Habs Hurt Leafs

Canadiens top the Leafs 4-3 at the ACC that should have fans leaving the building feeling they got their money’s worth, and which keeps the Habs train rolling and the Leaf apple cart tottering on the edge of the cliff.

It was a back and forth affair, a bunch of posts behind Carey Price were hit, just two penalties were called for each team on the night, and it was tense going in the final minutes when the Leafs pulled James Reimer and the Habs were holding on.

Montreal looked like they were going to burst it wide open in the first when Max and Rene Bourque both beat Reimer on his glove hand, and maybe a third goal would have really got the ball rolling considering Reimer’s fragile confidence.

But credit to Reimer. He came up with some great saves after those two goals, the game never got out of hand, and the Leafs battled back to tie it until a late first period goal by Brian Gionta made it 3-2 Habs.

Scoreless in the second, and then the obnoxious Nazem Kadri was left open at the side of the net and banged it home to tie things at three.

It was nerve wracking to be sure, and heart-stopping when sniper Phil Kessel waltzed in on Carey Price. But Price would stop Kessel, and soon after Tomas Plekanec converted some nice passing from Markov and P.K. and the boys held on and got it done.

Rene Bourque contributed a goal and assist on this night after being a healthy scratch for the last five games, and he played with rare passion. So much so that HNIC named him the game’s first star.

Imagine that. Rene Bourque. Can he do it again two nights from now?

Speaking of HNIC, the intermissions were all Leafs, all the time. Leafs, Leafs, Leafs. This is one of the main reasons I grew up hating the white and blue. Rarely a mention of the Canadiens.

And at the end of the game, Glenn Healy proclaimed that the Leafs were the much better team on the night, even though Montreal outshot Toronto in the first two periods, the shots overall were even at 36 each, and the Habs won the game.

What the Leafs did win was in the hits department, with 37 to Montreal’s 18.

Dion Phaneuf tried to get rough with little David Desharnais, and considering the way Phaneuf fights, this was a fair matchup.

A great win, the screws are tightening on the Leafs, and the Canadiens are jockeying for a nice playoff seeding. It’s also Toronto’s fourth straight loss which adds to the festivities!

Now it’s Monday in Boston for Les Glorieux when they meet a Bruins team that’s racked up 12 straight wins. But all streaks must eventually come to an end. Like on Monday.


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  1. The CBC announcers were horrendous, and by game’s end, they weren’t even trying to hide their Make-Believes pom poms. However, the refs were just as bad. That call on Plekanec, which resulted in Toronto’s third goal, was hideous.

  2. Why I turn off the TV sound and listen to TSN690. I can deal with a 30 second delay; Glenn Healy and the rest of the Laff pom-pom squad, I can not.

  3. I gotta start doing that, Mike. Those CBC guys are unreal, and my French isn’t good enough to watch RDS all the time.

  4. If the CBC guys are as lame as you say, I will never give them my money. Tryout RDS (if you can), even if you don’t understand, just watch the game.

  5. Ian, during the Calgary-Edmonton game, the ref gave a Flame a penalty shot in which he scored. But the call was amazing. The player simply tapped his stick on the guy who had the breakaway. He didn’t trip him or do anything that came close to meriting a penalty shot. Far too often we see bad calls and it shouldn’t be like that.

  6. Marjo, I probably see about 50 games on RDS every year, and I like it and don’t have a problem because hockey is hockey. But I don’t understand any of the analyzing which is what I want to get better at. So I watch the Habs when they’re on in English but the telecasts never fail to disappoint. TSN can be bad enough but CBC is outrageous in its Leafs homerism. PS, the other day I was reading a Journal de Montreal and I found myself being able to read a lot of it. I was proud of myself.

  7. Dennis, we started watching RDS when we moved here so the kids could learn French and it became our station. I think it helps that Houde is a decent easy-going guy.

    As for you, you probably have an ear for learning languages and don’t know it! You’re lucky, not every has that.

  8. Yeah that comment by Healy was way off. Coaches corner was also pretty bad. Simpson is another guy I don’t care for. Where are you Danny and Dick?

  9. As you know Dennis, I’m bilingual, and if you feel like you’re missing out when you watch RDS take a big breather. Pierre Houde is no great analyst, and his play-by-play work is terrible. He can’t follow the game – he misses just about everything in real time. We see penalties called, off-sides, numerous great plays, etc, and he might mention them at the whistle. His pronunciation of names is atrocious and annoying. He’s the French Bob Cole. The voice and passion are there, devoid of all instinct for the game. The French radio guys, Danny Dube and Martin ? who used to be on CKAC had it down to puck-rolling-on-end detail.

  10. Lived in a Leaf friendly enviroment since 1971. Been a Habs fan since the Weekend Star [or Telly] did full page colour pics of players of all 6 teams before I could drive. Lived thru the Hatred towards Quebec– NOT gonna get political here—–[watch “The Rocket”] lived thru the hatred toward the Dutch during 12 years of crap called school, HNIC, Cherry, Piss Jock Stock and the rest of them[EXCEPT Elliot Friedman] AND all the Leaf fans ain’t got the smarts to wipe sweat off ‘ole #22 big toe!!! I just let it roll like water off a duck. AND wait for the next parade!!! The first period was good last nite, but oh how the boys like to live on the edge— they just don’t” play to win” it seems. Maybe I expect too much———.

  11. A few missed points here—since finding this “site”—the loneliness of being a Hab fan is lessened A LOT!!!!! I enjoy the different take on things by the various contributors . ‘course Dennis being Dennis gets the ball rolling each day!! THANK YOU. And yes I read some other sites also, I find this one avoids —how can I say it—–marginal personal rubuttals on each other and remarks that almost cross the line. I don’t mind folk questioning what was said but I like the politenes on this site. Sooooo– THANK YOU ALL for being my Habs family. Peter

  12. Thanks for that, Peter. And hopefully without it seeming like I’m sucking up to everyone, I really feel it’s a tremendous bunch of people who come here and have their say. Probably not a whole lot of really young people read my site on a regular basis, first of all because I think the historical aspect of it doesn’t interest them all that much and they go where it’s current Habs every day instead, and secondly, who wants to talk to an old bastard like me. The age-old generation gap thing probably. I wish more would though. And the swearing is to a minimum. I don’t mind the odd swearing at all, sometimes I feel like letting loose with a ton of f-bombs myself. But if someone wants to let loose, I’m completely fine with it. I’m no saint. Mainly, I appreciate so much those who read my blog. I’ve heard many times that someone reads my site but has never commented and I understand that. I have serious difficulty saying even the smallest things on other sites and on Twitter and Facebook too. I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it – thanks to everyone for being so great.

  13. Thanks Robert. I didn’t realize that about Pierre Houde. I t surprises me. I thought he was a bit of a guru.He does have the voice though. I like what Dishonest John said about Dick and Danny. Mike Williamson mentions them often too. Those were hockey broadcasts that make me emotional to this day. Many thought Danny Gallivan should have been allowed to do some games in the ’72 Summit Series but they gave all 8 to Foster Hewitt who mangled names. Another example of the “Centre of the Universe -Toronto” making the decisions.

  14. Marjo, what’s weird is that even though I was one of the worst high school students that ever walked the halls, I somehow remember some of my basic French lessons. Probably the only good thing I got from school.

  15. Thanks Danno. Tampa Bay, if it happens, would be tough but not impossible. I think Montreal and Toronto had a chance at some point to meet too, but Montreal was a party pooper for being way better and hurting the Leafs chances. Isn’t it great when our team can ruin Leafs and Leaf fans hopes and dreams!

  16. One day the glory years will return to it’s” present time”—what ever year that will be. But in the meantime we at least HAVE SOMETHING TO REMEMBER!!! Lots of teams fans only hope is to make the playoffs.. I like the expectations of —“We don’t hang conference banners from our rafters—“!!!! Well said Carey Price.

  17. Glad that you joined the “community”, Peter Hab!

    I wish that I had the opportunity of watching RDS. Down here in the Excited States, it’s either the CBC or TSN feeds (unless NBC has picked up the broadcast for some reason), and that’s it. So, I am stuck with watching the Toronto propagandists no matter what. Last night was particularly awful, though. Honestly, it felt like the Habs were props in a Make-Believes movie. The intermissions focused exclusively on Toronto–the Canadiens were not even mentioned once. How can the CBC claim to be “the national network” when all it discusses is one of the two teams in the broadcast? Glen Healy’s broadcast-ending comments were idiotic–I guess that he didn’t watch the same game as me. I saw a team in Montreal that recorded 36 shots on goal, never trailed in the game, and certainly didn’t benefit from phantom penalty calls, the way the Loafs did. The call on Plekanec, which resulted in the game-tying goal, was particularly awful. Maybe Healy was at a different game……………..

  18. As a proud Canadian, it saddens me that Toronto may not make the playoffs. How many will? Only us? Very disconcerting. I said this to an American friend and he said it was simple: the USA has better athletes…

  19. Robert, maybe I missed that about Houde because I’m kind of in my own world whenI watch hockey but he’s a charming voice to hear. As for butchering names, I was under the impression that he went the extra step to correctly pronounce the names, such as Tomas Plekanec. He says Tomash.

  20. I usually turn off the sound on HNIC. I read somewhere that if you have surround sound you can cancel the middle speaker which eliminates the announcers but allows you to listen to crowd noise. When I get back home to Canada I’m going to give it a try. After watching the Kessel/JVR “dispute” I found myself wondering if HNIC would go on about it for months a la P.K. Stay tuned for that but don’t hold your breath.

  21. Big D, what a cool concept. Cancel the announcers and retain the crowd noise. I gotta look into this. I’ve been thinking about one of those Bose surround sound things anyway and maybe now I’m more motivated.

  22. Marjo, this is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. USA has better athletes?

    Not sure how new you are to hockey, but the players on all American teams are still predominantly Canadian.

    Do you think all of the Flames were Calgarian?


  23. Mike, Marjo didn’t say it. She said her American friend said it. Marjo is a very knowledgeable fan and was only repeating what someone else said.

  24. This time of year I start watching other teams, just to get into playoff mode (Ottawa, this is what teams do after the regular season). I enjoy the Make Believe games of late.

    During the past year-and one-half, HNiC has sung the praises of Reimer, Gleason, Phaneuf, and Clarkson. They are the grit that make the Laffs…

    Watching this stretch of self-implosion, it quite cool to see how bad Gleason, Clarkson, and Phaneuf play. Reimer may suck, too, but the play in front of him is just so bad, I can’t really tell. Healy and Cherry credibility is all over these guys. It’s too bad FoxNews isn’t in Canada, because HNiC would fit into their fairness and insight perfectly!

  25. Mike, just seconds ago Toronto lost 3-2 to New Jersey. It’s a classic meltdown at the most important time for them in the season. It’s unreal and looks good on the HNIC folks who will now dissect the Leafs to death while deserving teams carry on. One small part of me wants to see the Leafs in the playoffs only because of the buzz it would make. It might be good for the game. But my dislike for this team is so ingrained that I find myself laughing at the predicaments they put themselves in almost every year. They decided to become this hard-nosed, gritty type of team and it’s backfired. It’s mistake after mistake. But I think Leaf fans are pretty well used to the ineptness. What is now, five straight losses? It’s a classic.

  26. Don’t look now but the Red Wings just tied it up with the Wild. It’s now 3-3 with 7:00 to go. If the Wings win or lose in OT they will pass the Leafs in the standings. And they play Toronto on Saturday.

  27. My nephew is pretty quiet these daze., so is the rest of Leaf nation!! Poor coach Randy The Dandy hasn’t much too say either. Enjoyed Kessel chewing out JVR last nite. Must have learned that from coach!!My hockey- life is pretty good tonite!!!

  28. Wings lose 4-3 to the Wild in OT.

    The Wings move ahead of the Leafs in the standing by picking up the loser point.

  29. DK, I don’t know what I like better watching us win or savouring another Laff melt down!

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