play.

    Gomez is the big problem. He’s earning team superstar salary and isn’t even the good second line centre that he was last year.

    I can’t believe Subban will be benched, he needs to play to improve and he’s the workhorse. Maybe he’s got a cold or is tired? But I would see Hamrlik, Gill or Spacek benefiting more from a day off than Subban.

    The good news is that Brodeur is supposedly still injured, so he won’t be beating his home town team yet again.

  12. Christopher, for me Cammalleri isn’t being the star he’s supposed to be, even with half-decent points. He’s not a force out there at all. I also sort of agree with benching Subban for a game, even though we need him out there. I think he needs some tough love, to tweak a couple of bad habits. He may emerge even better after this benching.
    And Gomez? Pass the Kane’s Really F($*&%#^ Strong Beer.

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