Habs Hold On For Dear Life

I’d first like to address any Habs fans who happened to be at the Bell Centre to see the Canadiens’ 3-2 win over the New York Rangers.

You lucky bastards and bastardettes.

You saw it all in living colour, and you got your money’s worth. You saw a big win in a deafening barn. You watched Andrei Kostitsyn fire one home in dramatic fashion. You cheered as Travis Moen got his licks in against Kris Newbury. You laughed to see NY coach John Tortorella jaw it out with a spectator behind the bench. You yelled and booed as Henrik Lundqvist jumped Max Pacioretty. You were there for two big power play goals and you witnessed a dominant Habs team.

Yep, you saw real good stuff. FOR TWO FREAKIN’ PERIODS ONLY.

Montreal owned the Rangers after forty minutes, outshooting them 29-12, blasting away at a fatigued Lundqvist who barely had time to catch his breath before another onslaught would arise. It was beautiful, passionate, a big relief over what we’ve seen lately.

Then it all fell apart. Almost.

As been the case lately with the boys making it way too hard on themselves, I’ll bet we almost expected what would happen next. The Canadiens let the other team back in, and early domination evaporated as the Rangers controlled, scored again, hit the post, were all over the Habs, outshot them 21-12 in the final frame, and almost came all the way back to shock those lucky folks who happened to be at the Bell Centre, not to mention the rest of us.

A game we had in our back pocket.

That was way too close for comfort. Whew! With my wife in Vancouver and just me and the cat hanging out, maybe I should walk down to the corner pub.  I need something to calm the nerves.

Random Notes:

There was one delicious little incident that made me glow all over. Brandon Dubinsky was speaking yesterday about the apparent PK Subban slew foot, and he said that he hoped Subban might do something in tonight’s game so they could take advantage of it and score. But in fine and poetic fashion, Dubinsky let things get the best of him, went after Subban for no real reason, took a penalty of his own, and voila, Habs scored!

It was just one of those things that makes my day. It also must have been tough to take for Dubinsky.

Shots on goal – 41-33 Habs.

Wiz had assists on the Roman Hamrlik and Tomas Plekanec power play goals.

Next up – Calgary in town Monday.

10 thoughts on “Habs Hold On For Dear Life”

  1. Hey Dennis,I really enjoyed this game,bak and forth ,forh and back.This game brought me back to the Habs of the seventies.I saif to myself when they announced the refs,this will be a good game

  2. I predicted the meltdown when the Habs failed to cash in another goal in the 2nd. This team under JM is totally predictable to the fans and the opposition. Other teams know if they let the Habs go up in the 3rd they’ll sit back and then they can pounce. My reaction is Pavlovian at this point – a lot of profanity, drinking and stressing.

    My love-hate relationship with the team continues unabated. We need a damned 12-step program. I vote step 1 is NOT SITTING ON A LEAD GOING INTO THE 3RD PERIOD!

    And Patches got shoved into Lundqvist. How Lundy got 2nd star for basically being a jagoff is beyond me, but well done I guess. Gotta be some kinda douche to usurp Habs’ fans hate for Sean Avery.

  3. Hi Tyg. I guess as soon as we saw nothing was going in after three goals that we were in for a nail-biter when it shouldn’t have been. We should have buried them with two or three more and it would have been a laughter. Instead, it became the opposite. I thought much of the team played really well. (For two-thirds anyway) and if we can finally put together three periods of playing like we saw, we’ll all be a much happier bunch. That was way too close. And you’re right, Pacioretty had no chance to stop or let up. I imagine when Lundqvist saw the replay he re-thought things.

  4. Dennis, I felt the same way as Tyg did and was also cussing up a storm when we didn’t get that fourth goal in the second period.

    It was a nail-biter alright. And what first looked like it was going to be a romp turned into a game that was tighter than a clam with lockjaw.

    But we got two big points and that’s what really matters at the end of the day. Martin and his System® is driving us all nuts but more often than not we are remaining competitive and winning when we need to win. And that’s without Markov and Gorges.

    And it was great to see Andrei Kostitsyn playing like a Belarusian beast again. That “little talk” in Martin’s office seems to have really motivated him.

    Or maybe it was all the attention you gave to him about sucking so much lately. Who knows? But he’s back to playing like he did earlier in the season and that can make a world of difference for the team.

    Yes Lundqvist was well but Price stymied New York’s 21-shot bombardment in the third period and only let one goal in – which he can’t be faulted on. Just imagine how the Rangers must feel after Price shut the door on them like that. DeRanged I’d say.

    The refs were up to their usual tricks. King Henrik goes bananas and the Rangers get a power play? Sounds fair.

    The Rangers’ first goal by Brian Boyle should have been whistled dead before it went in. I thought Price had control of the puck but the ref let Boyle whack away at it until it finally got pushed in. A garbage goal is what it was.

    The Three Stars as selected by the fans were 1- the Wiz, 2 – Lundqvist and 3 – Andre Kostitsyn.

    Price, who stopped 39 of 41 shots, gets no mention. Wheras Lundqvist who played well but went ape shit on Pacioretty should not have gotten a star in my opinion because of his unsportsmanlike conduct.

    I think they should give the job of picking the stars back to the media.

    A big two points, and we needed those two points badly because the race is tightenning up. The Habs are now only two points behind both the Rangers and the Bruins. Boston has one game in hand, while we’ve played one game less than the Rangers.

    I just wish we’d stop having these dramatic third periods for a change. I’ve run out of fingernails and my heart can’t take it anymore.

  5. Dennis,

    Guess who?

    “I get the puck I shoot it into net… Shoot the puck, shoot the puck…When I score I feel better…

  6. I’m with you, Danno. I thought the first Rangers goal should have been blown dead. And a game like that is too hard on the ticker. They looked like a sensational team for two periods and a mediocre one for one period. I wish they’d stop doing that. That was a game that had clobber written all over it. And yes, nice to see Kostitsyn do something. Now he has to do it again and again.

  7. The outfit I am with is Top Secret Dennis.

    But I can let you in on it if you promise not to tell anyone.

    You got it right. It it CSIS. But not the one you think.


    There you go!

    And although we took our foot off the gas and sat on our lead in the third, it would have been a blowout if it wasn’t for Lundqvist’s heroics in the first and second period.

    It could easily have been 4-1 or even 5-1 – or more – coming into the third. The Rangers were just lucky their goalie kept them in the game.

    By the way, that last minute penalty on Hal Gill was a farce. The Rangers had six men on the ice because of it. I was so proud of Price hanging in there in spite of the refs trying to steal it away from him.

  8. It was definitely their goalie, Danno. And the question comes up again – how come so many goalies play like the world’s greatest ever when they play the Habs?

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