Habs Head West With Two Notches On Their Holster

 I suppose if one would look at the animosity level of the teams in the northeast, Montreal would have very little time for Toronto and Boston, with Ottawa and Buffalo bringing up the rear. The Bruins/Leafs/Canadiens triumvirate is what legends are made of.

Ottawa is coming on fast, mostly because of the close 120 kms apart, and of course there’s all the Habs fans living in Ottawa including massive amounts of francophones both in Ottawa and across the Ottawa river in Gatineau. 

Buffalo could make a case though for being in Montreal’s bad books. This is a team which has proved to be a thorn in the side of the Canadiens over the years, and should be considered at least as disliked as Ottawa. They’ve been around longer, and have given the Canadiens fits over the years. Winning sometimes, hurting opposing players sometimes (eg Tom Pyatt), and having Gilbert Perreault, who should have been a Montreal Canadien. He was born to be a Montreal Canadien. Instead, he was the enemy. A Buffalo Sabre. It wasn’t right.

Dennis Hull said in 1972. “I like Moscow. It reminds me of Buffalo.”

The Habs lost their opening game last year to this team, but tonight, in Buffalo’s season opener, Habs got revenge with a lovely 2-1 overtime win with a goal by Brian Gionta, and the boys get it done again. It’s just a little theft, twice now, but the Habs can steal games all year long as far as I’m concerned. Two points are two points. That’s the bottom line.

Two for two, with Andrei Markov out and Carey Price being the Carey Price we all know and love. But Ryan O’Byrne and Glen Metropolit are being looked at. Sure, keep the injuries coming. Make it more even for the other teams.

Good work by:

Georges Laraque, in my opinion, played his best period (the 1st), since he’s been a Canadien.

Travis Moen charges the net, scores, fights (and is a good fighter), and has bumps and cuts and bruises on his face. He’s a Saskatchewan boy, which means he’s tough as nails and salt of the earth. A good old hockey-playing Canadian prairie boy.

I’m tired of mentioning shots on goal. Habs won. And including pre-season, the boys are 6 wins, 3 losses.

Random Notes:

Calgary Tuesday night. Yippee ki yay!

16 thoughts on “Habs Head West With Two Notches On Their Holster”

  1. Dani, you be nice to Gionta. And your team played well. But be nice to Gionta.
    Sorry about tonight. But you won last year in the beginning.

  2. Dennis,

    Thought you might want to know I picked myself up a 1955 Jacques Plante rookie card today.

  3. I think the game was played fairly evenly, definitely much closer than what was implied by the shots by each team. But the team can’t do that to Price every game. Our power-play was anaemic without Markov. How long will it be before we start dragging Brisebois out of retirement?

    As for Gionta, Sabre fans probably think he was born to play for them. Thankfully he came to lead us to Stanley.

  4. Take the 4 points in 2 games and head west young men.

    Kudos to Gomez for zipping down centre, zapping a shot that board bounces happily to Gionta for a clutch single for the win.

    Unsung hero last night was Mara and Hamr looked OK for his 1st game back.

    Also, where is Gui! and why aren’t the MTL media asking about his invisibility?

    In other news, RDS’ favorite shoulda-been-a-Hab Beauchemin is -4 and looks positively porous in his pathetic Blue Pride! jersey. Enjoy the quietness of the acc Fran.

  5. I remember as a kid listening to a Sabres Canadiens playoff game on the radio while taking my Driver’s ed. We always seemed to lose to them. I have to agree with Christopher that we need to get the shots down. We’re lucky that Price is playing so well. Trouble is with this extended road trip Martin won’t have any quality time for practices to teach his system. So yeah take all the points you can get.

  6. I’m starting to get a 2006-2007 Habs vibe, where we always have to come from behind, never scoring the first goal.

    Well that’s not a big problem, unless they’re able to catch up 82 games.

    I just think we need to shoot more and not let the opposing team shoot that often.

    But apart from that, it’s all good.

  7. Is it going to be that tough for Montreal playing 3 games out of their time zone? Vancouver will be on the road from Jan 30-Mar 13.

  8. Beatnik, No one’s complained about playing out of their time zone. We’ve all said it’s a good trip to bond with. So what’s your point?

  9. 31 – I love the beating each other up after a win. They’ll have to keep their mouthguards in.

  10. Moeman – Latendresse has been quiet, you’re right. This guy has yet to be the player he’s supposed to be. Maybe he never will.

  11. Chris – I think the power play is a top priority. And that’s where a trade comes in. Bye Sergei.

  12. To everybody – I’m having trouble replying to each in order. My computer’s being a pain. So I’m trying to answer and acknowledge but they’re all over the place. Just so you don’t think I’m rude. Thanks.

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