Habs In Shootout


It was a win, and wins are good I suppose.

The Canadiens edged Carolina 2-1, but it took a shootout to do it, and without Ben Scrivens flapping around like a fish on a line, it would’ve been just another loss in this long, heartbreaking season.

Because the team in front of him, as usual, lacked fire.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. It’s two straight for the boys, which is something we haven’t seen since late November when they put together four in a row, and which seems as miraculous as can be now.

But two wins still doesn’t sit right. Not for me, anyway. Not the way they won today.

I’ve tried to stay upbeat and as positive as possible throughout this ridiculous campaign. But this is a team that on most nights disappoints, even with a rare win, and I’m tired of being disappointed.

Real life can be disappointing enough. I don’t need more from my friggin’ hockey team. But maybe I’m selfish. I’ve been alive for 18 Montreal Canadien Stanley Cup wins, so I shouldn’t be greedy.

And reality tells me I probably won’t see 19.

And this year, not even playoff action.

Although the 3-on-3 overtime gave us good old fire wagon hockey that had fans oohing and aahing, we saw the Canadiens be the second best team for the three regular periods. Like they’ve been so often.

It’s a win, but whatever. They didn’t play well.

Random Notes:

Carolina outshot Montreal 35-34.

Max, with his 20th, tied thing at one apiece in the second period.

Galchenyuk, Flynn, Max, and Eller failed miserably in the shootout, but Andrighetto came through.

Next up – Tuesday, when it’s the Tampa Bay Lightning in town.



7 thoughts on “Habs In Shootout”

  1. We won! Dennis It’s totally cool that you are inthe dumps! and it wasn’t their best production far from it, however, it cld be the start of a slow very slow step by step come back. And if you look at this , all they have to do now is keep winning.And that Scrivens was terrific, reminding me of Hasek with his wild moves. Your well earned skepticism is completely understandable. It was tough to watch but it would have been a helluva a lot worse had they blown it. Two games won ina row. As for cups, well it’s not obvious they had the pieces even back on their 9 game win streak that they had the pieces to go all the way. There’s some mighty good teams out there, no arguing against that. Right now many fans are looking at this team like an alcoholic in recovery! with disbelief! they won’t make it. Maybe that analogy is far-fetched but I’m happy they won, I really am and I’m happy for Scrivens. But your wariness is respected after all you’ve supplied us with humor, and good stories through these dark times. You are a trooper and a champ, so let’s hope the Habs can just keep coming back and winning. And all our soul aching for them can come to an end.

  2. Can hear Thornbush now. DE Process, de system. we teach dem to play responsibly. Can he go to live with Gomez so WE can have a hockey team! No tanking, no Thornbush= oppurtunity.

  3. I am surprised you failed to notice the obvious reason why our heroes won! Second game in a row I sat in the 300’s. In order to salvage the season, the playoffs and the Cup is to have me in attendance for the foreseeable future!!!

    Eller and Dutch Gretzky two huge blocks in the game! Jolt Tampa and their jackass coach and suddenly all is OK!

  4. I’m with you Dennis, not convinced the team has turned any kind of corner. In fact they were hard pressed to beat Carolina, a team also not in the playoffs at this point. Scrivens should get the game puck as he played really well and gave the habs a chance to win. Lets see what happens against Tampa.

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