Habs House


Of all those pictures I posted a couple of days ago about a Habs fan with his house decorated in Habs colours, this is the one that is apparently doctored up. The others, taken in his basement, are obviously real because of the Habs decor and the pool table and all that.  But this one, of his house, has been said to be fake. Good job, though. Actually, pretty amazing. Just thought I’d give you a closer look. (notice his licence plate is blurred.)

2 thoughts on “Habs House”

  1. hello,
    I received the montreal canadiens home pictures, and found them great !
    “A True Fan!”… but what tells you there fake ??

    Do you know where the home is ?
    CTV news would love to run the pics, although would need to confirm the area …

  2. Hi. No one seems to know where this guy lives. And I heard once before that the house picture was a fake, and when I posted it recently, several people said it was a fake too. The inside looks real, though. It’s very intriguing.

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