Habs Humbled In Hogtown

It began with a Toronto power play goal and ended three shots later, when Carey Price was yanked and the score was 3-0 Leafs after just ten minutes of the first period.

Three goals on four shots, and if that doesn’t deflate a hockey team nothing will. The Habs were playing decent hockey, it was a game to be won, but the goalie couldn’t stop the puck.

In the end it was a 5-1 throttling at the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs, as dismal a thought as can be, as depressing as the 6-0 pasting the Leafs put on the boys back in February, and I could almost forgive them if someone had shoved a curved stick down Nazem Kadri’s throat, but that wasn’t to be either.

Just a lousy evening of hockey. An embarrassment in front of Leaf fans. Now everyone in Toronto is going to think they have a good team and they’re going to be smiling and feeling good and it makes my stomach beg to let its contents spill into the living room.

And to think I could’ve gone shopping at Walmart or something equally exciting. What a waste of a Saturday night.

The team needs to suck it up, go home, and prepare for the Flyers on Monday. We need to suck it up too, not blame Carey Price because we’re nice people, and focus on cheering the boys loud and hard from here on in. Price and Budaj allowed five goals, but the team in front of them scored just once.

Yes they were deflated early, but players need to regroup because they’re pros. And if they don’t, what are team psychiatrists good for?

I’m not in the mood to babble anymore so I’ll just head right to Random Notes.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot the Oafs 37-28. A lot of good it did.

Don Cherry’s boyfriend Nazem Kadri is my new Brad Marchand. Damn I wish someone would have squished that nose of his, or jammed a puck between his teeth. But unfortunately, players like Travis Moen and other decent-sized guys have decided that they’ll get by with their pure hockey talent and others can do the dirty work.

Brandon Prust, Frankie Bouillon, and Brendan Gallagher can’t be expected to handle all the physical play. Couldn’t Moen and a few others chip in with some nastiness and knuckle sandwiches from time to time? Even if it hurts? Maybe come to the rescue. Make a statement. Settle some scores. Doesn’t seem like it.

Moen has a role to play and it’s not as leading man in My Fair Lady.

The whole thing was a disgrace. I’m going to Walmart now to try and forget it.

31 thoughts on “Habs Humbled In Hogtown”

  1. Hey Dennis, It was a poor showing by Price for sure, don’t know what is stuck in his craw tonite but he played like shit. This can happen from time to time with Carey, almost like he isn’t focused or just loses concentration on the game and the puck. I’m sure he will be different next game ,if he is in goal as Budja played well in relief. Gallagher played well as did Prust and Eller.Max played a fairly good game , on the whole the team played very good , but the team includes Price and he needed to step up a little more then he did, never mind next game will be different.

  2. The whole nite stunk–both teams– no intensity no back & forth, just a leaf/hab game of last 10 years. And yes our boys were worse than theirs. Moen fast becoming like Kaberle–useless. And why to start the game with a hab instigated fight??? THAT doesn’t prove anything except your gonna engage in tomfoolery. Staged fights on the opening line ARE NOT what got us this far!! But reality set in tonite for Les Habitants. WE are capable of being VERY useless. Got it off my mind and next game should be better.This is not last year!!

  3. Hey Derry. Yeah, just a lousy night, but it’s been a great year and there haven’t been a lot of stinkers. So we let this one go, we forgive them, and ask them not to do it again. Price needs to show everyone he’s the best player in the country. i believe he is, but on some nights……

  4. Peter Hab, as they’ve done all year, they’ll rebound next game. The team just couldn’t get it going after every shot was going in. It’s balloon popper. Price needs to be better, to show he’s the best.

  5. The Habs’ lack of success against the Maple Loafs (three losses in four games, two of them of the one-sided variety), is alarming, given that this may very well a first-round playoff matchup.

  6. Do I hate Price? No. Did he suck last night? Yes. Will he play on Monday against the Flyers? Yes.

    All of the great ones have a bad game every now and then and Price is no exception. He has been terrific most of the season so it would be a mistake for Michel Therrien to have a knee-jerk reaction towards this loss.

    Let’s put things in perspective…

    The finger of blame points towards Price and rightfully so. But when the team’s only goal comes from a guy called Davis Drewiske, you know there are others who did not pull their weight and put in 100 per cent.

    Price will play on Monday and I expect him to have a great bounce-back game. He owes it to his fans and his team mates.


    It’s beginning to look like the Leafs are to Price what Kryptonite is to Superman.

  7. You can’t win them all but to lose like this? Jeez. That was just horrible. I don’t know where Carey was last night but he sure wasn’t in the game. I don’t know if it’s because he got rattled or what but that was a real turd in the punchbowl.

    He’ll bounce back I’m sure but this was a hard one to take.

    The Leafs are starting to remind me of the Bruins. Kadri would be a perfect Bruin. The way things were going I was so expecting Gallagher to get injured. Thank god Prust bounced back because when he went down my stomach sank.

    Lets hope the Leafs meet the Bruins. Let them wreck each other then we take one of them out in the second round. 🙂

  8. I agree with everything you all say. Price will bounce back and he’s a great goalie. However, I can see how no scoring on our part is the consequence of being surprised to let 4 pucks go in on 5 shots. It just changes your mental thing.

  9. And we definitely don’t want to play these guys first round or ever. I think it’s more than Price having a bad night. Somehow they get under our skin very well this year and despite us being better than them, they found the crack in the wall.

  10. I will take this one big time…my Leafs need 6 more points to clinch a playoff spot……Habbies are already in….

    Thanks for the non-nail bite win….

    Still nervous Leaf fan

  11. Being a lifelong citizen of the Leafs Nation, I am over the moon with this season. Quite a surprise! But even I would have enjoyed a much closer game last night. But, considering the last 10 years (at least) of heartbreak and sorrow, I’ll take any win we can get.

    I’m hoping that the Leafs & Habs DON’T meet in the 1st round. I hate it when a Canadian team knocks another out so soon in the playoffs. I’d love to see an all-Canadian Stanley Cup, if only to watch Buttman take a header off the roof of the Empire State Building because of it.

    This years Leafs are for real! You’re just going to have to deal with it. :))

  12. “I’m hoping that the Leafs & Habs DON’T meet in the 1st round. I hate it when a Canadian team knocks another out so soon in the playoffs. I’d love to see an all-Canadian Stanley Cup, if only to watch Buttman take a header off the roof of the Empire State Building because of it.”

    Finally, a Leafs fan says something with which I can agree completely!!

  13. DK, while at Walmart pick up some beach balls so Price can practice stopping them! We’ve seen this before when he just does’nt seem to be on the same sheet of ice as eveyone else. I know he will bounce back, but gawd why did it have to be the Lauffs. My up coming week at work should be a delight, and thats another twenty down the drain! At least Captain Kirk’s team beat the Booins to keep us in second, not that we deservered it with a performance like last night. Lets go boys Gut check, GO HABS GO!!!

  14. Ian, it would be vicious if these two met and yes, it seems like the Leafs might have our number. But on the other hand, we’re a much better team all round and should be able to handle them. I just don’t understand why Kadri wasn’t tuned in, and why there wasn’t more of an explosion form our guys, especially after Kadri stood over Subban like he’s conquered the enemy. Teams meeting Montreal in the playoffs know they have to use muscle and I’m not sure if we have enough to withstand. It’s why I mentioned Moen in my piece. He has a spot on the roster to be a grinder and a physical presence, but he’s not been that. Anybody with any size at all has to step up, even it it hurts from time to time.

  15. Danno, Marjo is right. Everything changes when every shot is going in. It’s deflation, a mental thing, and it’s pretty hard to get in the groove when you’re behind the eight ball so fast. When it was 3-1 Markov rang one off the post and it might have been a game after that. Instead, the Loafs made it 4-1 just after and that was it. Our guys really have to let this one slide and get going again.

  16. Darth, I wish so much that someone would’ve stepped up and did a little policing. But no one did. I’m with you – let the Bruins and Leafs kill each other. It’a better this way.

  17. Marjo, I couldn’t agree more. Everything changes when everything goes in. Pretty hard to keep the fire burning after that. If they could’ve made it a tad closer they might have stepped it up. But they didn’t.

  18. Leaf Fan, I’m not happy with your Kadri and in fact, I hope someone flattens his face very soon.

  19. It was a brutal night for us Habs fans, Randy. We waited all day and then this happened. I’m blaming both teams for ruining my perfectly good Saturday. And being out here where I am, I know folks would love a Vancouver-Habs final. Bettman wouldn’t, but they would.

  20. Mike, it must be tough being in Leafs territory when something like this happens. I went to a Habs-Canucks game in Vancouver about 15 years ago and the Canucks won about 6-1 and it was horrible.
    You’re right, there are times when Price is just not the same at all. But I too believe he’ll bounce back because we’ve seen it. We’ve seen how he can be so great, and I’m sure he feels he let his teammates down. Maybe it’s a good thing. A wake up just before the playoffs.

  21. Honestly, if the Habs and Loafs meet in the playoffs, I would pick Toronto, and the series wouldn’t even go the distance (I can see the Loafs winning both games in Montreal, splitting in Toronto, and then wrapping up the series at the Bell Centre). The fact of the matter is that this is a terrible matchup for Montreal. We can’t match their physical play and/or style, and you can add to it the fact that they seem to get up for us whereas the reverse seems to rarely be true. It seems bizarre, but even though Toronto is a poor copy of Boston, the Habs actually match up better with the Bruins than they do the Laughs. As well, Carey Price plays better against Boston than he does against Toronto. The Loafs seem to be in his head.

  22. Ian, I can do without the bastards too, but having said that, if we meet, we would just have to find a way. And one way would be for some of the bigger Habs like Moen to do more. It really bothers me to see small guys like Bouillon and Gallagher willing to fight in the trenches and players like Moen going through the motions. We won’t go deep if guys aren’t doing their jobs. But if they are, we can handle a team like Toronto. We have way more talent.

  23. Dennis, this is kind of odd but during the HNIC telecast mention was made that Carey Price was wearing brand new goalie pads and equipment.
    For anyone who played goalie, is it possible playing with new equipment could throw you off your game that badly?
    Was Price playing poorly because his goalie pads weren’t broken in yet? If that’s the case he should keep his old equipment on for real games and break his new equipment in during practices until it’s nicely broken in and ready for real games.

    Replay of Komarov’s goal on Price. (Listen at the 50 second mark):

  24. The Travis Moen situation is a weird one, because when he was signed, he was one of the few Habs willing to do the proverbial “dirty work”. Now, he’s become a lower paid version of Scott Gomez.

  25. Danno yes, I heard them talking about that and I agree, breaking in new pads should be done in practice. I can see how it could affect him. It’s all just very strange and I hope Carey rebounds splendidly against Philly. I have faith he will. Luci’s disappointed. She likes him because he looks like her son Denis.

  26. Moen could play a very important role, Ian, but like you say, he’s not doing it. When I own the team I’m going to be talking to him and get his head straightened out. He’s not there to be fancy, he’s there to be hard-nosed and grind and use some muscle, and he could have helped in a big way against the Loafs. I was a fan of Moen’s and if he smartens up, I’ll continue to be. But he has to get gritty again, and even pop the odd goal.

  27. Dennis, talked about this with an ex-goalie on (HIO Habitant in Surrey) and he told me new pads would definitely make a big difference and would take some getting used to as per how tight you can pull new pads together, and it’s capacity to resist and control the puck slipping between the pads.

    All I know is in hindsight it wasn’t a great idea to wear new pads just to look good on national TV if it affected Price’s game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Price return to his old equipment on Monday night against the Flyers.

  28. That’s ludicrous, guys! I can’t imagine a professional goalie taking a new pair of pads right out of the wrapper on game night.

  29. Last season, the HNIC crew were talking about how much Price liked brand new equipment. That they were harder so that he could redirect the rebounds farther away from trouble. Of course he would first have to use the equipment to block the shot.

    As for not meeting the Laffs in the first round, the solution is simple, WIN. As long as we stay ahead of the Booins, we’re unlikely to meet them. Unless they start choking as they’ve done so frequently, in which case they’ll likely choke themselves right out of the playoffs.

  30. It’s true, Christopher. We may not even meet these guys. Everyone’s talking about it, including me, but it might not happen at all. But if they meet, Montreal’s the better team and over seven games, I really like our chances.
    It going to be interesting to see how Price does tonight. I believe in him.

  31. Ah yes Kadri ,Kadri ,Kadri…….he does play like a prickly little prick…but he is our little prick….

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