Habs Invade Island

This just in! The truth can now be told. It seems there was a valid reason Claude Julien was in such a sour mood after his team had lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday night. Inside sources say the donut booth at the TD Bank Garden had closed before the coach had had a chance to stock up. This finally puts the rest the false rumours that coach Julien had misplaced his soother and pooped his pants just minutes before the post-game press conference.

In other news, New York Islanders coach Jack Capuano, along with all twenty-two of his players, have not complained even once about any of the Montreal Canadiens cheating, not even P.K. Subban. Of course, the two teams don’t play until tonight so things could change.

Finally, if you read on this blog the other night that the game would be played at the Bell Centre tonight and not on Long Island, you were probably drunk at the time.

Habs are in Long Island for the second of five road games, and they’re probably going to cheat like crazy.

More from the chubby Julien via the ultra-fit Danno – Julien Dives Back In





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  1. It’s funny how he forgets, dra. Julien acting like he has in the past few days has become a joke and he’s lost respect. Maybe even with knowledgeable Bruins fans.

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