Habs In Motown, Via Sooke


Lucy and I saw the Habs and Red Wings clash from a corner table at Buffy’s Pub in Sooke, BC, pop. 11,000, home of nearby Potholes Provincial Park, where, apparently, some great big holes are.

It was a fine experience. A classic West Coast workingman`s pub – chicken wings, cheap beer, loggers, fishermen, a few women scattered about. About as far away from La Cage Aux Sports as you can get.

We watched it online, because, as you can well imagine, there probably aren`t that many bars in BC that subscribe to RDS or pick up Sportsnet East. The quality was pretty darn good, aside from some slight jerkiness, and geez, I could do this more often!

A fine and solid 2-0 win by the boys. Carey Price’s 30th career shutout, which passes Patrick Roy for fifth best in Canadiens history. A much better performance than what we’ve seen lately by those in front of the world`s greatest goalie, which shows us that those bummers against lesser teams are probably some sort of sick team humour thought up by that wild and crazy P.K. Subban, and we just have to play along with the joke, that`s all.

A goal by Tomas Plekanec with 2:30 left in the third to break the scoreless tie, an empty netter from Max, his 26th of the season, to seal it, and a big two points to put some distance on Hotown, er, Motown, and stay just ahead of the pesky Tampa Bay Lightning who lost 4-3 to LA. (Boston lost too!)

The gang stays best in the East. They’re feeling good, I’m feeling good. Buffy’s has cold beer.

Hic. Wish I was still there.

Next up – Canadiens in Ottawa on Wednesday and the Florida Panthers visit the Bell on Thursday. Four big points isn’t too much to ask. And Ottawa and Florida aren’t complete basement dwellers so there’s no reason to lose.


10 thoughts on “Habs In Motown, Via Sooke”

  1. Saw some footage this morning——– nice pass from #22 to Pleky for the goal. Him doing good!!
    I may be disowned for this; but here’s a thought—-Milan Lucic for Emelin straight up trade.They can carry on their “game in the game” fiesty-ness for the rivalry. BUT first GM Bergevin must be allowed to chat with Lucic to see if he can leave his “goonery” attitude in Boston. and just bring his hard-nose style of play, talents & speed to the Habs. Could you see him and #22 bearing down over the red line!!!! The “soft”would be gone from our team and we’d get a good talent freed from feeling obligated to play goon hockey. He may even put the”learning” to Marchand.
    Boston is done–gonna redo their team, and need new faces. I cheer for Emelin when he hits—and most are clean—but maybe Tinordi could come up.And with Lucic on board, Tinordi and Prust would have some help in “attitude adjustment” for the likes of Krieder and others of similar mentality.
    I ‘m of mind Lucic is the guy he is because of who he plays for. His personal trainer is Gallagar’s dad—how them two could become a force.
    Here’s thinking it would allow us to get #25 this year!!
    Go ahead, call me a traitor, but I’d like to see it done.

  2. Another top team, another top effort.

    As is my custom, I synced the TSN690 feed to the Red Wing TV signal and took in the Good guy slant. Sergio Momesso offered up how amazed the Detroit media was at CP31’s effort, “Is he always hat good?” Stats don’t lie, a save percentage of late hovering around 95% means he’s beyond All-Star level. How can anyone else be considered for the Hart?

    Down side, where is this Phil Kessel rumor coming from?

    Lastly, will Buffy’s take reservations? I think Milan Lucic will be back home by April 15. Buffy’s sounds like a nice place to watch the playoffs!

  3. Maybe a year or two ago I’d do that trade, Peter. But I think Lucic’s talents are slipping fast. He’s a liability because he’s a hothead and takes bad penalties. Man, would it be weird to see him wearing the CH. It messes with my brain cells. BUT someone sort of like him would be perfect. I think we need a tad more toughness in the playoffs, although I can’t think of anyone off hand. Now that you’ve screwed with my head I might have to go back to Buffy’s for a bit.

  4. Mike, that Kessel rumour seems to be all over the place.I honestly don’t know what to think. He’s a sharpshooter but coaches can’t seem to get along with him. And he makes about 10 million. Could use his goal scoring but not his attitude. And Lucic at Buffy’s? He’d have to be more polite to the loggers than he is to Emelin and Weise. They’d bundle him up and throw him in the dumpster.

  5. I hoped they’d pick it up & wow a great 4 point game for us, now just keep it up for the Sens & Panthers! A guy I had a bet with sent me this*** L.E.A.F.S.*** Losers Even After Forty Seasons, sad but so true. 🙂

  6. I should also throw my two cents in, NO WAY do we need a cancer like Kessel on this very tight team of ours!!

  7. This is completely off topic but – I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the comedy series Modern Family, but Max Pacioretty has a striking resemblance to actor Ty Burrell who plays the part of Phil Dunphy.


    PS – I thought the way Dale Weise banged the puck off the boards in order to pass the puck to Plekanec for the game-winning goal was a really brilliant play. There was no other way he could have passed it to him.

  8. Danno, I really like Modern Family. Been watching it often for several years. Yes, they do lookalike, and it’s great. Phil and Max.

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