Habs In Washington. I Need Payback


Habs in Washington tonight as you know, with Ryan O’Byrne finally back in the lineup, which is good news but would’ve been even better news if Brian Gionta hadn’t had gone down. This “add one, subtract one”  isn’t the kind of mathematics I’m crazy about.

I saw the Habs in Washington 20 years ago, and every time since then, when they go there, I hope for major payback. Because it’s a terrible thing when your team gets bombed 5-0 in someone else’s barn, and seeing the hometown fans happy, laughing and cheering was just sickening.

But aside from the “Washout in Washington”, it was a dandy trip. Six of us rented a van in Ottawa and saw games in Hartford, Washington and twice in New Jersey. We even sat near the players wives’ section in New Jersey, so naturally I didn’t see much of that particular game.

I also don’t exactly remember, but I’m sure the hangover back in Ottawa was world-class. 

So tonight, once again, I’m hoping for not just a Canadiens win, but major payback for that 5-0 embarrassment all those years ago. Because when it comes to things like that, I have a long memory.

5 thoughts on “Habs In Washington. I Need Payback”

  1. Hey Dennis.
    Memories of a road trip so many years ago. Who can ever forget…

    Went to the Cap Center and got lost….
    TSN producer told the boys to F.. Off
    How many hot dogs did you wolf down on that bet?
    And crushing beer cans on our foreheads!!!!
    Great trip…Wonderful memories. I don’t even remember the game. And St Patrick’s Day to boot.
    JW and Wirtz 1st class
    Angus and Marc 2nd class
    Dennis and Gregg 3rd class

  2. Kathleen, we got lost going there. Went by it twice on the freeway before we stopped and asked directions. I don’t remember the neighbourhood at all. And it was such a lopsided game. But it sure was a good time.

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