Habs Hold On Against Stars

The Canadiens found themselves in a couple of 5 on 3 pickles, saw Alexei Emelin get the boot for pounding Jason Spezza into the boards (which led to one of those 5 on 3s), but with some big time help from Carey Price, skated away with a 3-2 win over the visiting Dallas Stars.

A fine yet fortunate outcome for the boys, after being outshot 42-26 and for much of the night outskated, but with Price doing his thing we know any night can mean two points. It warms the innards. We just don’t need any Krieder-like crease bulldozing from now to late spring.

That’s three straight, four of their last five, and the Canadiens continue to roll along, mostly because the aforementioned guy between the pipes is the best in the business. And once again he had the job of handing out pucks to lucky fans after being chosen first star.

This guy has given away a lot of pucks this year.

Alexei Emelin early on gave his team the lead when he shot into a herd of players down low near the boards, the puck somehow skirted to the front, caromed off a Stars d-man, and into the net it went.

The Canadiens then made it 2-0 when Alex Galchenyuk dashed in from the left side, moved nicely around the lone defenceman, and backhanded it past goalie Kari Lehtonen. They were off to the races. Going good. The Ole singers were clearing their throats.

Until Manny Malhotra, for some inexplicable reason, was tossed from the faceoff circle with 3 seconds left in the first and was replaced by Brendan Gallagher, who was outmatched on the draw and Jamie Benn blasted it home with only a second left to make it a 2-1 game.

Speaking of Gally, he’d give his team a two-goal lead on the power play in the second period, and I don’t really have to describe Gally’s goal. He did the old Gally three step – fought like a demon in the crease, didn’t give up, and ended up pounding it home.

Throughout the second and third periods the game became a tense deal, especially after Dallas scored to make it 3-2 in the second when Emelin’s major had just 17 seconds still left on it.

But they hung on throughout, mostly because of Price. Thank you Price.

Now it’s a short hop to New York to tackle the Rangers on Thursday. I’m betting Price will be chosen first star.

13 thoughts on “Habs Hold On Against Stars”

  1. Dennis— I take NO credit for quote de jour— but oh how sweet if we had one or two— or more guys like that—-for you to comment on with your “game review”. The crusty bums on this blog would have to take some valium to keep from scaring their cats, dogs, mice AND neighbors critters also. Too many years of “soft” players. H. Ballard said they go into the corner with eggs in their pocket and not crack them!!Not looking for goons just some Fergies, Wendle Clarks, Clark Gilles even good ‘ole Tiger Williams. And a coach to match the intensity. But we’re near the top so I’d better support what we have. Thanks for your review sir.

  2. Hi Peter. That’s why we like guys with a bit a fire in their eyes. Guys like that take penalties but their importance to the club is huge. There’s just not a lot of them on our team. I love when Weise gets in the mood, and Prust, and when Enelin throws down one of those glorious rib rattlers. Maybe Bergevin will come up with one before trade deadline. The boys are near the top, but without Price we can only imagine where they might be. I’m proud of them, though. I think they have a solid chance of going all the way. But a tweak or two is probably needed so we’ll see. Clark Gillies – yeah, a guy like that would suit me just fine.

  3. We need someone to protect price. Someone to clear the crease but also to mete out a bloody nose if someone disrespects price. We have no one to scare a krieder or Lucic. Prust is too small. Emilin just bone crushes. That’s my wish list: a Big Buff type D man. Or the monster from San jose Burnett? Even Chara? God, that last comment should piss some people off here?

  4. Be patient my friends! Wasn’t Bergeron(GM) a kinda gritty guy as a player? He may sniff a deal yet this season. He seems fair good at tweaks to get someone while not giving up much.Is Tonordi coming up just before playoffs to stir the pot and raise the Bell to their feet similar to PK a few seasons ago—albeit for different display of talent? Should hang a full size portrait of ‘ole # 22 under the time clock to get the fire started!!

  5. Moen for Emelin…
    Eller has a great upside, but this has been the case for years…

    We need a d-man of quality, a 3/4 guy (not a current Make Believe) if the parade is going to take place this summer. CP31 can not continue to carry this team as he’s does against Dallas and Nashville. Looks like Blues hosed Pittsburgh in their trade. We need to get moving before the deadline and strengthen the blueline.

  6. What a difference it is to have a team that is one or two players away from being able to go all the way, compared to the way it used to be not too long ago – having only one or two good players.

  7. I was driving this evening, listening to the Laffs-Devils game. “Scott Gomez centering…” I had flashbacks and nearly ran into a tree!

  8. Danno, go back and take a look at the Habs rosters from about 5, 6, 7 years ago. It’s a wonder that we survived as fans (other than that miraculous 2010 playoff run). Those rosters show so much of nothing, it makes me depressed just thinking about it, The team is very close now, although all the big shot experts hardly think so.

  9. Want really bad news. I think we’re still paying Gomez three times as much this year as he’s getting from the Devils on a two way contract making the NHL minimum. He’s one of their top players with 4 goals and 16 points in 24 games. He’s #4 in the league in points per million dollars of cap cost.

  10. Definitely no other Montreal Canadien throughout the years has bothered me as much as Gomez has, Christopher. I watched him last night during the Leafs-Devils game ( I saw bits and pieces), and all he did was made me relive those times when he was so friggin useless, so easy to check and so easy to get away from. Nothings changed. He’s still useless and is only on the Devils roster because they lack personnel and are lousy.

  11. For me, Gomez just reminds me how amazingly bad a general manager Gainey was. Almost everyone in hockey thought the contract Sather gave him was one of the worst ever. Then Gainey comes along and trades McDonagh in exchange for that albatross.

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