Habs Hold On

Years ago, at one of my son’s squirt or peewee games, the referee didn’t show up, so because I had my skates in the car, I volunteered. I was terrible. The kids yelled at me, the coaches gave me grief, and parents in the stands had their say. I really sucked.

So I guess I’m qualified to be an NHL referee.

And needless to say, the two zebras who worked the Habs-Sens game will be on the couch in the suburbs come playoff time.

The Canadiens, after spotting the Ottawa Senators an early 1-0 lead, rebound with goals from David Desharnais and Erik Cole, and edge the Nation Capitalists 2-1 at the Bell, thus making up for their dismal 5-1 loss in Ottawa three games ago. The Habs held the fort like……….I was going to say Davy Crockett at the Alamo but apparently Davy lasted about 20 minutes so forget that lousy example.

It’s six wins and just two losses for the new-look Canadiens as they roll along, and now it’s the Bruins on deck Wednesday. I know I say this before every game, but wouldn’t it be lovely if the boys can win this one too?

Random Notes:

Shots on goal were 33 apiece, and Carey Price was once again a rock.

Max Pacioretty, in his first game back after surgery, assisted on DD’s goal, and Francis Bouillon and Pernell Karl helped on Cole’s winner.

Today’s big win puts the boys one point better than Sens, ties them at 12 with Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh, and sees them just one point behind the Bruins in first place. So Wednesday’s game is indeed a big one. And aside from all this beauty, I’m on a string of days off. Life is good.

Here’s what they did to Max.

4 thoughts on “Habs Hold On”

  1. The unfortunate part is that the save of the game was a bad penalty call. Thankfully it was in our favour, but in many ways I would have liked to see the goal stand and have the Canadiens respond by scoring one of their own. Celebrating a game winning goal is better than celebrating barely hanging on. We’ll have to do better next game against the Bruins where all bad penalties are always in their favour.

  2. Sure Sens fans will gripe about that disallowed goal, but don’t forget Ottawa got a break early in the game when the refs gave Plekanec two minutes for being pushed into Anderson which lead to their power play goal.

    It’s true the Habs appeared to be tired in the third period and were hanging on for the win. But it’s understandable since this was their second game in 24 hours while Ottawa had Saturday off to rest.

    Wednesday’s game against Boston will be a real test as will the Buffalo and Toronto rematches on Thursday and Saturday.

  3. Danno, they can gripe till the cows come home. They’re all very quiet when things go the other way.

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