Habs High Five

Three shots in the first, seven in the second, and eight in the third, and as feeble as that may sound, the Canadiens still found a way to down the New York Rangers 3-1 at Madison Square Garden, and in doing so find themselves king of the hill, top of the heap, with five straight wins racked up to put them first in the East.

New York opened the scoring in the second period, and with Montreal’s lack of offence, one goal might have been enough. But it wasn’t. Not after Max Pacioretty, with his second of the season, found the back of the net with just 1:15 left in the middle frame. Perfect timing, this goal. And a downer, I’m sure, for the Rangers.

In the third, Alex Galchenyuk converted after nice work from linemates Brandon Prust and Lars Eller, and lately we’ve seen Chucky set up two winners ( against Florida and Carolina) and score his own winner tonight. The guy’s had a fine start to his big-league career, and he doesn’t seem nearly as cocky as Nail Yakupov in Edmonton. In fact, he’s as serious and focused as can be, mature for having just turned 19, and I’ll bet there’s an army of young Montreal ladies who’d love to help him take a shower.

Still, this game could have gone south in the final minutes when Tomas Plekanec took a tripping penalty with just 3:06 remaining, and shortly after Tortorella pulled Henrik Lundqvist for an extra attacker. But Raphael Diaz settled things when he sent the puck 170 feet into the empty net, and the streak continues.

They found a way, and the beat goes on.

Random Notes:

New York outshot Montreal 25-18. Carey Price, recovered from the flu, held the fort and as they say in hockey lingo, he gave his team a chance to win.

Lars Eller enjoyed a fine night, he skated hard and handled the puck well, and the coach should be pleased.

Next up – The Islanders at the Bell on Thursday.

Hopefully Brendan Gallagher’s concussion has vanished into concussion universe, never to be seen or heard from again.

So happy with the team right now, but if I was a bit of a nitpicker, I’d say Erik Cole was slightly lazy in covering his man in front of the net when the Rangers made it 1-0. But they won so all’s forgiven and forgotten.







15 thoughts on “Habs High Five”

  1. The Islanders are going to be hungry for a win when the Habs host them tomorrow night. They lost 7-0 to the Flyers on Monday and 3-1 to the Sens on Tuesday.

  2. Who knows what’s going on with Cole. He’s not what he was last year but the year is not over. I think all player have off-days and the ones that are on carry the load and the cycle goes on. I’m having an off-day today and it’s only 9am. Who wants to carry me?

  3. Marjo, the difference between him and you and I is he’s making four million this year, he made six million last year, and for these amount of clams, he needs to produce and not look so nonchalant. With the team going so well, he needs to step up and help out just a bit more.

  4. Danno, I don’t trust the Islanders. And how dare them to think they can come into our barn and take two points? The nerve.

  5. I know what you mean, Dennis. I mentioned my frustration with him last week as well. I feel that they’re doing so well now that O just plainly forgot about him. But when we start losing (if and when), he may be on my complaint list.

    Tell me, why does Tortorella bug me so much?

  6. Marjo, Tortorella bugs me too. He’s arrogant and probably thinks he’s one of the greatest coaches ever. Last night in his post game interview he said that both teams were lousy. He should concentrate on his own team and never mind slagging Montreal. Our boys play the Rangers again on Saturday night and Tortorella’s comments should be remembered by the Habs.

  7. Tortellini is talking the kind of talk that losers talk. He should run over to Mrs. Cunningham’s place and cry on her shoulder.

    As for Eric Cole, while he did say something stupid at the beginning of the season I can’t believe he has decided to just float around à la Scott Gomez. He must have more pride than that.

    We saw the bad Cole and flashes of the good Cole last night. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s struggling because he’s hurt or out of shape or maybe a bit of both.

    Hopefully the good moments he had on the ice will inspire him to become the Eric Cole we all knew and loved last season.

    It will be a hell of a lot more fun both for him and us.

  8. John Tortillo{ ? } should not change!!! I love the guy!! I’m a HABBER from back then till my pine box takes me under and Big John could be the reason the Rangers ain’t quite got it together yet. So let him snoot & spit & flap his jaws—he’s not in OUR system. Prusty’s doing good here maybe in part cause he away from Tortsie– if so–Dennis should buy Torts a beer !!!

    OR we should buy him a loaded beer truck!!

  9. Christopher, I think I’d prefer somebody in-between. I wouldn’t want a coach to show disrespect to another team. I don’t think it’s a wise idea and could bite him in the ass. But having said that, I don’t want a Martin-type either. So far, Therrien’s been good and I’ve only disagreed once about his moves – when he started Budaj very early in the season (game six) and I didn’t think it was time yet.

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