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It wasn’t the most exciting game ever played, and hopefully many Caps fans took advantage of those seat specials featuring unlimited beer. The ones who didn’t probably feel ripped off, now that they’re slowly waking up..

Canadiens win a big road game, suddenly things are going swimmingly, and for the time being, happy days are here again. I know those L’Antichambre fellows on RDS are simply giddy in a big way after the big game. I wish I knew what they were talking about.

We can only imagine what the two previous years might have been like for the Canadiens if Andrei Markov would have been healthy and played full seasons instead of 7 games two years ago and 13 last year. Things might have been way different, the power play wouldn’t have been nearly so feeble, and who knows what might have happened in the spring. When we see Markov in control, we see one of the finest D-men in the league, and we need him on the ice, not in the infirmary.

As was the case two nights ago against Florida, the Habs came out on top 4-1 against the Caps, with Markov bulging the twine with the man advantage, as he had done twice against Florida. I say the obvious when I say we definitely don’t need another serious Markov injury. He’s the quarterback. He’s the guy helping Emelin and Diaz. He’s the guy getting it done while Mr. Subban sits at home not getting it done.

Carey Price was as solid as can be, again, and came withing just over two minutes of a well-earned shutout. We have to feel good about our goalie. It was obvious not much was going to get by him on this night, he was in full control, although Washington looked full marks for their poor start. They didn’t look quite as listless as the Habs against Toronto on opening night, but they were far from great. They might need some unlimited beer as well.

Random Notes:

Washington may not have been great, but they outshot the Canadiens 31-22. But Price was there, holding the fort.

Montreal was 2-5 on the power play.

The kids, Galchenyuk and Gallagher, were quiet but came up with a small handful of chances anyway. They’re getting their feet wet, and they’re doing just fine.

Ralphel Diaz, with five assists thus far, is the league’s leading d-man point-getter. Markov’s right behind with four points.

Next up – Sunday, when the New Jersey Devils show up at the Bell Centre.

The Leafs were leading the Islanders 3-1 after the first period tonight and ended up losing 7-4.

Jamie Benn has finally signed in Dallas for a reported five years, $26.25 million ($5.25 per year). Now we wonder about Subban again.


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  1. Might be reading too much into the last two games, but it seems Eller is now very expendable. Although I’d love to see a deal with the Blues to get D’Agostini back, any team offering two picks will be probably add our Dane winger.

  2. Mike, Eller seems to be in Therrien’s bad books. I read somewhere that the coach isn’t happy with his intensity. I think it’s great that Therrien demands 100%. Eller’s had a few good games and a lot of ordinary games in the past, and that’s not good enough for a team trying to pull their socks up. I think Bourque is playing with much more enthusiasm than last year, and that’s great to see.

  3. I agree about Eller, he has had time and ice time to prove what he has. He has shown flashes but he’s a sure indicator of our horrible year last year. We need change. I love this coach.

    My big question: What does Subban’s good friend Carey Price think of his hold-out? Subban is a distraction when we need to focus on points instead of this jackasses ego. I hope he loses the fans and they put him in his place. He is a liability to our chances of making the playoffs. It shows he puts himself before the team.

    I’m starting to detest his ego. Just go away PK and let the ‘players’ do their thing. Please fuck off!. Christ almighty, if its not one thing its another. Why can’t we just have a nice smooth ride for a month or so?

  4. Mayo, I love your question. Why can’t we have a smooth ride for a month or so? It’s not too much to ask. C’mon Subban. You’ll be a multi-millionaire. Do you need more? Are you worth more?

  5. Just because the team has had two good games does not mean PK is no good or has a bad effect on the team. The guy has talent. The real question is does he still want to be a Hab and can he settle for a reasonable amount of money that corresponds to his true value as a player.

    It’s too easy to judge what’s going on without knowing all the facts. We don’t know what amounts or terms are being discussed by PK’s agent or Marc Bergevin. I believe PK will eventually accept a two-year deal at about $4 to $4.5M a year but that’s just speculation on my part.

    If PK doesn’t settle soon he may find himself playing on another team. Time will tell if that turn of events will be the right thing for the Habs or another huge mistake.

  6. I really hope that Therrien puts Galchenyuk as a Centre for Cole and Pacioretty for a game. DD has been fairly awful and it’d be interesting to see the kid there – or Eller. Cole hasn’t been too hot either.

    But overall, this team does look like a real hoot this year. What a change. They’re actually exciting to watch again.

  7. Darth, yes, Cole and DD haven’t been hot at all. Both have just one assist. We need them because even though we need four good lines, we need at least one monster line, like they were last season. I’d just be hesitant to put someone else in because it tampers with the chemistry. But to see Galchenyuk on the big line, at least for a short time, would be fantastic. I’m pretty happy with Bourque. It seems he has new energy and will and not just going through the motions like before. It would be so great if we can beat the Devils on Sunday.

  8. Danno, my problem with Subban is that he says he just wants to be paid what he’s worth. But how much does he think he’s worth? And is a guy with only two years worth five or six million plus a long term deal?

  9. I agree that $6M would be too much at this point. PK still has to prove himself first. I really hope both sides can be reasonable and cut a deal. I’d hate to see PK on Toronto or Boston…

  10. DK, that second period alone almost erases that stinker of a game we played against the laughs from my memory. As for Subban, someone needs to stick a pin in that huge balloon of an ego of his! Keep it up guys * GO HABS GO *!!

  11. Does anyone have any reputable sources on the Subban negotiations? As far as I can tell any number that indicates he’s demanding too much has been made up. All sources indicate he wants a long term deal that extends well into his UFA eligibility, while the team wants a short one which expires while he’s still a RFA.

    Another question, what’s the deadline for signing him? I think in non-lockout years, if a player isn’t signed by December 31, they become ineligible for the post season.

  12. Chris, I don’t have any idea what’s been offered or exactly what he wants. I also don’t know about the deadline. But if you asked me who was the first to score 50 goals in a season I could answer that.

  13. Oops, I got my date and conditions wrong. Normally if an RFA isn’t signed by December 1, he’s ineligible to play until next season. The ineligibility for post season is at the trade deadline for players coming from other leagues, which I assume is unchanged this year.

  14. In case anyone’s wondering, I found a twitter message by Larry Brooks of the New York Post indicating that according to Bill Daly there is no RFA signing deadline this year. So we’re OK in that respect, not that I want it to drag on. Both sides should just listen to Danno’s two year, ~$4M per suggestion.

  15. Fuck that. All I know is Subban is affecting my hockey. You’re eithere there or you aren’t. And fuck which question. We all know what we want to do. He says he wants to be a Canadien. They all say that. So fuck him. I want my habs to win and this little ant wants to be a multi millionaire. Thats where my loyalties lie. I was taught to defend how i was brought up and subban was taught to grab what u can.

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