Habs In Must-Win Situation (Just Joking)

The Canadiens play the Ottawa Senators tonight, for what it’s worth, just another meaningless game for Montreal, another night in the winding down process, nearing the end of the road to this horrific season.

We’ll all all be put out of our misery soon. Eight more to go. And after that, out of the corner of our eye, we’ll notice Pittsburgh and Ottawa and the rest going about their business of challenging for the Stanley Cup, while we’re left with nothing but memories of Scott Gomez and blowing leads in the third period.

It sucks, this thought of being out of the playoffs. I honestly don’t know how Leaf fans go through it year after year. Once is enough for me. I want it all to end so I can forget about it for the rest of my life.

Ottawa is solidly entrenched in 7th place in the east, and if the playoffs were to start now, they’d have Boston as their dancing partner. I don’t know how that series would go. And basically, I could care less. That’s the beauty of the Habs not being part of things. It’s made me apathetic and allows me more time to cut the lawn and go to the pub.

Game on at the Bell Centre, 7:30 est. Who’s playing again?


19 thoughts on “Habs In Must-Win Situation (Just Joking)”

  1. Dennis, Washington has a 12 point lead over us with only 8 games to go.

    We are very close to being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

    We will probably reach that point sometime next week.

  2. Another good sign: Randy is supposedly considering splitting up the Cole-DD-Pacioretty line tonight in order to ‘shake things up’. Wonderful. Go ahead, but I doubt it’ll help much but you never know. Budaj gets the start tonight.

    I can’t wait till next season. New Coach, new management (god I hope so!), new people on the team, Gomez gone…perfect.

    I would have loved to have seen Max hit 40 goals though. Maybe next season he’ll be able to. The only problem is – do I turn that light on today or not? Talk about being conflicted. 🙂

  3. Considering how bad management has been the last few years maybe they should hire Inspector Closeau. At least then we’d win the Cup by accident.

  4. The only thing that makes us not going to the playoffs a little easier to swallow is the beautiful weather we are having. The hockey Gods felt our pain and made the snow go away.

  5. my apologies. i had mistaken hartley for someone else….. it is too early for me to get high so perhaps it is my old age showing, or i was simply “unstuck in time”

  6. Hey Dennis,Turn on your light and let it brighten your room with pride.The Habs are a better team then what has been shown,their defense is maturing slowly(thanks to Hal Gill)and will be ready for next season.Bob Harley for coach….not sure on this one.He is currently coaching in Europe now with the dsc Lioins.Serge Savard as president,could be good .He is a good busness man, but what does it take to make money with hockey in Montreal?Patrick Roy???He was a great goalie,no taking this away from him,he just lost his way a little after leaving the N.H.L.I ‘m not sure he wouldn’t be a G.M. who wasnt calling is players out in the press for things that they were lacking in games.He may in fact do well,but imagine if he ever fired his coach because of a tantrum he had with him and took over coaching the team? The Habs have had enough turmoil going on with them over the last bunch of years.We need someone who can take all the pressure that rains down from this franchise’s fans.Where is Kirk Muller when you need him?

  7. I can’t wait to mathematically eliminated, Danno. Get the inevitable over with and move on. I need to check my lottery ticket from Wednesday’s draw. 8 million. If I win, we’re getting a nice apartment near the Bell Centre so I can be closer and better able to fix this mess. Maybe that’s why I’m not stick boy. They decided I was too far away.

  8. Darth, I don’t know why he’s break that line up. I’m sitting here trying to figure it out. And yes, there had better be changes, big changes, or they’ll have us to deal with.

  9. Danno, I just don’t know what to think about all this. Does Patrick Roy know how to be a GM? Rejean Houle didn’t. And if Hartley is a fine coach, why isn’t he in the NHL right now? I just don’t know what to think. Maybe something like that would be great, or maybe a gong show. So much to do in the off season. We should be expecting tons of Habs news during the summer. If not, something’s wrong.

  10. Darth, I never knew about this show. Maybe Hartley can come to Montreal and make the Habs go from high school play to Broadway.

  11. Derry, there’s a core of a good team there, but some serious tweaking needs to be done. Too many weak areas. And I’ve noticed the guy handing out sticks is very slow and this needs to be dealt with.

  12. For those of us in Ottawa this is a must win, we can’t go 7 months having lost our last 2 games to the local Sens. Thankfully the good guys started well tonight. Hopefully they don’t think it’s a 10 minute game and too bad they couldn’t last another 13 s.

  13. Despite the win over Ottawa our suffering is almost over. We’ll be immediately eliminated from the playoffs if we fail to get every possible remaining point. Even if we win all our games we can’t catch any of the top 6 teams and Ottawa only needs 1 point to stay ahead of us, Washington needs 3 and Buffalo 3 or 4. The first 2 teams come out ahead in the regulation-or-overtime win tiebreaker, Buffalo would need one more such win to tie us in which case they come out ahead in the head-to-head tiebreaker. However here’s the major kicker, Washington and Buffalo play each other so one of them is guaranteed 2 points. And then there’s all the other teams which we need to beat those teams but not so much that they make the playoffs ahead of us.

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