Habs Just Not Good Enough Against Oilers

As expected, my computer breathed its final breath last evening at approximately 9:00 pm Pacific. I was by its side when it happened, it didn’t appear to suffer, and I believe it’s going to a better place.

Which is the Toshiba factory in Vancouver so they can fix the freaking thing.

It’s been quite a past few months. I totalled my car hitting a deer, my computer passed away, and the Habs……….

In the meantime, at least for another day or so until until my new computer is up and running, posts are few and far between, just once a day I suppose, and I apologize.

I’m writing this at work, which I’m not supposed to do, so I guess I should hurry.

What did I see in last night’s game? I saw a hot Edmonton goalie, Nikolai Khabibulin, stone the Canadiens all evening. I saw a Habs power play almost as sick as my computer. I saw too much sloppy play by the Canadiens, even though they had some tremendous chances. I saw passes constantly missing their mark, and confusion reigned throughout.

On Edmonton’s part I saw what appears to be a well-coached team, which bottled the Habs up throughout the evening, closing gaps, making Montreal appear disorganized. These young Oilers looked mighty impressive for a team that ended up in the league basement just a year a ago.

It’s a young, speedy, hard-checking lot that wasn’t sloppy like the home team, and I asked myself, why can’t a Jacques Martin team operate like a Tom Renney team?

Edmonton, with Khabibulin shutting the door, just seemed in control even while being outshot by a two to one margin.

Of course, Montreal could have won this game if someone other than Khabibulin was in nets, but that doesn’t mean a thing in the big picture. The Habs would meet hot goaltenders in the playoffs and would be gone in short order. They have to find a way to beat these goalies, hot or not.

They’re also going to have start producing on the power play. This is a team vying for 30th place in a league of 30 teams when it comes to power play futility.

Things need to change. Once again, after a brief moment of joy in Habs Universe, it’s back to misery. Like  I said, I saw a well-coached team last night, but they were wearing white sweaters.

Random Notes:

It’s ironic that after so many sensatioanl saves by Khabibulin, he let a soft backhander by Max Pacioretty fool him.

Boos were loud and clear from the Bell Centre fans on this night.

Habs are in the desert on Thursday – Phoenix, and then move over to Nashville on Saturday. Who know what we’ll see from this Canadiens team on these night?

6 thoughts on “Habs Just Not Good Enough Against Oilers”

  1. habs are 28th overall……the longer gauthier waits to ax martin the more obvious it is he should go also. let us purge ourselves of any former senators presence in our organisation from a coaching and management perspective. the senators are losers so what does that say about having former senators at the helm? it says habs are 28th……… weber looks like a fish out of water. yemelin looks better with every shift. play him!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is so true.
    Emelin can be the guy we need. Just give him some minutes…

    Sorry for your loss Dennis.

  3. As it stands now we will have to really work like hell to even make the playoffs. The longer this goes on the worse that hill we need to climb will be.

    Even if Markov does come back soon, it may be too late. I hope not because it’s going to be one hell of a long summer if we don’t make it.

    I’ll say this a trillion times but God do they ever need target practice and offensive drills. They don’t know how to open it up and it shows. Martin needs to pull his head out of his ass and get his act together. We should be much much better than this. His style is killing us.

    I’m already preparing myself for missing the playoffs. Hopefully we can get a nice high draft pick out of all this misery.

  4. dennis. i know u can’t read this because u don’t have a computer but my advice is, buy a new one so when your current one is repaired you have a back-up. you will need more than one when u own the team anyway so it is not a frivolous waste of hard earned BCFerry money. you could have them in different rooms so you don’t have to carry them around. dedicate one to you toilet area for when you do your serious thinking. the options are endless. just don’t leave us hanging like this.

  5. Oh boy…
    Hey Dennis
    It felt great to finally watch a Habs game after being away for 2 years. Watching a match at the Bell Center made me feel like a Canadian again, it was the last thing I needed to before I could really feel like I’ve reestablished myself back in Montreal.

    Crowd was electric as usual and it was just all around great experience. Something that I missed oh so dearly when I left for China.

    I also got to sit near Logan which kinda made my night. (Hopefully someone will get this reference)

    Now on the game.
    It was just ugly.

    Nothing was clicking last night. Sloppy passing, frequent dump ins, and it seems like no one is brave enough to try and charge into the slot, instead they take bad angle shots from the outside.

    Defence did a pretty good job, but that first Oilers goal was just depressing.
    Giving the puck away shorthanded before you even reach the middle line is just sad, I don`t even play seriously, but I can guarantee you I would never make such a boneheaded mistake like that.

    Having the Habs win after letting the first goal in has been a big task for them this year. And I think it`s because they play using too much emotion.
    Once they get scored on, they become way too discouraged for a professional hockey team.
    This attribute isn’t totally negative however. If they manage to score the first goal of the game, they start to get pumped up and play at the top of their game.

    Their style of play is really hit and miss. They just need to polish up on a couple things and they can see themselves on the Win column again.

  6. Dennis, if your computer isn’t under warranty, I hope you don’t spend too much on repairing it. Computers get better so fast that the labour charges may quickly exceed that of a more powerful replacement PC. Of course I don’t listen to myself. When mine broke, I Frankensteined two broken ones into one mostly working one.

    An interesting comparison that I found. According to http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=599519 the Oilers had 11 first-rounders in their lineup on Tuesday. That seemed way too high, so I looked it up, and they only had 10 dressed but they do have 13 on their roster and a lot of very low picks. 1, 1, 3, 5, 6, 6, 9, 10, 13, 13, 13, 22, 23 Then I looked up the Canadiens’ roster and found that we only have only 6 first-rounders on our roster; Price(5), Kostitsyn(10), Eller(13), Nokelainen(16), Pacioretty(22) and Gomez(27).

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