Habs Hold On In Edmonton

It wasn’t perfect, and it doesn’t help the draft odds, but it was certainly nice for a change to see the Canadiens play with some life. Of course they came close to blowing it, but we’re used to that. What’s cool is that they didn’t blow it.

Canadiens down the Oilers 5-3, and it was a night when the Habs won by two, the power play clicked for two, Max Pacioretty scored two, and Scott Gomez assisted on two.

They also let a two-goal lead almost slip away. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Edmonton opened the scoring in the first, but PK Subban tied it on the power play, and that’s how the frame ended. In the second, Max had given the Habs a 2-1 lead, but suddenly, and for whatever reason, Tomas Kaberle sent a nice soft pass up the middle, right on to an Oiler stick, and the shot skimmed off Alexei Emelin to even the score. These kind of brain-dead passes to the enemy are what turns hair grey, and Kaberle seems to pull something every night that makes us question his right to put skates on. Maybe he needs to shorten his stick.

But Kaberle also did something we could cheer about and I appreciate it because I checked my hair and yes indeed, I don’t recognize myself. He scored the team’s second power play goal, making it 3-2 Habs in the third. And when Lars Eller made it 4-2, it was a good and fine time, but I’m thinking that twenty million Habs fans, myself included, weren’t all that optimistic that the team could actually hold this lead.

They came close to blowing it. Taylor Hall fired one past Peter Budaj, who wasn’t overly sharp, which can be expected from someone who spends the better part of his life on the bench, and suddenly the game was a 4-3 game. Everything was going according to script.

But the plot took an unexpected turn. PK Subban burst down the ice with the Oilers’ net empty, fought off a checker draped all over him, and unselfishly sent the puck over to Pacioretty who scored his second of the night, which was also his 30th of the season. The entire team will appreciate PK’s nice play, and it’s notch in both Pacioretty’s and Subban’s belts. A 30-goal season is a fine season for Max, he could even end up with 35 or more, and PK showed he’s come a long way in the maturity department.

Random Notes:

David Desharnais left the game with some kind of lower body injury. Cripes, we need him ready for the playoffs.

Shots on goal Montreal 31- Oilers 27.

Next game – Saturday in Vancouver. We”ll be there. If the camera pans the crowd, I’ll be the one who strongly resembles Brad Pitt, only with greyer hair because of Kaberle.

6 thoughts on “Habs Hold On In Edmonton”

  1. A random thought about the upcoming owners/players contract negotiations this summer. A radical idea maybe.
    How about we keep a league salary minimum and then for something really different: All forwards get $100,000.00 for every goal and $50,000.00 for every assist. I haven’t thought too much about the d-men or the goalie salary structure yet but with a little thought I am sure someone could come up with something. Allowances can be made for injuries based on severity and how they occur… but this would be a performance based pay scale and offense should rise. Salary could be deducted for certain kinds of penalties that obstruct or impede scoring … but I think I am on to something. Alas if only the powers that be could understand what we the fans want then maybe they could give us the entertainment we deserve for our money. Any thoughts?

  2. Dennis, you forgot the best news of the night: It was Gomez’s 900th game. Whoopee.

    Eller’s goal was nice one. He should try that more often for the hell of it.

    Hopefully they bring this effort on Saturday (let’s just pray they don’t blow yet another lead) for you.

    That’s not a bad idea in some ways dra58 – Pacioretty would end up being our highest paid player while poor Gomez would be homeless with only 200,000 bucks to his name. Awww. Overall it wouldn’t work though because you may get some good forwards who may not light it up all the time but are valuable in others ways.

  3. The forwards who are important in different ways would receive the league minimum salary which could be set at a minimum of say 1mil + or – then they could go up from there. A few tweaks and this idea could be viable because in the real world we get paid based on performance in many areas. Also the forwards who do not light it up now with the exception of SG do not get the big bucks from anyone except the stupid GM’s. With a league minimum all the exception could be addressed for role players. Does this help clarify my idea?

  4. It’s so weird to see us with only 62 points as we near the end. 62? New York: 91. Man.

    Have a great time at the Canucks game!

  5. Hey Dennis,Well ya gotta know Carey will gaurding the net tommorow in Vancouver.I hope that he and the Habs have a great game ,last nites game was good,and Kaberle just about gave it away again,his efforts arent really anything to brag about.To dra58,if they paid the players like this,the league would be full of Pavel Bures,never passing the puck but always shooting and never developing any other talents.

  6. Thanks Marjo. I’m expecting a big Habs win in Vancouver and will settle for nothing less.

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