Habs Heartbreaker

We’ve seen this before, many times in many rinks. One team will dominate for the first part yet score only once, and soon after, the other team begins to find their game and everything turns south for the gang that shortly before was in firm control.

The Bruins came back to win 5-4 in overtime, it’s a worrisome time in Habs universe, and I’ve got so many knots in my gut I’m going to need a surgeon to unravel everything.

What a heartbreaker for Montreal. What a turn of events for Boston. What a childish and rude gesture by Andrew Ference.

Right back at ya, Ference.

Imagine giving the finger to the crowd after scoring. Such a tasteless and classless act by the Bruins defenceman. And I know that Ference could care less what Habs fans think, but I hope this comes back to bite him in the ass. Make this guy a huge goat on Saturday in Boston. Make him responsible for a Bruins loss.

Montreal received goals from Brent Sopel, Mike Cammalleri, Andrei Kostitsyn, and PK Subban, and although the Canadiens held the lead four times, it was just never enough. You don’t let the other team back up when they’re down, but Montreal did, and now the series is tied going back to Boston when it could’ve been a lovely 3-1 series lead instead.

The Habs gave the Bruins far too many great chances, and for a team that prides themselves on bottling things up, it sure didn’t show on this night for Jacques Martin’s troops. It seemed like every time Boston came into Montreal’s end, a big scoring chance occurred. Carey Price, as great as he was, simply couldn’t do it all, and in the end, when Boston scored in overtime, I’m sad to say I wasn’t surprised.

It was playoff hockey, tense and stressful, dramatic, exhilarating, and finally, crushing. Saturday in Boston, Montreal needs to play like they did in the first period, only they have to make Tim Thomas just a little more ordinary and wipe that smile off his face. This is the guy Bruins fans and players can thank, and if it wasn’t him, Montreal would have skated off with a big win in their back pocket, instead of dropping game four, and game three before that.

Now it’s the best two out of three. I don’t know if the old ticker can take it.

Random Notes:

Scott Gomez was minus three tonight.

But so was Brian Gionta.

17 thoughts on “Habs Heartbreaker”

  1. Hey Dennis,What a heartbreaker for sure,I just dont understand how the bruins can come back after that.It wasnt that the Habs played shitty,although they let the third perios get away from them,they just couldnt put a finish to it.I’m sorry to see this ,but we can look forward to a great effort from Carey next game.

  2. Derry, they have to stop giving up so many chances. Price can’t do everything. And they have to solve Thomas whcih they can do. Oh, and one last thing – maybe Gomez would do well in the Kontinental Hockey league.

  3. I like TSN’s response to Ference’s gesture. They thought he would only get a fine but he deserves a suspension for his lame pathetic excuse. He claims he’s not that type of guy and was only making a fist but the finger got stuck up and he couldn’t get it down. Of coarse the glove also forced that f*ck you look on his face to cover up the yay I scored look he intended. What an ass.

    From what I saw of the first 2 periods, I thought Montreal completely outplayed the Bruins. We had a few defensive lapses and Boston just got luckier on their chances. How did we give up so many odd man rushes? And as for the game winning goal, even PJ pointed out that it was offside.

  4. what will mr. buttman and his brain rust do about the fingerence incident? probably not much. after all his feet didn’t leave the ice, they can’t prove intent and he has no prior finger offences on his record, so what’s a fella to do? sue the glove manufacturer for a malfunctioning glove? that’s it, the god damn glove…………….. special thanks to gerry the fukin turtle for keeping his record in tact.

  5. That’s a good one Hobo.

    Sigh. I’m down in the dumps.

    BUT, it’s best of three now. We won both games at the Garden. We lost two in a row, I say the next game is a win.

    So let’s pull out our big boy and girl panties and get to work in cheering for our Habs.

  6. wiz got 2 games for an obscene gesture to another player. it seems to me making an obscene gesture to the fans in front of millions of viewers is worse. at the very least 2 games for all gloves in the playoffs.

  7. DK, I just don’t get it, why through out the whole season JM seems to think the game is in the bag when we are up a couple of goals. All of a sudden he expects players brought in for their offence, he now wants them to become the second coming of Doug Jarvis, Carbo or a Bob Gainey. Theres an old saying “the best defence is a better offence”! It seems not to register in JM’s mind. Price can’t do it all if we are going to sit back in a shell & let them try to crack it! Man we are in tough now and I put the spot light on JM!
    Uneasy from the East!!!!

  8. And Chris, about Ference. I’m sure all the young kids sitting in that area of the Bell will see that if pros can give the finger, so can they. Maybe it’ll bne the next cool thing in grade one.

  9. Hobo. He didn’t mean it. He’s not like that. The glove malfunctioned. And any day now I’m going to own the team. Nice try Andrew. And another pathetic try, Gerry.

  10. Marjo, it’s not over. We see we can compete and win. They’re not the better team. Imagine a big win on Saturday!

  11. Hobo, and Wiz was doing it to Sean Avery to make it even more acceptable. Ference was classless and it’s how many of us will look at him for the rest of his career. Bruins fans think it’s a hoot but imagine if it was a Hab doing it in the Boston rink?

  12. Mike, they go into a shell and more often than not it’s backfireded on them. I thought the defence gave up way too much. It was scary seeing Boston in our end. You’re right, it’s Martin’s system and it’s not perfect by a country mile.

  13. I am not surprised Ference only got a piddly little $2,500 fine.

    Compare that to when James Wiznewski got a two-game suspension for an obscene gesture towards Sean Avery.

    But I forgot. Daddy Campbell looks after his little boy’s team so the Bruins and their players are untouchable.

  14. Danno, how did you enjoy the game from the Bell Centre? If my memory is working it was last night’s game to which you had tickets. Too bad the team couldn’t win it in the end for you.

  15. Chris, it was a really exciting game and we had a wonderful time but it was a shame we lost of course. We went to the Fan Jam before the game and that was lots of fun. We had a great view from our seats even though we were way up at the top. Everyone was working hard to motivate the team by booing Chara, razzing Thomas and chanting “Go Habs Go!” loudly and constantly. And the atmosphere was electrifying especially after it became 3-1. Everyone at that point started to believe we were going to win and take the series. Then the Bruins rallied to tie it up which was a big downer. But then the place erupted again and raised the roof when PK scored what everyone was hoping would be the game-winning goal in the third period. But then harsh reality set in and you know the rest of the story.
    As we left the Bell Centre it was really something to see how people felt really downhearted and saddened by the loss. It was like a funeral march almost. Habs fans really, really care about their team and they are on an emotional roller-coaster ride because of it, myself included.
    I’m still licking my wounds and hoping for the best tomorrow night.
    The series is tied at two games a piece and if we win Saturday, momentum swings our way again.
    I believe the Habs can take this series. They just have to play their very best and not to let any distractions get in the way of that.
    A solid team effort like we saw in games one and two is all we need to get the job done.
    On Saturday night I want to see the good Habs showing no mercy and no let up whatsoever to produce a good solid road victory.
    Then on Tuesday at the Bell Centre, I want to see 21,273 fans collectively give Andrew Ference and his team mates a one finger salute after the Habs finish them off and send the Bruins to the golf course.

  16. Thanks Danno, I appreciate receiving a first hand commentary of what it was like at the Bell Centre. Watching Montreal win on TV isn’t the same thing as live, this brings me closer to the real thing.

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