6 thoughts on “Habs-Hawks Tuesday Night. Can You Spot The Habs Player?”

  1. Gaston’s body language – stiff, rigid even, arms frozen by his sides (indicating resigned helplessness),knees slightlyl buckled, head tilted at an awkward angle – speaks of dread, informs us that he has once again been brutally forced to compromise himself. And why are his eyes bugling? They are fixed fearfully on something only he can see. What is it? Is DK holding a blow-torch to his head?

  2. This was a fun game. Next time, it should be current players, and we have to guess who the Habs will sign in the next few years.

    For example, photos of Havlat, Kane, Towes, Campbell and Brent Sopel.

    In this case, Sopel is obviously the right answer.

  3. Sopel… is that the guy that was with Vancouver but was traded to the Kings, then because he couldn’t pull his weight in L.A. was traded back to Vancouver, who then didn’t re-sign him because he couldn’t make the cut, and was signed by the Hawks to an overpriced contract and now barely fills in as a 6th D?
    I’m not sure he would be an upgrade over the multitude of #6 D we currently have…

  4. well Denis, Habs against Chicago, lets see if your team can beat them in regulation time, though they must be pretty mad been blanked by Vancouver a few days ago

  5. Well Sandy we couldn’t quite match Vancouver’s effort and blank them, but 4-1 is a pretty decent result against the 4th seed in the West.

    Overall I’m very satisfied with how the boys played and how they stuck together for the whole game. Lucky bounces went our way, and Price was brilliant, but 3 out of 4 lines played a terrific games and I think we deserved that win.

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